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There's something very odd about GOP primary pre-polling and vote

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Eric Blair
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Okay.  It's time somebody says it. Something seems very strange about the GOP primary pre-polling and vote thus far.

As a Ron Paul fan, I didn't want to seem like a sore loser after the odd Iowa result where the failed no-name Senator, Rick Santorum, was catapulted to victory with very little tangible support.

But, now, how on earth could Newt Gingrich win the South Carolina primary when the day before the vote he had to cancel a major campaign stop because of lack of attendance?

The Associated Press reported:
Newt Gingrich has cancelled a campaign appearance in South Carolina because of poor attendance. 
The Republican presidential candidate was scheduled to speak to the Southern Republican Leadership on Friday. But a campaign spokesman told reporters that he would no longer be appearing due to poor attendance. 
There were just a few dozen people in the audience at the College of Charleston's arena, where the event was taking place.

Meanwhile, on the same day Ron Paul boasted over 1000 attendees at his campaign event in Charleston:
2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul attracted more than 1,000 supporters in Charleston today, demonstrating his strong support among younger voters and his overall popularity. 
The crowd gathered expressly for the 12-term Congressman from Texas as he participated in “The Bully Pulpit Series” at 11:00 a.m. EST at the College of Charleston, located at 7 College Way, Charleston. The candidate had been in Washington the day prior for a key House vote against President Obama raising the debt ceiling, but upon his return there was apparently no loss of enthusiasm.
Ron Paul speaking to enthusiastic crowd in Charleston, S.C.
Primary elections are traditionally driven by enthusiasm.  In other words, the average voter does not turn out for primaries unless they are motivated by a certain candidate.  So, could someone please explain to me how Newt Gingrich, who has virtually no ground game, no money, and no fervent supporters, just won the South Carolina primary?

Could the conspiracy to keep Ron Paul out of the Oval Office be this coordinated, this pervasive?


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Anonymous said...

"Could the conspiracy to keep Ron Paul out of the Oval Office be this coordinated, this pervasive?"

Yes. It's called vote fraud. Republicans AND Democrats will stop at nothing to make sure an "outsider" isn't nominated. The will of the people be damned.

Anonymous said...

Ron's Charleston Bully Pulpit speech was Jan 19. Newt was scheduled to speak at the SRLC Jan 20. These were not the same day although Ron did speak at the SRLC Jan 20 and only a couple hundred showed up. Not many attended the SRLC.

Anonymous said...

There is no conspiracy to keep him out of office, if anything they are trying to put him in - you think before the MSM started ignoring and attacking him and the alternative media jumped on his bandwagon he would have even come close to winning?

Do you know how many times Ron Paul has flashed the twin horns/devil sign publicly or what it stands for?

"The hand of God" is the plasma discharge/tail the developed between Earth and Mars that appeared as the 'Sacred Mountain', pyramid with 'all-seeing eye' atop, the 'cosmic pillar' holding the Wheel of the World/Life or the Tree of Life/Liberty connecting the Heavens and Earth as it's disrupted orbit pulled it back away from Earth as the Saturn System moved closer to the modern Sun.

The two fingers(pinky and index) stuck out represent the crescent caused by the approaching Sun's reflection of light off Saturn, which is also what caused some or maybe all of the "spokes" of the Wheel or "pedals" of the Cosmic Flower or "feathers" of the Cosmic Peacock and other ancient symbols like the clam shell when radiating through Venus' atmosphere(some may have been plasma discharges too).

The thumb sticking out is the plasma 'tail' between Venus and Mars.

The approach to the Sun is what caused Mars to oscillate back and forth between Earth and Venus as the Saturn system rotated independent of it and eventually Mars "liberated" the god's from the tyrannical imprisonment of Saturn/Kronos within their polar alignment.

As the modern Sun merged with our system it broke up into the modern arrangement.

The horned 'devil' hand-sign is a long time symbol of the Illuminati, hence it's long time association with being a pagan ritual.

But I'm sure he truly meant it as a sign of love... just like Alex Jones and Prince Williams, and Kevin Spacey and many others...

Oh yeah he also gladly supports the U.N, that body that the Vatican heavily funded and promoted and which the Pope gave his symbol of power over the world to to use as it's main logo(again the crescent surrounding the spoked wheel).

But yeah, all coincidental and not at all suspicious.

Anonymous said...

Eric, I was thinking the exact same thing. There are no paper ballots in South Carolina, so they were primed and ready for voter fraud. Paul had all the SC major GOP representatives in his corner, and they are saying he lost? Bullshit.

Anarcho-Capitalist said...

Thank you Eric Blair ... it's good to see someone point this out. It just doesn't add up.

Unknown said...

Did anyone else read all that gobley-gook about Mars and the Vatican and the tail of Venus and the pinky-thumb bullcr_p and all that? The f'd up thing is that its mostly all true ....

Anonymous said...

the comment previous to this comment doesn't make sense and not only that, it also makes erroneous claims.

First, from what I understand, Ron Paul would like to withdraw America from the United Nations based on the issue of national sovereignty.

