Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pepsi Co. Admits Mouse Body Would Disintigrate from Mountain Dew

Mike Barrett
Activist Post

There has been some rather shocking news lately concerning the multinational mega corporation Pepsi Co. and their highly popular beverage Mountain Dew.

After reportedly finding a mouse in a Mountain Dew can in 2009, Ronald Ball from Illinois is in the process of suing the soft drink giant after finding a dead mouse in his soda can.

Needless to say, Pepsi Co. is completely refuting his claims, saying that the mouse he found could not have been there as the drink is so acidic the mouse would have disintegrated before he opened it.  The company says that the mouse carcass would have decomposed into a “jelly-like” substance.

Although Pepsi Co. is in opposition with Ron Ball's claims, a mouse body disintegrating in a can of soda isn’t any better than finding a dead mouse inside.

It is interesting to see that Pepsi Co. has no problem admitting to such an outrageous effect that could have been caused by their beverage. This information certainly says a lot about the products manufactured by the company.

Here is a segment from a copy of Pepsi’s opposition to Ron Ball’s motion obtained by CBC News:
As Dr. McGill explains, if a mouse is submerged in a fluid with the acidity of Mountain Dew, after 4 to 7 days in the fluid the mouse will have no calcium in its bones and bony structures, the mouse’s abdominal structure will rupture, and its cranial cavity (head) is also likely to rupture… By 30 days of exposure to the fluid, all of the mouse’s structures will disintegrate to the point where the structures (excepting possibly a portion of the tail) will not be recognizable and, therefore, the animal itself will not be recognizable. Instead, after 30 days in the fluid, the mouse will have been transformed into a ‘jelly-like’ substance.
Hopefully people will not lose sight of the real news here. We have a mega corporation producing a liquid ingested by millions of people – liquid that is capable of disintegrating the body of a mouse.

It is well known that soda is completely unhealthy and causes obesity diabetes, and all types of other health problems thanks to chemical additives and high sugar content, but this shocking information could very well be the tipping point for many soda-drinkers.

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sunrise said...

Of course this does not surprise me. Doesn't the FDA all ways allow things for consumers *That * Kill us ? Saying *Oh no it is adequately safe as long as in moderate amounts.. ! Bullshit. By FDA saying this or that Is ok , knowing full well they are full of S*&^. It allowes us to consume? Because as well many know. Most do not think for themselves unless someone is guiding them by a chain around their neck. Well Government and higher lvls that set standards know this. By Setting the stage for ones who don't think. they know that sooner or later. young or old , will become sick by all the poisons and in turn . the Pharma doctors. blah blah will get a killing in revenue.. So.. It is like The Food pyramid that is set, is a bunch of crap. People wake the hell up. ! Make right choices. Stop being sheep who jump off the cliff. ! Namaste all. <3

Anonymous said...

To be fair here that mouse would disintegrate probably even faster in the acid in our stomachs that breaks down everything we eat.

The acidity of soda hasn't really been a secret for a very long time, and in reasonable amounts the acidity itself poses no health dangers as your stomach and entire digestive tract is naturally acidic and capable of handling it.

Excessive drinking can lead to stomach ulcers as my brother discovered when he was younger however.

The long understood danger to one's teeth and gums and mouth in general is the only real health danger of the acidity itself within reasonable consumption levels.

In no way am I endorsing soda in general or it's manufacturers(especially Coca-Cola) or saying that it is safe though.

It's the chemicals and preservatives and all that which they add in that poses the main health threat in my view, especially with DIEt soda's.

If you leave a can of soda for too long(many months - years) it will eventually corrode through the aluminum can so to me it seems only natural it would dissolve a biological organism like a mouse quite rapidly.

In general though I do agree that the idea of drinking something that can corrode not just a mouse but also a human body is a bit disturbing, yet I still drink too much of myself(to be fair my alternatives right now are fluoridated tap-water, fluoridated bottle water or some other chemical potion beverage).

Soda cans should come with that little skeleton hand "corrosive" warning label.

Anonymous said...

Soda pop is so addictive that many cannot stop drinking it even if this information was put in front of them.
My brother is addicted to Mountain Dew and he cannot stop drinking it. His health has suffered from it and he has been warned by his doctor to stop drinking it.
His comment is that "I've got to die of something, I might as well die of something that I like." Typical of a soda pop junkie.

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