Monday, January 9, 2012

Industrial Pesticide Present in Many Top Selling Supplements

Anthony Gucciardi
Activist Post

Cupric sulfate is used as an herbicide, fungicide, and pesticide among many other things. It is also present in many best selling nutritional supplements, which oftentimes utilize harmful additives and synthetic ingredients that can be damaging to your health.

Among these supplements happens to be the “#1 doctor recommended” multivitamin, Centrum, which contains a great number of similarly-damaging substances.

Peer-reviewed research has identified a link between cupric sulfate and many negative conditions such as heavy metal toxicity, arsenic poisoning, DNA damage, and mercury poisoning.

When taking this research into consideration, much of which has been available to both the general public and supplement industry for a number of years (some vital research on the subject actually goes as far back as 1991), it is truly shocking that any company would include this ingredient in any ‘health-promoting’ supplement formula.

Insecticide, Flame Retardant, Jet Fuel Chemicals in Top Selling Supplement Brands

Of course it is important to note that the manufacturer of Centrum, Wyeth, is actually a part of the drug giant Pfizer which has shown its blatant disregard for public health through charging an astronomical $115,200 per patient for an experimental cancer drug that is loaded with side effects.

Perhaps the most concerning fact about Centrum is the presence of many other health-endangering ingredients. It is important to remember that Centrum is not the only top selling multivitamin or general supplement to contain these ingredients, as they are rather prevalent among many mainstream (and even some ‘natural’ retailers) labels across the globe. Here are some of the ingredients contained in the top selling multivitamin Centrum, along with their adverse effects:
  • BHT: a fat soluble compound used in jet fuels, rubber, petroleum products, electrical transformer oil, and embalming fluid. Research has linked BHT to lung cancer, bladder cancer, DNA damage, and gastric cancer.
  • Boric Acid: a chemical oftentimes used as an antiseptic, insecticide, or flame retardant. Found to cause DNA damage.
  • Synthetic Vitamin A Acetate: a petrochemically produced byproduct that is capable of causing birth defects.
It can be a real challenge avoiding these ingredients when searching for a quality multivitamin. A general rule is to avoid purchasing your supplements in mainstream supermarket outlets and pharmacies, or at the very least thoroughly read the label and search for industrial additives. It is highly preferable that you seek a food-based multivitamin, free of any fillers or synthetic ingredients.

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow,I thought is was only in Cigarettes,Guess all the health freaks are gonna panic NOW,How about the FORMELDYHDE in ALCOHOL ? Never mind the ALCOHOL made from grain and hops that have been sprayed with the other poison,nevermind ALCOHOL the POISON

Anonymous said...

Anon- I think the difference is that people know cigarettes and alcohol aren't healthy and have side effects, whereas we think of multivitamins as being completely beneficial, but I guess they aren't.

naopllagfan said...

what a load of rubbish. You obviously don't understand chemistry. An article full of nothing. We need copper in trace amounts and is an essential micronutrient. Where are the arsenic and mercury coming from?

Anonymous said...

Cupric Sulfate (aka copper sulfate) is a naturally occurring salt which is used extensively in organic agriculture as a natural pesticide. If it was so toxic and bad for you it wouldn't be allowed in organic foods.

Steven Gaylord said...

Note that the manufacturer of Centrum, Wyeth, is actually a part of the drug giant Pfizer and that they've been selling this toxic supplemental crap containing an insecticide, a flame retardant and jet fuel chemicals for... 20 years? And sales still continue to soar? How stupid people are to accept at face value corporate advertisement; to trust a corrupt government to create a corrupt agency (FDA) to over see the poisoning of Americans. And for what? Profit? That does NOT make any sense! But genocide does; it fits in nicely with the myriad of other programs leveled at humanity.

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