Second, if MSM were attempting to get Ron Paul into the White House, they are doing an awful job of it. It's more plausible to conclude, MSM is very much in collusion with MIC, international Banksters and of course Israel to stop Ron Paul from getting to the White House....

The Powers That Be are not all that powerful... the pendulum has already started to swing back. The smartest thing The Powers That Be can do, is start the paper shredders, look for property off the continent, and book a flight out.

Kalizhada said...

The voting instruments used for the voting is a touch screen system devised by the unverifiable ES&S iVotronic which is completely manipulatable and cannot be verified (purposely). YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE IS INVALID OUR COUNTRY HAS SOLD US OUT!

Anonymous said...

This just supports my position that your vote actually doesn't DO anything except validate whoever a preselected winner. The system is corrupt and we are fools if we think that an honest result can be obtained from a corrupt system.

DON'T VOTE. Don't validate the person chosen for us!

Anonymous said...

Right now, I think we should stop any ideas of starting a war or instigating an aggression in the middle east. Ron Paul is the only guy who says he'll do his best in that regard. The rest of it can be worked out with him. The others are bought and sold whores of USI and Zionist Israel. I wouldn't/couldn't trust them in any way.

Anonymous said...

The Illusion

America shimmers, losing shape,
lost souls, the weakest generation.
Democracy stumbles, people awaken,
trouble on America’s plantation.

America stands strong and free,
a land of life and liberty?
Indentured servants, ever on,
from sea to shining sea.

Laws for this, laws for that,
control of the air you breathe.
Nanny State, exploding prisons,
Stalinist tits, on which we teethe.

House and Senate, bought and sold,
mortgaged by corporate donations.
Court Supremes, selling their soul,
torture’s cool, but do it in other nations.

Traitors act, as though elected,
a free and fair republic?
Lying thieves, electronic frauds,
in office to cheat the public.

Bankers steal, Pelosi jets,
stimulating this and that.
Leadership so corrupt, so brutal,
little need to trim the fat.

China profits, Brazil prospers,
around us the world grows.
Bush and Clinton, hold their power,
JFK? Oh, no one knows?

It’s falling apart, not so funny,
at least I’m close to passing.
Before the riots, the martial law,
before Obama starts the gassing.

Long before the troops deploy,
during all the effing' confusion.
Lucky enough, simply to know,
our lives were just an illusion.


Anonymous said...

Thinking the same thing Eric. How does the public mobilize against election fraud? Seems like the whole country is riddled with fraud.

Anonymous said...

I live in Greenville, SC and have been a RonPaulblican for at least 7 years. I am as frustrated as anyone, but I have some observations to make sense of this. I spent 20 minutes today speaking with the elections commissioner, Conway Bellangia, here in Greenville. He told me that anyone is welcome to organize exit polling as long as they don't interfere with the voters. He said he would even be open to meeting with a group of concerned SC citizens over the next couple of weeks to discuss, for example, ways to give the voting process here in SC more credibility (example: paper receipts). Yes- all of the voting machines here in SC were sold by ES&S, which raises an eyebrow. But I just don't see coordinated vote fraud throughout SC. The early exit poll posted by "Cap Cats polling Agency" showed Ron Paul at 27% and it initially peaked my suspicion, but their polls wound up reasonably close to the actual voting results.
I can tell you, just to clarify, that Ron Paul spoke at the same event Thursday in Charleston as the one Gingrich cancelled on Friday and there were very few people there. My family and I went to see Ron Paul in Greenville Friday at the Jet Center and there was a healthy crowd- I counted between 5 and 6 hundred. So what's going on?
First, the people here in SC are as trapped in a box as you will see anywhere. Having been awake and fully aware of the big picture for 10 years, living in SC is like being in the Twilight zone. My kids stay sick constantly from the Chemtrails and aerosol spraying that the skies are coated with. Between the fluoridated water, constant chemtrails, Vaccinations, food additives, and people being hypnotized by FOX news, SC is behind, say, Iowa by a good 5 years. Then you throw in the high percentage of extremely religious people that makes people even more ignorant of the truth, and, heh, why even bother rigging an election when 40% vote for one of the most corrupt politicians in recent memory?
The bottom line is that awakening the world, or the US, is a difficult process and it's not getting easier. The MSM's treatment of Ron Paul as the "13th floor" has had a major effect. We Paul supporters need to keep a realistic perspective about where we're at and be careful not to overreact and lose credibility. Let's never forget how far we have traveled the past few years as an inspiration to the future.

Anonymous said...

what we should do is have a vote on our own, by the people, knowing what I know after 55 years of life in a system that is rigged, they'll do anything to keep their hold on the most powerful nation in the world.

Anonymous said...

The only way Ron Paul will lose is through a manipulated computerized voting. He should stop computerized voting and just use paper voting.

Anonymous said...

each town and city post a voting board in a public place, where every one will post their vote for all to see.

Anonymous said...

Go back to watching corporate tv and serving the establishment, nothing to see here you looky-loo.

Anonymous said...

Don't think for a minute that SC State Senator Tom Davis and the others that endorsed Dr. Paul aren't highly suspicious of this outcome ... There is no way a draft dodging, philandering, power hungry hog like Newt Gingrich got this many votes ... I guarantee Romney is fired up pissed off right now and this is going to turn into a war in Florida!

