Friday, January 27, 2012

Only Two Types of People Will Survive Economic Collapse

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Living in a world engulfed by economic crisis teetering on collapse requires preparation for worst-case scenarios. Whether it is losing a job to downsizing, a currency crisis, or full-blown economic system failure, being prepared is just plain smart.

Already, nearly 30% of Americans are either unemployed or under-employed, and desperation is surely setting in for the millions whose unemployment benefits have expired with little hope on the job front.

Many have been able to weather short-term storms by prepping for a rainy day with extra food storage and other supplies, and by having some savings.  Indeed, everyone should be preparing in this manner, and then some, given the bleak economic climate.  However, if an economic meltdown becomes prolonged, there will only be two types of people that will survive: Takers and Producers.

If the majority of the population reaches a level of desperation, and civil unrest erupts as predicted by many experts including the federal government, you can bet that your stockpile of emergency rations will make you an attractive target for the hungry Takers.

During civil unrest it's unlikely the authorities will have the capacity or the will to enforce petty theft crimes.  Some police departments around the country already have stated that they are not responding to a majority of calls about petty theft or vandalism.  Some have even turned over duties to private security

Prepping for disaster is only a temporary store of wealth; one that can be taken from you. There will likely be some Takers organized into armed gangs that will be difficult or next to impossible to defend against. And even good, well-meaning people may become Takers if they get desperate enough to feed themselves and their families. Even if you are lucky enough to fend off the Takers and maintain your stash, what happens when it runs out?

The following video is an extremely unsettling look at a potential future for the ultimate Taker scenario following societal collapse.  This potential future, however, is well-grounded in the reality of the past in such countries as Argentina.

Real wealth in times of uncertainty, as well as in times of abundance, is the ability to produce something of value.  Producing your own food has tremendous value, but even chickens, crops, or tools can be taken from you if you're not careful. However, skills and knowledge can never be taken from you. Nightgear Military Kit Producers in any realm of human necessity will be the most equipped to survive economic downturns or all-out collapse.  Everyone who is unemployed or working a job where they essentially shuffle papers all day had better start learning skills that apply to the real world.
Recognizing that it's unlikely that the world will ever devolve into a Mad Max-like post-apocalyptic state (barring a thermonuclear war or catastrophic earth event), many skills will remain useful in a dogged economy. Besides the obvious important skills of farming, construction, sewing, mechanics, etc., computer technicians, medical professionals, organizers and communicators, writers, artists and musicians, cooks and food preparation, along with many other skills will always be in demand in society. Since most of us don't plan to become Takers should we be touched by the economic crisis, it's vital that we learn the universal skills which will ensure our productivity under any economic circumstance.  And for those who already possess a range of skills, it would be a good time to further hone what you have into a side business, as well as to educate your family, friends, and neighbors. The larger we can expand our range of protection against worst-case scenarios -- and the Takers that accompany them -- the better off we will be as individuals within a community centered around the values of production and self-reliance. Further Essential Reading:  Top 10 Survival Downloads You Should Have  Top Survival Articles From 2011 to Help Prepare For 2012

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Anonymous said...

excellent , i hope these applies to the wealthy

refuge2012 said...

Speaking of survival...please visit

Anonymous said...

Having lived through a period of prolonged anarchy in a Third World country, I can attest that the Taker and Producer dichotomy is real. However in reality it was more the old Good vs. Bad. Good people remain good and help each other. When society breaks down, the bad people really let loose. Best to take stock of the people around you and have some idea of who you can trust and who will have to defend against because guaranteed, they will come for you at some point and take what you have. Anarchy Rule #1: The guy/gal with the biggest gun gets the groceries.

Anonymous said...

Skills that we let our education system throw away. Instead, we allowed them to show our kids how to "fist" & fill their minds with useless dribble. Instead of learning how to grow cucumbers, we allowed them to show how to put a condom on a cucumber. We treat our eldery as trash, but they are our knowledge base that a computer will never replace. We sowed this harvest and we will reap the rewards. The idolic dollar is being smashed.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for self-defense and true survival, but gangs of thieves and thugs are no better than the mafiosi who currently run the planet. They enjoy their power over life, they like the thrill of it. Wasting productive people with no regard for their lives, or reason, or cooperation to take over their settlements or property makes no sense if they only have the skill to kill. How convenient. They have the same brute parasitic mentality of all the corrupt politicians and bankers: Taking without asking and perpetuating the same bullshit over and over again. What a waste of life and time. Beam me up, Scotty. There is no intelligent life here.

nolocontendere said...

You know, this cinema sexy Mad Max scenario is easy enough to visualize, but in truth IMO won't be reality for too long, if at all.
I believe parasites will be dealt with in short order well before organized theft and rapacious behavior will ever be a serious problem. Probably the most nagging irritant will be your whining neighbor.

Anonymous said...

"Only two types of people?"

Thanks for the vote of confidence. Thanks for being a fear-monger and telling us, we have no hope.

Anonymous said...

Amazing that so many see Iran as a threat to our security rather than the threats inside our own country.Every great empire has fallen because of conditions within. I see America as being no different.

Anonymous said...

