Thursday, January 12, 2012

War with Iran? Bank on It!

Anthony Freda
Charlie McGrath, Contributing Writer

Witness the selling of war.  It's not enough that every GOP candidate, with the exception of Ron Paul, is playing the patriotic Commander-in-Chief card, by promising that Iran's ability to wage all-out nuclear war against the entire planet is imminent, and we got to get in there and stop them; but now the mainstream media is jumping on the "Let’s get them dirty bastards" bandwagon. 

In less than 24 hours, we've seen the mainstream drag the usual suspects in front of the camera to scare/sell the hell out of America over Iran.  

John Bolton (former Ambassador to UN) told Fox News that we need military action soon to avoid a nuclear response from Iran (See here).  Oliver North is covering two topics at once in his interview with Newsmax, by playing the red team-blue team game, tossing the Dems under the bus for allowing a potential nuclear Iran (See here).

So we have a rogue Middle-Eastern country, who is for sure a member of the Axis of Evil, producing weapons of mass destruction and will not hesitate to use them? Hmm, sounds familiar, like as in the last decade we've been sending blood and treasure to the same region for the same reasons.  

Forget about the fact the CIA director, Panetta, admitted just this month that Iran was not developing a nuke (See here), or the fact that the hype over the IAEA report that some politicians are using as smoking gun to launch this next war has been proven to say no such thing (See here).

Forget the truth, because dang it, they want to come over here and take our freedoms.  The military-industrial complex Ike warned about, along with the band of bankster brothers are running the show, and we have a never-ending bailout, just as we will have never-ending war on terror.  

It’s time to wake up and look at this mess for what it is and to see who and what is behind this next war.  Fact is that when the President signed NDAA 2012 into law on New Year’s Eve, not only did he give the Executive Branch the power to black bag Americans without the benefits of the Constitution, but the same legislation also started a campaign against the Iran central bank, leading to the tension in recent weeks in the Straits of Hormuz (See here)

Fact is our own CIA director says they don't have a nuke.  Fact is Iran has not invaded a country in a hundred years. Fact is in 2008 Iran warned it would stop trading its oil in dollars, giving exceptions to a few big trading partners who were sitting on large dollar reserves. But as was reported this week the exceptions are now gone, and this war has already begun; because if there is a surefire way to get attacked by the USA, it is to stop using Federal Reserve Notes.  The late Muammar Gaddafi is the latest example of someone who made that mistake (See here).   

We are being fed to yet another meat grinder, under false pretense, in order that many can suffer for the profit of a demented few. 

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Anonymous said...

I am forwarding this to as many people as I can. I read this site often, but this particular article is perfectly sourced and really hits it out of the park.... after that I am going to my bunker to keep stocking WW3 provisions.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, as always Charlie. You speak the truth and you do it well.

Anonymous said...

Congress has our best interest at heart. Since "they" hate us for our freedoms, Congress passed the NDAA to give them fewer reasons.

quallablad said...

there are severe restrictions on a war with iran...geographic...political...and a fair risk of coming a cropper...or are you a believer in the row of crows waiting while you pot them one by one

Anonymous said...

Don't have one YET! Panetta warned that Iran is working on a nuclear capability...the ability to deliver! The making of a nuclear bomb is not the problem for Iran; the ability to deliver it where they want and as often as they want is what they are trying to accomplish. The final assembly isn't complete...but wait...let them get it ALL ready so they can stockpile; quickly assemble what they know they can make, and kill as many of their enemies as they can. Their enemies are anyone that's not their 'mold' of Islam. Do you people really think that Iran can't figure out how to make a NUKE? The technology has been handed to's been around for 70 years. WAKE UP!

Anonymous said...

so, more death: of Iranians, Americans and anyone else we can talk into invading another country like the other two invasions. Wish all Americans called to do nation building invading said "no". and actually don't go. ALL of 'em say no.

Anonymous said...

The CIA and the FBI reported that there was absolutely no proof Iraq had anything to do with 9/11, yet thanks to the lies spread by the White House through the corporate controlled news media 705 of America bought their lies and called for and supported that illegal war. Benjamin Netanayhu said, America can be easily moved. Moved in the right direction. "It is fortunate for the governments that the masses don't think." Adolf Hitler.

Anonymous said...

There is no way the US is mounting a ground invasion of Iran. At worst the US will attack strategic targets while cutting off exports and watching the Iranian regime die North Korea style. They are already surounded.