Anonymous said...

you're wrong about mitt not having any money. He has limitless amounts from the CIA (afghanistan heroin), military industrial complex and GOP. As for what do we do about election fraud: you should have gotten involved back when it was obvious as hell with W: Join the fight!

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin encouraged them to vote for Newt.

Anonymous said...

Every other "Ron Paul" vote is given to another, pre-selected candidate. I SC it was: 1 vote for Paul, 1 Vote for Paul but now for Gingrich. In Iowa it was: 1 vote for Paul, 1 Vote for Paul but now for Santorum. This way HALF of all Ron Paul votes go to their pre-selected candidate.

GrowUp said...

Do Americans care about voter fraud? No. Do they give a shit about anything other than their own personal interests? No, why because they are a nation of morons. Proof: George W Bush was 'elected' twice. Fool me once, indeed.

Anonymous said...

"There are those last who will be first, and there are those first who will be last.” Luke 13:30

Unknown said...

Is there anyway we can create virtual "tahrir squares"?

hamba2han said...

I agree that there is something really suspicious about these vote numbers.

To allay such suspicions, Ron Paul supporters need to organize exit polls of their own which can be easily verifiable perhaps with video evidence.

Kris W said...

To all those who say "Don't vote", F off you black panther/kkk f face.

I say WE DO VOTE! We should seek record high voting turnout!

Then when Ron Paul doesn't win because of voter fraud, WE LEAVE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY! Let them try to explain that away!

I urge all Ron Paul supporters(excluding delegates and other necessary people) in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina to leave the Republican Party as a show of solidarity against corrupt and crooked elections!

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul Should run as an independent- that's it.
He should use his time now- in these primaries to gain support via the republican party then do what's right for the country and liberty

Anonymous said...

Mainstream politicians behave like gangsters who want to be mobsters.

Anonymous said...

As long as the people take it, the worse it will become. Remember, they hate us for two reasons.....we can vote and we have guns. They take one, they'll take both. Revolution is close, my friends. Pick your friends wisely.

Anonymous said...

Why anyone would be surprised that the head of the South Carolina GOP won that primary. I'm a former Ron Paul delegate that cringes when I hear that toxic sophistry spewing from Newts pie hole but, being surprised about this outcome, is surprising.

Anonymous said...

I want to thank the poster who gave the link to J.B. Campbell's site. I enjoyed his columns on Veterans Today but then he stopped or so I thought. The man is extreme but but has guts and is not afraid to tell it like it is. Thank you Eric for saying what needs to be said. You have made us realize we are not alone in our thinking. It really is depressing but motivating at the same time.

Anonymous said...

"First, from what I understand, Ron Paul would like to withdraw America from the United Nations based on the issue of national sovereignty."

Ron Paul has claimed to be anti-U.N but has made strong statements in support of the Pope and Vatican in the past, which both support the U.N(the Pope having blessed it, handed over the Papal Coronation Tiara and the Papal symbol of world governance to the U.N.)

He is also a member of the John Birch Society, a group which in 1977 referred to William J. Grede - then director of the Illuminati's 7th Federal Reserve Bank - as a quote "truly great American".

And which admits to having numerous Masons within it's membership.

"Second, if MSM were attempting to get Ron Paul into the White House, they are doing an awful job of it. It's more plausible to conclude, MSM is very much in collusion with MIC, international Banksters and of course Israel to stop Ron Paul from getting to the White House...."

How so? In 2007 he was practically unheard of with no chance of even getting on the ballot as a non-independent - it was the MSM making it so damn obvious in their ignorance and attacks on him that drove the Illuminati controlled alternative media(Alex Jones, Joe Rogan, etc.) to jump on his bandwagon and heap praise and love on him from both sides of the controlled opposition.

There is no other way a hard-core right-wing candidate like Ron Paul would get so much leftist support as he currently holds today.

The MSM and the controlled alternative media are working together on this to back Ron Paul into becoming the new Ronald Reagan, fittingly so since RP's support of him was one of the main reasons Ronald Reagan got elected and hit the "fast forward" button on 'New World Order'.

Without being a member of the Illuminati myself there is no way I can say conclusively that Ron Paul is a member of the group, but there is enough evidence to set off massive red flags for me.


"Does the Brotherhood exist?"

"That Winston, you will never know. If we choose to set you free when we have finished with you, and if you live to be ninety years old, still you will never learn whether the answer to that question is yes or no. As long as you live, it will be a riddle in your mind."

~ George Orwell's 1984

Anonymous said...

'It isn't who votes that counts- it's who counts the votes.'
(Now- back to playing Elvis records backwards for satanic messages!?!)

Anonymous said...

