Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SOPA: Don't Just Protest -- Get Even

Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

The entire reason why SOPA's authors and supporters have the money, influence, and power to put forward draconian bills like this in the first place is because of our daily patronizing of their corporations and the goods and services they provide.

SOPA supporters include the US Chamber of Commerce, the MPAA, and many of the mega-corporations Americans, and indeed people around the world, support on a daily basis. The key to stopping SOPA and the watered-down feigned "concession" that will surely followis to undermine the unwarranted power and influence of the corporations and financiers backing.

If Americans withdrew their support from these corporations -- if theaters were left empty, if Pepsi and Coke were left collecting dust on the shelves of an empty Wal-Mart -- bills like SOPA would not exist, let alone have a chance to be passed into law.

Below is just one letter signed by just one group of these corporations and organizations. Boycott, put out of business, and replace these corporations with local alternatives.

Sponsors of this letter in support of "rogue sites legislation" include:

Alliance of Automobile Manufactures
American Apparel and Footwear Associations
Autodesk Inc.
Bose Corporation
Broadcast Music Inc (BMI)
Council of Fashion Designers of America
Electronic Arts (EA)
Ford Motor Company
GlaxoSmith Kline
Harley-Davidson Motor Company
Johnson & Johnson
Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA)
National Basketball Association (NBA)
National Football League (NFL)
NBC Universal
News Corporation (Fox News)
Nintendo of America
PGA of America
Philip Morris International
Rite Aid
Rosetta Stone
Software & Information Industry Association
Dow Chemical
Walt Disney
Tiffany & Co.
Time Warner
US Chamber of Commerce
Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)
Universal Music Group
Warner Music Group
World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)
Xerox Corporation
Zippo Manufacturing

If you can't live without the endless crass torrent of "bread and circus" as well as trinkets provided by the above mentioned supporters of this corporate-fascist agenda -- the literal crafting and backing of legislation of-by-and-for corporations -- you don't deserve the freedom you believe yourself entitled to.

There is not one corporation listed above that society could not live without and in many cases replace with decentralized, superior local alternatives. Freedom is not simply voicing your opposition, or choosing representatives to do so on your behalf; freedom is also about the responsibility to keep in check the creation of unwarranted power and influence garnered from your daily payments in attention, money, time, and energy to corporations that would seek to impose their will upon society using the very mechanisms of governance designed solely for the people's benefit.

Identify the source of power behind bills like SOPA, and indeed many of the government policies wrecking our society, miring us in endless war, and leaving us in economic destitution. Boycott them, and replace them. We cannot be blamed for the greed and depravity of the global corporate-financier elite, but we can be blamed for fueling their megalomania on a daily basis. 

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Anonymous said...

It's not the corporations' idea to pass this SOPA into law! it's the Government's doing! To further erode peoples rights - it's all about control. Remember their bigger Agenda is One World Government, One World Economy, One World Religion - The New World Order!

Anonymous said...

I concur. Strike the root!

Anonymous said...

most of these companies were onced owned by dedicated family believing americans ---who gave a damn---about people and our way of life---they made it to be a better life--but as modern times came--so wnt the heart of the individuals who created its corporates who do not really care if you catch the ''drift''....they should be replaced by people who care--anyone wnting to start a business.....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon #1 - the government is run by these corporations - thus corporate fascism and these laws will just keep coming until we uproot them.

Anonymous said...

The real answer is that it is all one piece as the story of the blind men examining the elephant
==one who had the tail thought it was a rope
==one who had the trunk thought it was a hose
==one who had the leg thought it was a tree
==one who had the ear thought it was a leaf
==but there was one standing behind the elephant that was experiencing a warm heavy rain that was standing in and fell over in a pile of dung who figured out that it had to be an elephant because it was the only thing that could create such a big pile of dung.
So wade in and experience the warm heavy rain and become an activist who is a real expert. X is a has been and spurt is a drip under pressure.

Lili said...

I say strike any and all people that have supported this from the lowest to the highest person so that it never happens again.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the article, but Anonymous is wrong. The government is supported by the people who really want SOPA and PIPA to pass, and they happen to own the aforementioned corporations. Do some research on who their stockholders are, and you'll see Tony Cartalucci is right.

Anonymous said...

Who are the ones that spies a new innovative enterprise, then tries to move in on the owner, to make them "partners" that will either run it into the ground, like ol' Mitt Romneys business did, or to take over total control and boot out the innovator that started it. Those are the parasites we go after, at the same time removing those that introduce such traitors dreams into our laws. Which by the way is who? It would have been nice to mention the sponsor of the law(s) we never needed, in the piece about it along with those companies.

Anonymous said...

Switching through the corporate-owned radio stations yesterday, I came across Neal Boortz (who I hate, btw) discussing this SOPA/PIPA - and to paraphrase, he said, "The government wants to control the internet because it is a more powerful communication tool than all other media forms (newspaper, TV, radio, etc.)" What he didn't admit is that he and all these other media forms are already controlled by the government, which is controlled by the corporations (ie, Murdoch,Turner). The government and huge corporations are, essentially, one and the same.

Most politicians are paid for by some big-money source that has influence over their decisions. I have come to think that the best way to oppose this system is to NOT vote, which sounds ridiculous to most hypnotized Americans. By not voting, I am saying, "I don't partake in your crappy system and all it's lies and corruption. F.U. system." So many people think they have to choose between the "lesser of two evils" - and they get into quite a bit of stress over this political bull shit.

Take control of yourself - that is all you CAN control.

Anonymous said...

I see this attempt to steal your amendment rights to Free Speech got your attention? BUT? Why has NO ONE started a New Revolution over the signing of the NDAA that takes away all your Constyitutional Rights and gives the Military, Police, and anyone else the right to shoot you with Impunity, or throw your ass in Guantanamo with NO hearing, No Attorneys, Nothing? This is what they have done to hundreds of innocent civilians worldwide, now it is the Americans turn????

KenBrodeur said...

Hack at the Root, END THE FED. I have tried to do business in the US and found that if a Corp is doing something profitable it spreads like wild fire. Do you think Arthur Anderson was the only accounting firm cooking the books? Also, almost nothing can take place without fiat money and The Fed makes sure only those promoting their agendas get the "missing money".
Use gold, silver, barter and support Ron Paul for President

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