Friday, January 6, 2012

GlaxoSmithKline Forced Illiterate Parents Into Signing Over Children in Illegal Vaccine Experiments

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Anthony Gucciardi
Activist Post

Perhaps the most disturbing fact to come out of the recent reports exposing GlaxoSmithKline’s illegal vaccine trails is that the company actually recruited doctors to force illiterate parents to sign over their babies for experiments — experiments that ultimately led to the deaths of 14 babies and an unknown number of adverse reactions.

According to experts, the motivation to perform these deadly experiments may not have simply been to examine the effectiveness of the shots outside of the United States where such testing is illegal, but to generate profits.

Of course laboratory trials on humans are not legal in Argentina either, though GSK has gotten away with the experiments since 2007 until Judge Marcelo Aguinsky cracked down on GSK following a report by the National Administration of Medicine, Food and Technology (ANMAT in Spanish) exposing the baby deaths.

Interestingly, eye witnesses also began to come forward such as hospital workers that observed the corrupt workings of GSK in the recruitment of doctors whose sole purpose was to force illiterate parents into signing over their own child into these illegal experiments.

Pediatrician Ana Marchese was working at the Eva Perón children’s public hospital in Santiago del Estero during the time the studies were being conducted. During a radio interview, she revealed the full story behind the GSK cover-up, announcing that GSK Argentina actually set a protocol at her hospital and began recruiting several doctors working at the location.

Once these doctors were on board with the illegal experiments, certain patients would ‘automatically disappear’ and be taken to another location to meet with GSK-backed physicians. She stated:
These doctors took advantage of many illiterate parents whom take their children for treatment by pressuring and forcing them into signing these 28-page consent forms and getting them involved in the trials.
This is where the doctors would target poor, illiterate families with babies under the age of one to participate in the experiments. Marchese also noted that such procedures are not legal and occurred without any state knowledge or control. In fact, they don’t comply with even the very minimum of ethical requirements.

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Anonymous said...

This is why certain people will always try to make abortion illegal.

Scientists always want human guinea pigs. Those who benefit from manipulating science will always want the money from the "scientific advances" created from the suffering of the human guinea pigs.

Anonymous said...

How can you force someone to sign something? Give them the pen back and politely tell them to shove it, carefully, into their urethra.

It pains me when I read things like that. They "forced" this person or that to sign something. When you sign it, you admit that you are doing so willfully. So DON'T SIGN IT.

Anonymous said...

if they are not literate, and they are told to sign something, and they cannot read it, and are told by a doctor they trust to sign it, the doctor may not have told them what it actually said. He could have told them that to get treatment, they would have to sign this document. thats how they were 'forced' to sign it.

allen heart said...

On the other hand, GSK could be brought to trial at the ICJC at the Hague for crimes againsst humanity. Certainly a boycott should be launched against such criminal behavior, marking their investors and board as international criminals.

Anonymous said...

I agree Allen and these genocidal psychopaths onle received a $94,000 fine! This is far from evan a slap on the hand. This is an outrage. I would have thought that babies were worth more than 6.5K but I guess they are cut rate because they are only native Argentinians. How the hell do these people look at themselves in the mirror??? But then again, I guess psychopaths don't have a conscience so that wouldn't affect them.

Anonymous said...

How many people in parts of Africa were forced to receive vaccanation at gunpoint?

Anonymous said...

what are they looking for???what drives these insane heartless inhuman morons to seek knowledge of the science at the cost of their souls???we are only on this earth for about 80-100 yrs.if that!!!they then go to the judgement..they cannot escape it forever..what is so frightening is that they believe ''they are gods'' oh well the devil has certainly deceived many..but we must not let them harm us..many do not trust the dr.'s of today and questions every medical seems the good ol' doc..has been replaced by '''dr. jekels''BUT REMEMBER---WHAT GOES AROUND--COMES AROUND--in their next life -they will be the ones to get vaccinated?????--u reap what u sow.

freedom2fascism said...

True science is dying in this country, replaced by a corporatized shadow of what it once was. The small lab investigator has been forced out of business by central planners who have directed funding (and laws) toward large, faceless state-corp. behemoths.
Science used to be respected and respectable in this once great country..

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