I agree, there's something VERY rotten in the state of South Carolina. But not just this state. In EVERY state with unverifiable electronic voting machines. However, what happened yesterday to Dr. Paul is THE most obvious example of vote fraud, yet. Even my wife, who is asleep, confessed to me that she knew of NO ONE voting for Gingrich and she's a drug rep in and out of doctors offices all week (90% republicans.) In an internet poll yesterday on the "State" newspaper's web site, Dr. Paul had 82% or over 50,000 votes of the 60,000 cast!!!!! C'mon now!!!! And you're telling me that at the polls he got 50,000 compared to 150,000 for Gingrich?!?!?!????? No way, Ray. But guess what, you guys? This has been going on for over a century. It didn't start with e-voting machines. It is time for revolution. Peaceful, if at all possible. Violent, if not. We must, if we want our America to EVER be the kind of country that we were brainwashed to believe that it was. Peace.

Anonymous said...

Eric, the effort does require a little coordination among the corporate MSM and a few local insiders but doesn't have to be pervasive. The votes are electronic and centrally counted. With no way to check all the media does is report whatever they want regardless of the actual vote results and presto chango! Newt Gingrich wins South Carolina. To make it sound real, leading up to the primary we are presented with media analysis about the "horse race" and grudge match" between Romney and Gingrich as though it were real.

Anonymous said...

To be fair I don't actually know if Ron Paul is a member of the JBS but he is associated with them and they heavily promote him.

And although they have taken it down now they had a 'Conservative Index' judging all Republican candidates and Ron Paul was the only one rated "100%" conservative.

Yet thanks to the tag team of controlled MSM and alternative media we now have some of the most die-hard Liberals vowing total support for Ron Paul just because he's the portrayed 'rebel' candidate.

Anonymous said...

Just to touch on Newts failed appearance, that is a real garbage move. Even if there were 2 people there he should have went, just to show that he actually gives a rats ass about people. You could be speaking to 100,000 people and maybe only 2 will heed your message. But those 2 people, if convinced, will spread your message and give you more support than just 2 votes. In terms of Ron Paul, by expressing my views with a clear understanding and explaining the positions he takes with a good understanding, I have been able to make people who would have never fathomed voting for Ron Paul reconsider, and even change positions and join in the following.

Anonymous said...

It's the internet to some degree. States with people more active on the internet will see Ron Paul's message easier. All of the YouTubes, groups, fan pages, internet journalism, blogs, etc.

States with an older population, retired and/or evangelical segment will spend less time on the net, hence much less visibility for Dr Paul. The non-net (msm) media gives him very little exposure and even negative spin.

The reason Dr Paul has a large demographic of younger supporters is because they are more active on the internet and thus, see more pertinent information about Dr Paul's policies and ideas. Expect low primary voting for Paul in states that are in the lower-net demographics and better voting in the more net-oriented states.

Carroll said...

I will always believe that in Iowa, the vote riggers swapped the Ron Paul votes with the Rick Santorium votes. It is very likely that a similar computer generated swap was done in South Carolina. Notice the same pattern where just a few days prior to the elections one candidate suddenly and unexpectantly "surged" ahead of the other candidates, and for no apparent reason. What this apparently does is confuse the public and prepare them to not question the apparent winner that was picked by by a oomputer program.

Anonymous said...

After all these years, I had never realized that Mainstrean was keeping Ron Paul in the dark! They have control, even though people want him elected, Newt & Mitt is who the Globalists have chosen to get Obama reElected. no wonder 2012
Will be the end of
The world as we know it!

Anonymous said...

The 'Conservative Index' for the 109th U.S Congress - not the Presidential current candidates(my bad) - published October 30, 2006:

Both Ron Paul and Walter Jones are rated 100% Conservative, only RP has a 100/100 rating for having a perfect conservative voting record as well by their standards.

Honestly, does anyone think so many Liberals/leftist activists would be supporting RP today if not for the MSM clearly establishing him as the 'anti-establishment' candidate?

"Even if it leads to revolutionary change"...

Another Masonic Revolution, if they can ensure it.

There are many Masonic societies that have slightly differing traditions and beliefs but they are united by the Masonic mythology and symbolism and a more or less united goal of 'New World Order'.

Squabbling amongst those societies over who they want to lead them and how society should be run will always occur, but the Illuminated Ones within every one of those societies will ensure that the ultimate goal is always the focus.

citizen ron said...

i don't know why ay of you waste your time even talking about it anymore. voting has never worked, it's not going to work, ever. it's always fraudulent. there is no real choice. seriously, disengage from it.

when you give it your attention, you give them power. take their power away by not giving it your attention or thoughts. when you play their game you give them power. take their power away by not playing the game. surely most of you can find something to do that's actually productive for your lives. voting isn't. it never has been. it never will be.

four years ago all the hype was centered on obama's hopium. "change" was the promise. well, he made good on that lone promise; you got change all right, but i'm pretty sure that it was nothing like what you were imagining, hm?..."change" can be defined broadly. "change", however, was not defined very well and almost everyone fell for it.

when i look around today i see the very same thing happening. people are falling for the same BS again this year with ron paul. even if he does get 'elected', he's not going to save anything or change anything. it's business as usual, the banks are placing their men into the process.

are you patriotic? you want to help your country? DON'T VOTE. IT'S RIGGED. many of your fellow compatriots will thank you for not participating in a rigged game. participating in a rigged game = playing their game = gives TPTB their power.


Meadfather said...

Mr. Blair-I had noticed these oddities, and others as well. Gingrich's staff quit, and with the fresh scandal regarding his wives, it looked like he was over.