I happened to talk to an accountant who told me that different professional groups have different % number of psychopaths. The largest number of psychopaths is among the bank people. I thought I knew what a psychopath was but when I googled it and read the whole description, I was speechless.

ewingsc said...

The Interest-on-debt based money system has got to go - or this will just get uglier and uglier.

I wonder if the ultra wealthy will start to be targeted soon.

sjsrana said...

2012 ELECTION YEAR is in making, you have the POWER to out-power EVIL, say NO to VOTING till accountability is provided!

Join "National NOT-VOTING-2012" list and challenge those corrupt power-freaks!

Can we do it?

david llewellyn foster said...

OK, scary stuff and sobering too, but why is it always about fear and paranoia in the US? To be forewarned is to be be forearmed, and real knowledge is strength. Better by far to bring down the vile tyranny not surrender to the inevitable by feeding on its propaganda of hatred. Build up the grass roots and disengage from this psychopathy of death. These self-fulfilling prophecies of destruction reek of Hollywood kitsch. Examine the psychology at work here, of victim-perpetrator. Us and them, the devil and Ol'Nobodaddy Aloft. To hell with all that...forget about this fraudulent religion of despair, get life!

Anonymous said...

why would such people advertise themselves?
i guess, no lights at night, appearance of poverty, and stash deeply concealed

Anonymous said...

The police's job is not to protect you, there job is to protect the corporation and arest code violators. Case in point: When you call the sherrif in a one horse hick town they are part of the good old boys network. When they arrive on the scene their eyes are like the tumblers of a mechanical cash register. The drawer opens up, instead of you being the victim, you are the subject. If you live in a rural area, you will be lucky if you here from them in a week or two. I some one shop lifts a candy bar at one one of the big corporate box stores, they respond immediately. The residentual areas where the masses of the working class live is a low priority. When the monetarity system collapses, it goes back to the following: 1-Subsistence farming 2-Animal Husbancry 3-Hunters and Gatherers 4-Barter

Anonymous said...

Thanks for articulating what so many of us have been trying to say.

I have been told by several "friends" that they dont have to bother growing and storing food because they know me.

There will be a rude awakening - I can only feed so many - and I will decide who.

Anonymous said...

"I have been told by several "friends" that they dont have to bother growing and storing food because they know me."

With "friends" like that, you don't need any other problems! I haven't had this experience but if I ever do, I will calmly ask them what they plan to trade for MY food. The idea of actually paying for what they need might be enough of a shock to actually wake up a few of them.

Anonymous said...

only first post is real. He/she knows how it looks like. I came from communistic country. I know what is barter between friends, I know what is organizing life, despite of empty shelves, I know how to deal with circumstances you demonize i know as a every day life. Can you imagine - 2/3 of Earth population right now, in this second are living like you anticipate, as the worst of the horror can happened to you.

Anonymous said...

of course only two entity :
the rich= Robbers Barons and Red Burgeoisie and criminals ( politicians and fraudsters of the official institutions
and their paid criminals to protected them

Anonymous said...

I've seen that gang video before and it's totally unrealistic. A small group like that that are mobile will get wiped out in one single ambush. A large group moving about in those conditions won't be able to feed itself or get fuel.

The whole thing is stupid. If they wanted to survive and had weapons and training then they would be far better off offering defensive services to a larger static group who have good supplies and resources.

Randomly travelling about, looking for people to rob just means that if you don't get shot this week you will get shot next week. The US is chocked full of armed people with weapons training. For every offensive robber there are thousands of defensive armed and trained people.

Anonymous said...

The notion that this type of scenario would play out in rural America is crazy. You would be hard pressed to find a unarmed country household, whose neighbors are equally or, more seriously armed and willing to drop everything to help them out. Add to that, they are hunters and hit what they shot at. I'm all in favor of vigilance with the ability to defend but, this borders on fear mongering.

dale said...

Lottsa crazy talk.....guns, fantasies of being ripped off and while the world falls into anarchy, obsessing about property rights.

When the shit hits the fan, we need each other. Real anarchy is self rule, which evolves into communal association for protection, mutual help, etc.

MOst people, when they envision the "coming collapse" only project their own urges and impulses. Gangs make more sense than the fantasy of the lone rebel holding off the crowd of takers with his gun.

When authority collapses, people will develop new systems of organization. Fear is an illusion.

chris fuller said...

bring it on i cant wait!!!! ,sick to death of being at the bottom of the pile.

new life, new togetherness, good will come of it.

Empty Buckets said...

Great article. Our country is definitely not what our founding father risked their lives for. I agree with fear being an illusion. I think if we come together right now we can soften the blow when things finally come unwound. Here is a related article

Anonymous said...

I watched the video... as a former RANGER... this video is horse crap...! Anyone that would be stupid enough to try something like that ...has a very rude awakening coming ...! I am from New Orleans ... survived ... had looters... the whole deal...! Law Enforcement told everyone ... handle your business ...if you wind up shooting someone ... give us a call and we will send the coroner with body bag...! I have worked in Afghanistan and Iraq... and I will say this... strength is in numbers ... so... know who you team with and have your plan together...! Most thugs... when the situation goes hot... will duck and run...! Or... be killed ...just never take anything at face value... that easy going group surviving what ever happens could very well be a thugs worst nightmare ...!

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