Monday, January 16, 2012

Nearly Half of All Pharmaceuticals Produced Overseas, Many in Unregulated Chinese Factories

Anthony Gucciardi
Activist Post

Nearly half of all pharmaceutical drugs within the United States were not only produced overseas, but a shocking 81% of the 3,765 foreign factories have never been inspected by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Of these mystery drug factories, many are unregulated and stationed in China.

To top it all off, the percentage climbs even higher when looking at the active ingredients for pharmaceuticals. About 80% of these active ingredients are created overseas.

The findings show that you really do not know the quality, or perhaps even the full ingredient list, of any pharmaceutical drug that you may be taking.

What’s more is that a 2008 GAO report revealed that the FDA took 2 to 5 years to even follow up with foreign plants that had been cited for safety issues. That is if they followed up with the plants at all. Even when the FDA knows that the plants are affecting your safety, they fail to do anything about it — at least for about 2 to 5 years. 

FDA Sits Back as Unregulated Factories Kill Americans

What happens as a result of the FDA allowing these factories to go unregulated and pump in pharmaceutical drugs to the United States? Besides slapping a premium price tag on these low-quality mystery pills, the end result is a number of preventable deaths. A few reports reveal deaths directly linked to the poor manufacturing processes, but the truth of the matter is that it is nearly impossible to track to the true number of deaths that have occurred as a result of improper pharmaceutical manufacturing.

One such example involves hundreds of Chinese pharmaceutical plants. After creating and shipping a tainted batch of the blood thinner known as Heparin to the United States, 81 people died as a result of taking the drug. What’s truly amazing, however, is the number of individuals who die on a yearly basis from overall pharmaceutical deaths. As fatality numbers skyrocket from properly taking pharmaceuticals drugs, the death toll has now outnumbered traffic fatalities according to the most recent statistics.

You may think that many supplements and regular pain relief drugs are exempt from this faulty manufacturing, but that is in fact untrue.

Amazingly, nearly all the aspirin and vitamin C consumed in the U.S. is made in Chinese plants that never see an inspector.

Thankfully, a solution does exist. It is important to pick only high-quality supplements that utilize food-based ingredients and are devoid of toxic fillers and synthetic ingredients. This is a rule that can be applied to virtually all food products and nutritional items — your health is worth more than saving a few dollars on cheap supplements that could result in extensive medial costs down the road.

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Anonymous said...

You stupid enough to take that stuff?
Non-event. And deservedly so.

apeman2502 said...

They ban American elderly from obtaining discount drugs in Canada and allow these drugs to be produced without U.S. legislated quality control setting purity standards in China while trying to start a war with China. Congress has descended to the low status of 'Vulture Whores'. Stupid naturally follows excessive corruption.

Anonymous said...

Remember how "our" politicians refused to "allow" us to get get cheaper drugs from Canada ...... BECAUSE THEY MIGHT BE 'UNSAFE".

Anonymous said...

Perfect example of the fallacy misnamed as free trade. We pay the highest prices, and yet the product is produced at the most exploitive, non-regulated cost. Spot the flaw in "free" trade: Walmart outsources products to China putting millions of Americans out of business, but the now-unemployed consumer supposedly benefits from cheap goods. Then why are six members of the Waltons richer than the bottom 30% of America? Did the Waltons act as a privatized tariff, skimming the benefit of cheaper products abroad into their own wealth while decrying the evils of government tariffs?

And now that we are awash in unregulated goods manufactured overseas by people who may only want more profits but may have more sinister motives, we have to ask ourselves, what products besides tissue boxes have cobalt 60 in them? How did it get there? And if corporations didn't want to manufacture here because of regulation, why can they import unregulated products, and place the burden of screening for them on us?

Morgan said...

This is the consequence of a Republican congress defunding the FDA and other agencies charged with protecting the health and welfare of America's people.

Morgan said...

Thank your Republican and blue dog democrat fiends in Congress for voting not only to deregulate as many industries as they can, but for defunding the FDA, USDA, NIH and other agencies charged with overseeing the health and welfare of the American people.

Anonymous said...

China could kill half of America in one week by shipping poison in with the food and products. Did you know they exportt Flouride to the USA for the water supply?

...Or maybe they are very sneaky and are dropping the poison in slowly so that no one notices, then one day everyone wakes up with tumors and in pain.

Mao killed 30 million chinese, killing 300 million americans won't be a moral issue for them

Anonymous said...

Join the "Occupiers" new suggested movement to stop purchasing and eating any products made in China. Also check the glaze on dishware products make in China for lead as well as other trinkets made from toxic metals and sold as jewelry. This includes American Chinese food restaurants where it is not clear where they import their food ingredients from. Boycotts and economic resistence seems to be another non-violent way to get one's point across--hit them in the pocket book! Let retailers know of your concerns so they won't stock their shelves with Chinese products in the future and force them to look for local sources saying "Made in America/Canada/UK".

Anonymous said...

We are WAY past the left/right paradigm - or we should be by now. This was created to appease the sheeple pretending to give us a choice, whilst dividing and conquering us. Both parties are equally responsible and are not much different - evident by the legislation that is being past.

China isn't the only one who had the patent files open to them. India did, as well. Why do you think they were our guests at the first state dinner? And, the same thing will happen with them, no regulations or oversight. Formulas will be "watered down" and sold as generic which will require longer time periods and increased dosing.

Anonymous said...

In my humble opinion, there is a serious problem brewing within the United States, the ostensible inaction of the Federal Drug Administration on properly supervising the quality of imported medication. My wife was on one Beta Block for many months, I on another for many years. She began having symptoms one day, including a very fast heart rate, elevated blood pressure, and we were concerned. She consulted her Doctor and was instructed to try one of my pills, and her heart rate fell to an expected level. For several days, she took my medication. When she again tried her Beta Block, the same thing happened, elevated blood pressure and fast heart rate. We complained to the pharmacy and they said that the medication she was having problems with was from a different manufacturer than her original medication that she took successfully. They provided her with the same manufacturer of medication that she had been successful with and it worked normally. There could not have been any, or very little, of the actual medication in the pill, or for some reason the bioavilability was so drastically altered that she was not absorbing it correctly. I too experienced problem with bioavailability of medication that I have taken, and was appalled to see that it was manufactured overseas. I asked my Doctor for a Brand Required prescription, knowing the that medication was manufactured in the U.S., and had no problems since.

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