Notice that a different candidate has won each state-as though someone is trying to make it seem like an unpredictable race.

Also notice the sub-campaign to "normalize" Mormonism. From the "..and I'm Mormon" ads which keep appearing at the top of Youtube feeds on various subjects to the Tim Tebow sketch on SNL in which "Jesus" endorses's clear that "They" have already decided on Mittens Romney.


I think they were going to slide Romney into the nomination thinking the initial media suppression and then hit pieces would deflate the Paul candidacy. The establishment could not afford to have the others drop out and give Paul that much spotlight.... he would win. Once everyone realizes he will set them free then he will win. So what do they do? They take Iowa away from Romney if it ever truly was his to claim. Through fraud they manipulate South Carolina and now the narrative states we have 3 winners and 1 loser. Dr Paul. It's all very transparent to you and I but most aren't as informed. Don't forget Newt is as establishment as it gets. A guest of honor at many Bohemian Grove ceremonies as well. He's NWO all day so to destroy Paul they elevate the stooge. BTW I feel the reason the NWO wanted Romney at first was to set him up as a fall guy for Obama.

Anonymous said...

Leaving the Republican Party is pointless. If voter fraud is preventing Paul from getting the GOP nomination, an even greater amount of voter fraud would prevent him from winning a national election as a third party candidate.

hangtime55 said...

I argre . Newt Gingrich had about enough of a chance to win South Carolina then Rick Santorum had to win Iowa . The GOP already had stated that Ron Paul WILL NOT be the Republican nominee so this is a clear indication that they are preventing Dr Pauls TRUE numbers from being revealed . Santorum is only in this race because he became the ' throw away votes ' trash bin from Ron Paul in Iowa , and Gingrich is now in this race because he became the ' thrrow away votes ' trash bin from Ron Paul in So. Carolina . Whether this conspiracy is a cleaver computer program of a count-the-vote-in person ploy is yet to be seen , but they WILL slip up along the way and this will srir outrage not only in the Ron Paul supporters circles but also in the Election process in the U.S..

Anonymous said...

It is fairly disappointing that the system is rigged and these straw polls are their system. The popularity of Ron Paul VS the winners of the straw polls should be the final nail in the coffin but wait, year after year the same old system will go on, that is if the USA isn't collapsed by the Fed Res Bernanke plans.

Anonymous said...

As a Canadian...following the U.S. election process closely...I call foul. Out of the selection of buffoons running and debating, the only one who makes any sense at all is Ron Paul. Gingrich? seriously?

Then again, instead of putting P.M. Stephen Harper in jail here in Canada for contempt of parliament, they simply ignored his crimes and re-elected him in a majority position.....go figure.

Global elites modus operandi? Reward the puppets for their nasty deeds, throw some cash into their Vatican bank accounts and count on the sheeple to remain passive.

Anonymous said...

I think it probably just lemmings only have enough energy and attention span to do one thing. That day they chose to vote for master[de]bater.

Waterclown said...

I'm 55 years old, and I've been talking politics for years. This year I registered to vote, for the first time in my life. Control of our government is slipping away from us more and more. The people are supposed to tell the government what to do, not the other way around. I'm voting for Dr Paul because he understands, and I'm telling everybody.

Anonymous said...

If you voted for Ron Paul and wanted a physical record of this, could an idea such as the rp organisers having an area for a photo to be taken outside holding a sign saying you voted RP. Voluntary participation of course.

Anonymous said...

Voter Fraud...
Go look at how many people Watch Ron Paul's Speech After South Carolina Primary = 20,824
Newt = 5,291
Santorum = 3,685
Willard = 2,964
That tells me there is Voter Fraud the people's votes are not being counted....

Anonymous said...

the $5M from ultra-Zionist Sheldon Adelson helped

Anonymous said...

Yes, something stinks to high hell Eric! The days of a dilligent press are apparently over, and as Iowa proves, so are any attemps to accurately count the vote.... But we'll believe we have a voice in this matter, and that Mitt and Barack have any substantive differences. Worse than that, we'll believe Newt (a real live sociopath) really hates the media, even though he seems to be personal friends with both John King and Juan Williams (an ex co-worker), both of who set him up so easily in last weeks debate.....


Anonymous said...

The point is for Obama to get re-elected. That is the focus of all the fraud.

DragonTat2 said...

LOL> The Hooking Horns sign that Paul makes is representative of the University of Texas, not Satan or any such imaginary being. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

There can be little doubt that the PTB and their MSM minions are mounting a full court press against Congressman Paul. However, their campaign of fraud and deceit will quite probably be of little consequence, because, for reasons contrived or factual, there will most likely NOT be any general election in 2012. The PTB will do their thing, and the sheeple will shuffle into the fascist future with nary a bleat of protest.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I are voting for Ron Paul. He's the best we can get for our future of our children and country.

Anonymous said...

I read all over the internet today that Chuck Norris, thats right, Chuck Norris endorsed Newt Gingrich, naturally with an endorsement like that his votes would shoot up overnight. I was shocked that Norris did that, I'm, a huge fan of his and he always seemed as American as Apple pie, now I have to wonder why he would endorse a CFR member which is what newt is, he has been a member for years. Think of the company he keeps, George Soros, Obama, Bill and Hillary and assorted crazies like Bill Gates who wants to depopulate the world along with David Rockefeller.

