Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mercury Pandemic: Avoiding Toxic Levels of Daily Exposure

Mike Barrett
Activist Post

With today’s manufacturing there are many chemicals and toxins that are both purposefully added to products, as well as those unintentionally added.  

Mercury is one of those unintended additions to many of the products people consume and topically apply every day. In order to avoid exposure to this heavy metal, and in turn avoid the risk of any heavy metal toxicity, you need to know where the metal resides in order to avoid it.

Mercury Highly Present in Many Foods and Consumer Products

One of the most significant places you may find mercury is in processed foods.

In 2009, a study found that almost half of commercial high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) contained mercury — a carcinogenic chemical element that is toxic in all its forms to the human body.

Even more troubling, nearly a third of 55 popular brand-name food and beverage products that listed HFCS as the first or second ingredient were found to contain mercury as a whole. With an incredible amount of processed foods and fast foods containing this ingredient, the result could be described as a mercury pandemic.

Instead of addressing this major public health concern, the FDA is focusing their time on crushing beneficial supplements through NDI regulations that threaten the entire infrastructure of the nutraceuticals industry.

Mercury is also very present in skin whitening creams and body care products. Mercury has been found in some of these products at levels as high as 300,000 parts per million.

A newspaper sent 50 skin-lightening creams to a certified lab for testing. Six were found to contain amounts of mercury banned by federal law. Five of the six had more than 6,000 parts per million — enough to potentially cause kidney damage over time.

Another everyday product you may want to avoid is compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). Only months after it was found that energy saving compact fluorescent bulbs release carcinogenic chemicals into the air, a new study has found that these harmful chemicals are continually released from the bulbs over a period of weeks to months. Furthermore, the study also found that the levels of mercury released exceed those that are considered safe for humans.

Avoiding these products will not only result in better overall health, but you will also dramatically reduce your exposure to mercury. Along with this avoidance, dental amalgam fillings, multi-dose vaccines, and seafood should also be avoided.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this and many great article. There are no tools for sharing on this page!

Anonymous said...

"There are no tools for sharing on this page!"

Where are you looking? The sharing tools are right above the comments. Look at this screenshot of your post:

kathi dunphy said...

There are no sharing tools on my screen either. I would share this on facebook if I could.

Anonymous said...

300,000 parts per million? Really?! That's almost one-third pure mercury.

Anonymous said...

I think he meant 300,000 parts per billion, or 300 parts per million.

Anonymous said...

Even if there is no sharing tool, no fb button, you can still share the article by copying the internet address of the article into your wall on fb or whatever social network or email.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell us which specific study it was and does it specifically name the products to be avoided?

Anonymous said...

first, it's 30,000 ppm and it's in a Pakistani product called Stillman's Skin Bleach Cream here's the original article:
this author quoted a typo in a NaturalNews article.
second, the worst case scenario for a broken CFL (broken in an unventilated room and vacuumed up and into the air, followed by 8hrs of normal breathing without leaving that room) will give you about as much mercury exposure as eating a can of tuna.
oh, and most of the mercury in the environment (that ends up in tuna, sharks, marlins, us) comes from coal power plants being used to power inefficient machines - like lightbulbs built on 19th century technology.
finally, if you could show me Braun's study (or who Braun is? couldn't find his name anywhere but in 2nd-hand references to this issue) or a follow-up study or any data at all regarding the "electrical smog" it might help your point... Alab is real but doesn't seem to employ a Braun...

Anonymous said...

oh, and the mercury in those "whitening" creams is the active ingredient. it blocks melanin production.

Anonymous said...

It's worth noting that most of the mercury in the environment does not come from coal power plants. Most of it occurs naturally from volcanoe activity forest fires and a myriad of other sources. The oceans had more mercury in them then before humans even walked the earth all the mercury mined in the last 2000 years. The fish in the ocean have always had mercury in them long before the first lump of coal was burned. The total amount of mercury in the environment exceeds the total produced by man by over 1000 times.

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