Anonymous said...

Every state in the union needs to stop paying federal taxes! Choke the beast, That will get its attention!

Anonymous said...

Can you say Criminals and Fascists. That is the type government we now have in the USA.

Anonymous said...

The day Iran officially has the bomb is the day the ME will be quiet as a mouse. No more threats of war.

If ONLY Israel has the bomb.. wars will never end .. we all know why. Already they are planning for their next foray against defenceless Gazans (but dared not go against Hezbollah).

Anonymous said...

Either this group is polling the criminally insane again, or "push polling" in just the exactly correct target demographic, to achieve the precise outcome they desire

I know a lot of thinking people on Oahu. And absolutely NONE of my friends or acquaintances think, for a millisecond, that attacking Iran is a really swell idea.

And for the fact and logic challenged, let me break this down for you just one more time.

1. Iran is a signatory to the NNPT. This means that they are allowed to use uranium with which to create nuclear energy projects, which they are doing with Russian technical help.

2. These facilities are inspected by the IAEA.

3. To date, no nuclear materials have gone missing, or unaccounted for.

4. The Iranians are enriching uranium up to 20%, which is necessary for the creation of medical isotopes.

5. You have to be enriching uranium over 95% to create a nuclear bomb, which the Iranians are not doing.

6. Israel refuses to become a member of the NNPT, and does have nuclear weapons, and refuses for their nuclear sites to be inspected.

7. Israel wants the US to attack Iran because Israel claims that Iran is an existential threat to Israel's survival.

8. Russia and China may well enter the war on the side of Iran, should Iran be attacked; both are nuclear armed countries.

SO, to recap: we are looking engaging in a thermonuclear war with Russia and China to neutralize one of Israel's existential threats which has no nuclear weapons program.


7. The Iranians haven't started a war in 200 years, and definitely hasn't started any wars since becoming an Islamic Republic in 1979.

so all you anonymous posters can quit being warmongering idiots...

Anonymous said...

Wars are seldom fought over humanatarian principles, they are fought over business interest. World War 111 is the last card that the international bankers have left to play. War equals debt. Debt equals war. It is a waste of capital resourses and man power. The inside traders in the NYME and the CBOT are making huge profits while the rest of the 99% are sufering from the devaluation of the dollar, inflation and loss of purchasing power. The people in the world of high finance are getting richer while the rest of us are getting poorer. The U.S. is in an inflationary recession that is progressing into a full blown depression if the policy in Washington is not changed. Governments were originally established to protect the weak from the strong. It is the other way around. You cannot create wealth with a service and information economy and a bloated bureaucracy with a bunch bureaucrats running aroung scratching their rear end. The way you create wealth is to take raw materials and turn them into finished products. There is a credibility and lack of confidence in the political leadership in Washington. The American people have lost confidence in the system to make meanful change. The political bates is all rehtoric and a contest between orators. The enemy is from within.

Keveritas said...

Totally agree with all you have said about these sick warmongers in the west who want control of the world and it's wealth and minerals.This has been the usual propaganda build up to a war like we saw with Iraq. It sickens us to think of all the propaganda the American people are being fed every day on their Fox Corporation and CBS,NBC News channels regarding Iran. they have been besotted with getting their own back on the country, since the US puppet Shah was overthrown on 1979

Anonymous said...

First, let me say that it is hypocritcal for the USA to attack Iran for having nuclear weapons when it uses appeasement with North Korea.

But, it is also naive and intellectually dishonest for the "peace-at-any-cost" crowd here and elsewhere to point to the Intelligence Summary report or any IAEA blather to claim that Iran is not seeking nuclear weapons.

Of course they are. They have the knowledge, the will and access to the materials. What are you going to say when they test a warhead later this year? Whoops?

Anonymous said...

"Of course they are. They have the knowledge, the will and access to the materials. What are you going to say when they test a warhead later this year? Whoops? "

...and thats based on the little voice in your head? great logic, rational thought and critical thinking. sound like GWBush fearmongering with a 'smoking gun in the form of a mushroom cloud - nookular' from the way, where o where are those WMD's???????????

Michael Kinsey said...

There is another factor, the central bank holdings of Iraq which may have been used to take care of the trillions missing from the Pentagon budget. Iranian central bank reserves are really tempting.

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