I think the choice of candidates is getting worse and worse, all of the wonderful America men that are in the service, running wars and are now free, any of them would be better than this. Why do we have to have candidates from a corrupt Government, the same old story over and over again. I wouldnt' vote for one person that has been in office again, they are all untouchable to me. I can tell you one thing, Gingrich will do nothing for us, he won't be any better than Obama, just have a different approach. It all stinks.I feel sorry for us all.

Mauibrad said...

Quite frankly, it's easy to manipulate the vote counting process, esp. in many locales where the Parties are responsible for the vote counting process.

Anonymous said...

In 1 word: ABSOLUTELY!

And how brazen and in our faces they are with it, as if to shout "YOU'RE GONNA LOSE AND YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT, BECAUSE WE ARE THE CONTROLLERS." The National GOP is a slimebag disgusting institution...

It doesn't matter who votes
It matters who counts the votes!!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree, the first thing that went through my mind after both Iowa and now South Carolina was that the whole thing is just voting theatre. It's rigged; wherever they have the electronic voting machines, it doesn't matter who the people are voting for - they'll prop up the candidate of the week. But I believe it's Romney they really want.

Also sad is that in Iowa, the missing data seemed to be from precincts where there were a lot of college towns - i.e., Ron Paul supporters. Way to go, we're disenfranchising the youth. Although, that's nothing new - we've already spent their futures away.

A little left of Stalin said...

Deal with it.

You choose to be a part of the Republican Party.

Progressives have been yelling election fraud for years. I sure don't remember you guys saying this stuff back then.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I agree, what a bunch of bull crap,, but of course most people would believe that Ron Paul has no chance so they believe that the votes are correct. Please keep it in perspective, most people believe that vaccines are good for you, and that fluoride is good for your teeth, and that you can never pay enough taxes, and of course the big one, the government is here to protect us. So why would they think something fishy is happening, they cant even see past the nose on their face. It is sad, and I dont mean to be rude but come on and face the facts, us the American people have been dumbed down for years now. We like it when they talk about dropping bombs on innocent people and we like it when the presidential candidate says he likes to waste his time watch college football. I have little hope for our once super great country, as for all of you that are reading articles like this one are the few that can see what is going on but for every one of us there are probably 75 brain dead zombies. So the odds are slim. It is like the movie Idiocracy. I hope Ron Paul makes it to the office as he really is our only hope. Peace to all you that resist the destruction of our great nation.

Anonymous said...

voter fraud or not the system is going to put one of its minions in 'power' to do thier bidding.

Ade said...

Here is something to consider, most people are not aware but Gingrich and Santorum CANNOT win the Nomination, they are down 564 registered delegates. The only ones who can win are Either Romney or Dr Paul. The establishment must know this, so why are they keeping Santorum and the Newt in the Race. Ron Paul's team know this too. By seeing this game, there is a good opportunity to get the Good Doctor into the Whitehouse. Dr Paul is avoiding winner takes all states and concentrating on Proportional states so he can hoover up as many votes as possible. If Romney plays winner takes all states and loses to Santorum or Gingrich he gets NO DELEGATES in that state. RP can lose every state, but still get into the Whitehouse with the strategy he is playing.
It's a two horse race, the Establishment have screwed up.

Bev said...

Think there is voter fraud now...wait until the presidential election. An umnamed company has just bought the secound company that counts the electronic ballots. They can change all the votes with a few codes.....FACT!

Anonymous said...

Living here, in SC, you did actually see a lot of Newt supporters (not to include his obnoxiously large campaign sings), as sickening as it was to even hear the audience boo Ron Paul on the Golden Rule... :S People here don't exactly vote the smartest. Anyway, my husband pointed out to me that Newt held his campaign appearance at the College of Charleston, and to my knowledge is all young folks. So when Ron Paul held his campaign appearance, I'm assuming the youngsters from the college attended, bring their family if they could as well. Most people that voted for Newt are much older than the people voting for Paul and most older folks just watch the news and debates and vote for their candidate based off of what they've seen. Paul supporters do their research, and most of them are the younger crowd. I hope this all makes sense...I'm so tired and it's getting late. Lol! My husband and I are huge Dr. Paul supporters but we couldn't help but notice the overwhelming amount of older folks that were voting for him without even realizing the things he stood for.

Anonymous said...

The hand sign used by Ron Paul means "I love you"

John P Slevin said...

Someone else correctly has commented that the story of Ron Paul attracting over 1,000 the same day simply is wrong. Still, Ron Paul supporters continue to repeat the obviously false information.

Every time Ron Paul doesn't win (which is every election) the same howl goes up. And why, because despite all evidence to the contrary Ron Paul supporters continue to think they exist in far greater numbers than is real.

Sure, his supporters are far more energetic and he is the only principled candidate for either major party. That doesn't mean the comparatively few supporters he's actually got outnumber the typical number of regular voters who do cast ballots.

It becomes a question of crying wolf.

