Saturday, January 21, 2012

Monsanto’s Best-Selling Herbicide Roundup Linked to Infertility

Andre Evans
Activist Post

A recent study has found that Monsanto’s Roundup pesticide may be responsible for causing infertility. After reviewing the many already well-documented negative impacts Roundup has on the environment and living creatures, it is no surprise to add yet another item to the list. 

Monsanto’s Best-Selling Herbicide Roundup Linked to Infertility 

Researchers tested roundup on mature male rats at a concentration range between 1 and 10,000 parts per million (ppm), and found that within 1 to 48 hours of exposure, testicular cells of the mature rats were either damaged or killed. According to the study, even at a concentration of 1 ppm, the Roundup was able to affect the test subjects by decreasing their testosterone concentrations by as much as 35%.

How can such small levels of exposure have such a profound effect on the reproductive system?

Roundup, being a glyphosate-based herbicide is also known to have endocrine disrupting properties.

Much like BPA, glyphosate-based herbicides have the ability to interfere with the natural hormonal balance in the human body, thereby introducing a number of health risks along with even the smallest levels of exposure. These chemicals are strong enough to affect your metabolism, behavior and mood, reproductive organs, and even provoke cancer.

As a result, any plants that are sprayed with Roundup carry with them a chemical effect similar to that of other endocrine disruptors, offsetting the hormonal balance and causing adverse effects, despite even the smallest levels of exposure. This in part contributes to the number of males with increased fertility issues in more recent times.

It is no surprise that Monsanto, a company already infamous for a whole slew of dangerous concoctions, would also be responsible for affecting another major aspect of human health on a large scale.

Ultimately it is highly important to avoid any products sprayed with pesticides or herbicides for the many associated health risks – now fertility included. In addition to avoiding food which has been tarnished by this pesticide, you may also want to consider investing in a water filter. Glyphosate, the carcinogenic chemical Roundup contains, has been found to be contaminating the groundwater in areas where it is being applied.

Being aware of the hormonal disruptors you face in your daily life such as BPA and now Roundup is a must. Even the smallest levels of exposure can have large negative effects.

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Roland.T.Flakfizer said...

Dear lord. More from the naturalnews dummy brigade. A group that believes the cure for cancer is spring water and happy thoughts. A group that wouldn't know scientific rigor from a pancake house.

Why do people keep believing this crap, instead of going to the actual studies, and making up their own minds? Why do people jump on the scientifically illiterate naturalnews group, instead of learning on their own?

We're talking basic, high school level chmistry. 101 level math. Statistics that could be learned in a weekend.

Hell, don't even learn that stuff. Just read the "plain language" conclusion of the studies themselves. If you did so, you'd come away with a much different conclusion than the naturalnews people are trying to sell you.

Anonymous said...

Nice try Roland, but more and more people are not buying into "studies" conducted by scientists relying on avaricious and psychopathic corporations like Monsanto (which also has an established history of horrendously polluting the enviroment even before it got into GMOs) for their funding and their livelyhood.

See the youtube video below. Check out what this guy learnt about how Monsanto has a chokehold on research which would negatively impact their profits:
Farmer feeds GMO corn to his pigs: they all become sterile.

Anonymous said...


Your position is nice thought but it requires that the companies involved in funding these studies you mention are doing so 100% honestly. So I guess if you trust Monsanto and their studies then your right. But many of us remember such debacles as "Bayer sells drugs tainted with AIDS" and the classic studies of the Tobacco companies who proclaimed "Nicotine is not addictive" under oath for petes sake. Yet both those scandals went unpunished by the USA. Enter Monsanto with their brilliant terminator seed tech and lets not forget that they brought the joy of agent orange to the world during vietnam which they also proclaimed was safe at the time. So when natural news folks try to get to the truth about the safety of chemicals that might end up in our bodies. Thanks to all the independant people who try to shine light on Corporate spin doctored studies as the world would be in even worse shape without you all.


Roland just go pour some roundup on your cornflakes so your balls terminate as we don't need anymore humans like you as we have enough Corporate shills in this world already.

Anonymous said...

To: The DOCTRINE of: UN-Intended CONsequences
When the Irradiated Rain and Chemtrail CONtaminated: "Black RAIN, / Nuclear RAINS," of Terrors, precipitates on the New World Order, WE hope: They Do NOT have Umberellas?
The Rains in Spain, Don't Just Flow Down the Dwains, the sometimes flow down Hills, through Fields, generously CONtaminated with Monsanto, Dupont, Merck, Union Carbide, Geneticallly Modified G.M.O. seeds, Grasses, Defoilants, Herbacides, phamaceutical Steroid-Gene, Psychotropics Modified, D.N.A. Alterred, Injected Critter's excretions, Run-Offs, and SECRET discharges, into the Reparian Water Ways, the EARTH, and other Feeding Species inclusio HUmans, to be Recycled ad infintum, for : "Water Efficient Reclaimation, CONservational GREEN SCHEEMES to: Pharmaceutically, Genetically, render Sterile, Docile, and Servile. Some Think: "It's NOT NICE; to Fool Mother Nature?"
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MayBE: That Is Why THEY have the: C.O.G.; Global survival, natural, UN-genom-modified: SEED BANKS, stored in Underground Chyrogenic Vaults/caves, many Times, the Time honored, Historically Proven; "Doctrine of UNIntended CONsequences," [a.k.a.:Murphy's Law,] is obfuscated by: hallucinations and or Dementia? I guess it's "CURTAINS," for: Just "U.S.P.I.G.S." and the ENVIRO, ECO, Pharma, Medi, Mili gov,... Terorists!

Anonymous said...

Oi Roland are you a shill ? This is from the horses mouth as it were and nowt to do with "natural news".

Paul R. Ehrlich, and Obama's science czar Holdren's position on population levels, says that we need to take extraordinary measures for depopulation at this time. The two advanced controversial birth control methods such as mass sterilization through drugs in water supplies, and sterilization of criminals and other "social misfits," as defined by the earliest eugenicists seeking to genetically engineer a "master race."(1, 2, 3) (Few people realize that municipal water fluoridation was used by the Nazis to numb people's reasoning.)

Anonymous said...

Who are you working for? Just remember the victims...yeah that means you too but then you don't seem too smart.

Lawrence Neal said...

Monsanto: In den vordergrund der Nuen Weltordnung Programm.

The program is not about money, or monopoly. The agenda is radical population reduction.

Willkommen auf der Nuen Weltordnung Korporaten Polizeistaat

The Elite are psychopaths as devoid of human warmth and emotion as a Terminator. And just as determined as a Terminator to eradicate the majority of the population and enslave the survivors.

Anonymous said...

see thats a chem sprayer i can get behind

Anonymous said...

corporations will poison and maime you

Anonymous said...

PlEASE note; when you post this to FB the post by fanatic Roland T Flake comes up to be posted!

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