Sure, there are many problems in voting, and they revolve around the core problem of lack of transparency in voting, beginning with lack of transparency with voter lists.

That's the central problem here, not that Ron Paul gets shorted, but that elections routinely are rigged.

To fix it, one doesn't concentrate on protecting only one's candidate, but instead on fixing the process. That means working for transparency and that begins with demanding full access to voter data.

You never can know if an election was honest unless you can know ahead of the election who is eligible to vote. Then, you also must be able to know who voted.

Repeating false information and simply crying foul when your candidate loses is not the way to go about things...who the heck will listen except other Ron Paul fanatics?

I support Ron Paul. More significantly, I support transparent elections.

Iowa looked very strange...and might have been rigged with outsiders voting for Santorum and perhaps also for Romney. We'll never know. Hell, it's a caucus, and the best way to fix that is for all the Ron Paul supporters now in the GOP to work to eliminate caucus in each of their states.

For that matter, work to eliminate primaries...neither process works for good, honest elections and both burden the taxpayers unfairly.

Ron Paul stands on principle and it's past time that his supporters do the same.

Fix the problem, which is rigged elections, not just those problems Ron Paul faces, which largely result from most voters not agreeing with us.

lookingforchee said...

if you are so blind that you refuse to see a good man like dr. ron paul then god help you cause you are going to need him to survive the comeing catastrophy!!i have been a dr. paul supporter for thirty years ,and get all the political b.s. out of your ears and listen up HE IS THE REAL DEAL!! dr. paul has not changed one iota since he came to d.c. and rolled up his sleeves and went to work for the american people. he will save our bacon!! lookingforchee!!!!!

lookingforchee said...

i have been a dr. paul supporter for thirty yrs., let me asure you he is who he says he is. he has not changed one iota since he rolled up his sleeves and went to work in d.c. for the american ALL of the american people. this illumnatie bull...t and allthe other booger bull from spacemen to zionists is just that bovine excretment!! it is quite odd that the words out of the mouths of the so called leaders in this race are pure b.s. now some hack wants to run dr. paul down. you should have to deal with me and my man CHEE!!!viva la revolution

Anonymous said...

“It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” - Joseph Stalin

Anonymous said...

Friday night I looked at a newspaper poll asking who you would vote for if you had to vote now and Ron Paul was ahead buy 3% points. 1st Place. How on earth could he have come in last place a day later. I'm baffled.

Anonymous said...

Newt's cancellation for lack of support & then a win in the same state DEFINATELY smells fishy.

Please add Google+ to the "share" widget. You are missing out on a whole lot of audience considering it's as easy as adding one word.

Anonymous said...

Hasn't anyone noticed...the media runs these debates and polls, therefore our country's future. On any given network, when they talk poll numbers, Ron Paul is usually not discussed at all. Now there are 4, but the media only discusses 3. Why? Because Ron Paul represents so much (badly needed) gov't reforms, people can't grasp the concept. We are so used to the gov't "taking care of us" that we cannot comprehend our country without free handouts. Mr. Paul takes us back to the basics - Our Constitution. That's when people did an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. Today, honesty has been thrown out the window and replaced with greed. Greed for public aid, material things and the almighty dollar. When we die, we will not be judged on what we own, we will be judged on what we contributed to mankind.

john said...

America will get the President it deserves. Leaders are not elected, they are selected.

VidTruth said...

This is NOT a joke! The most comprehensive Ron Paul, Iowa vote fraud article EVER written! If we don’t do something about this we are all in HUGE trouble! PLEASE get this article to ALL four corners of the internet! DO NOT let this one go unnoticed by ANYONE!

Anonymous said...

To those who point out Ron Paul uses the horned finger symbol, there is a reason for him to do it and for others to do it. He is a mason, he has admitted to being a mason, his wife is also a member of the female masonic club. I have spoken on other sites 6 years ago about this, it is not hard to find pictures of him doing this or to find info on his masonic membership, search engines are a useful tool and points us to useful places for useful info.
As far as the UN, I am under the impression RP wants the USA out of the UN, he is saying everything that will only help Americans and America, I am still skeptical on how much to believe that he really is a good guy, he is in the republican party after and they are very bad.

Anonymous said...

Stop voting, you are only encouraging them. Stop legitimizing this tyranny. The system is broken. Think of a broken clock. You can keep winding it all you want, but still it won't work. Spend your energies creating alternate institutions. Start creating groups that will grow own food. Begin to form groups who will work on developing free energy devices,(see Peter Lindeman, John Bedini) Don't fight their wars. Don't vote. We don't need anyone to lead us, instead we will be our own leaders. I will lead myself thank you. Grow your own food and medicines.

Windy said...

It's Ron Paul or more undeclared wars.

Of course the scum at the top need more wars so Ron Paul will be discarded or killed.

We need to come out in the streets in our thousands.

Anonymous said...

The hand sign Ron Paul flashes is in support of some Texas sports team - I think they are called the 'longhorns'.

Stop inventing stupid unwarranted rumors.

Anonymous said...

Politics and economics are concerned with wealth and power, neither of which should be the primary, still less the exclusive concern of full grown man. Arther G Clark

Do not put your trust in nobles nor the son of earthling man to whom no salvation belongs. His spirit goes out, he goes back to his ground, and in that day his thoughts do parish. Psalms 146 3.

Trying to change the system is like trying to pour new wine into an old wine skin.

EyePirate said...

hey...I was telling my brother about Ron Paul's mandate.
My brother laughed, shook his head from side to side and said, it would take a revolution to bring that about.

I yelled...that's why it's called the Ron Paul revolution!

He shook his head from side to side again.

I yelled, Americans wrote the book on Revolutions!

They have fought the international banksters before and won, and they'll do it again!

Ron Paul has an unbeatable game plan and an army of people behind him.

The more The Powers That Be demand the numbers be cooked, the more people within the Lame Stream Media manning the news desk will have to admit their role in a fascist country...

...some are or many are sure to crack this year.

PS: search and find and hand written letter signed by Ron Paul, stating he is NOT and never has been a mason.

Anonymous said...

i think they gave ron's votes to newt and newt's votes to ron

Anonymous said...

@DragonTat2:"LOL The Hooking Horns sign that Paul makes is representative of the University of Texas, not Satan or any such imaginary being. Sheesh."
So the Pope is also a Texas Longhorns fan? Mahmoud Ahmedinejad? Bill and Hillary Clinton, not to mention their friends the Bush family? Lots of others prominent in politics, business, entertainment and other fields too going from photos on the web. Are these photoshopped? It's easy to do in this day and age but I'd like some sort of answer.It's totally unfeasible to blow it off by saying RP's a Longhorns fan.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous – “There is no conspiracy to keep him out of office; if anything they are trying to put him in.”

The Illuminati hand signal (devil’s horns) is another major clue.

The other candidates are scripted to appear loony when compared to Ron Paul.

We have Mitt Romney, a mind-controlled member of the Mormon cult; then there is crazy Rick Santorum; I wouldn't be a bit surprised if he is a member of Opus Dei. Finally there is there is the "vile reptile", Newt Gingrich, who collaborates with the Jesuits.

MKULTRA Victom Cathy O’Brien on Mitt Romney's Father Governor George Romney

SMOM’s Newt Gingrich and John Boehner Republican Crusaders for Jesuit Papacy

Project Monarch

So Ron Paul looks like the only sane one among the lot of them and that’s the Illuminati’s objective.

As much as I’d like to believe in Ron Paul, I know that no one is allowed to run for president unless he is an Illuminati bloodline member.

The Illuminati claim to be descendants of the Nephilim, the offspring of the Watchers and human women (the “sons of gods” who came unto the “daughters of men” and bore giants –- see Genesis 6:1-4 in the Bible or the Book of Enoch).

Some people call them the Anunnaki or the Aryans (Atlantean survivors from the “Great Flood”).

Still others say they are the descendants of Aryan-reptilian hybrids (Serpent People or Nagas) who are survivors from Atlantis. Their Illuminati progeny are members of the Serpent Cult and practice child sacrifice and blood rituals.

The Aryans are supposed to have come to Earth from Mars and appear to be evacuating there to escape from the major CME’s that are they expect to strike Earth as part of the 2012 “earth changes”.


Say it ain’t so!! Ron Paul Illuminati!!


"The term Nefilim can be translated as "Those Who Descended" or "Those Who Fell From The Heavens". The American researcher David Sielaff emphasizes that the Nefilim or Nephilim are not the sons of the gods (beni ha-Elohim), but the offspring of the interbreeding between the extraterrestrials the Bible calls the Elohim and the daughters of men. The Illuminati bloodlines that rule the world today, therefore, are the Nefilim, the extraterrestrial-human hybrids. They were also known in ancient times as the Rephaim, Emim, Zazummim, and Anakim, all very tall or "giant" people in those days

US Presidential Bloodlines - Links to Royal Households

Disclosure: Aryans, Mars and the End of Days

2012 Alignment: The Temple

The Scars of Mars

Bushel Bob said...

Over here in the U.K. where I'm wintering, the BBC is walking hand-in-hand with the 6 billionaires in America who control mass media (Murdoch, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Bronfman, Newhouse and Redstone): No Mention of Ron Paul!

EyePirate said...

WOW! I never thought I would say something like what I am to say....

i love conspiracy theories! i am a conspiracy wacko!

...but since ALL my favourite conspiracies are JUST RECENTLY being pushed in my face, in relation to Ron Paul, just when Ron Paul is surging...I have to take a step back and think.

Reptilians, Ron Paul, Illuminati, Templar's, black pope, Aryans, Ron Paul, 13 families, Nephilim, Masons, aliens, Ron Paul, secret bloodlines, MKULTRA, Satanists, Jesuits, Ron Paul, Annunaki, Project Monarch, Rothschild, Sabbateans, Ron Paul.....whoaaaa there nelly!

I had best be very selective...perhaps many of my favourite conspiracy theories have been and are being fed to me to render me hopeless and fearful.

Good luck with that!

old grandma said...

It is voting fraud. The electronic voting machines have to go, they have been proven over & over as not safe, votes have been flipped every time so far in these elections besides all the other fraud like deceased people voting.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Paul for PEACE!

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