Friday, January 20, 2012

Escalating Cyber War Spells Trouble for Internet Freedom

“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” – Gandhi

Eric Blair
Activist Post

The cyber war escalated to a whole new level yesterday. The U.S. government shut down the popular website MegaUpload at the behest of corporate interests. The Feds accused MegaUpload of stealing $500 million in potential lost revenue from copyright holders.

Almost immediately, the hacktivist group Anonymous retaliated by launching massive DDoS attacks on several websites including the US Copyright Office, Department of Justice,, Universal Music Group, Music Picture Association of America, and the Recording Industry Association of America. The attack called “Operation MegaUpload” is also said to be targeting

Many Internet freedom and privacy activists are cheering Anonymous’ assault against the U.S. Government and the corporate interests that control it. But I’m getting the eerie feeling that Anonymous is playing right into the hands of those who wish to control and censor the Internet.

First, I must state unequivocally that the U.S. government and the copyright holders are clearly the aggressors in this war. Their actions violate current copyright laws where the content providers must prove damages in the court of law before they can sabotage and ransack a business they accuse of stealing. Even though a grand jury supposedly indicted MegaUpload, it’s nearly impossible for them to prove “potential lost revenue” since those engaged in file sharing cannot automatically be considered lost customers.

Because of this conundrum, copyright holders instead lobbied the government to change the laws to legalize this form of censorship through blunt force and without due process. It seems that since the sought-after legislation, SOPA, has been recently shelved due to universal protest, the State was compelled to act above the law to destroy those sharing information on the Web.

Even more suspicious is that some of the chief copyright holders pushing for these new guilty-until-proven-innocent laws were the ones who developed, promoted, and profited from file sharing in the first place. Again, it’s all beginning to feel like a set-up designed to justify Internet censorship, which is clearly the end game for the powers that be.

Thus the cyber war seems to be heading in the same direction as all literal and figurative wars do. Let’s remember that the public never wins in war. War always justifies atrocities against freedom and proves devastating for infrastructure. Fighting fire with fire very rarely results in anything but destruction. And it’s far easier to destroy something than to create a solution.

I hate to say it, but even if Anonymous are genuine activists, they seem to be acting like sophomoric thugs smashing store windows in a tantrum believing it to be an effective way to fight back. Does anyone truly believe that the government and the corporate forces that control it are going to lay down their arms because Anonymous is breaking windows that can be quickly replaced?

The reason SOPA was shelved was because of peaceful, voluntary activism. The left and the right united to oppose the legislation on principle and notified their elected officials not to support it, while prominent businesses voluntarily blacked out their websites in protest.  Now we must turn our resolve to its sister legislation, the Protect IP Act (PIPA) set for a vote on January 24th.

If history tells us anything, this escalation will only justify more abusive action on both sides that may ultimately result in a tightly controlled Internet as the only “solution” to the anarchy.  Ideas of freedom can win without destroying things.  Let's unite once again to make sure the PIPA legislation is also defeated or delayed.


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Anonymous said...

Speak your truth brother. Either Anonymous are useful idiots or a false flag group.

J.G Vibes said...

great article! totally on point!

Anonymous is many different things to many different people...some people use fly the anonymous banner who are really awesome and who stand for really great things

the unfortunate thing is, that since the anonymous banner offers privacy, it allows for agent provocateurs to easily infiltrate and create false flag ops

Anonymous said...

In a free market, the market would eliminate or marginalize worthless sites. However, we don't have a free market, do we.

If the police were trying to figure out who is behind all this foolery, they would first look at who benefits. That would be proponents of strong Internet control, right?

Is everyone enjoying all the theater being played for our "benefit"?

Steve said...

Useful while they say the right thing.. and I love the masks.

However, Anony-Mossad-ous are not meant to be of the people, for the people, so expect government provocation to the be order of the day, rather than positive action for freedom and rights. The earlier attack on Iranian email accounts should have alerted most to the obvious.

Anonymous said...

You're wrong. The language must be mutual understood if comunication is intended.

That's why DeathStar was destroyed by the rebels and not painted in pink with "we want freedom" slogans all over it....

Anonymous said...

THUMBS UP FOR THAT NEW WORD: ANONY-MOSSAD-OUS because. That's exactly what's going down. If It's too good to be true, trust me, it's a dialectic process to dupe the masses of the uninformed.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with other posters that Anonymous is a controlled group, though having been involved with various Anonymous efforts such as those directed against Scientology I do believe the majority of the Anon Collective are good, honest people.

Attacks like these against U.S government infrastructure really don't achieve much except giving the government the excuse to crack down.

Meanwhile going on any Anon-affiliated site and attempting to discuss how the U.S government and private interests are conspiring in subversion of the American people's interests for their own agendas is dismissed by the "agents" within the Collective as crazy conspiracy theories with no basis in fact(and when a topic outlining in great detail over 200 years of progressive subversion is posted the agents spam up the boards to bury it on the 7th page in under an hour, then delete it and it's poster).

But it's not crazy when the Anonymous Collective says the Iranian government is conspiring with the Mullah's and such to subvert the Iranian people's interests for their own agendas. Or in Syria, or Libya, or Iraq, etc.

Any government that the U.S and it's accomplices are opposed to is guilty of evil conspiracies against their own people and need to be deposed but the U.S government(or British, Canadian, etc.) doing much of the same things is innocent of any such conspiracy charges.

It's just the natural progression of authoritarian power in our case, not conspiracy. *wink wink*

I see the Anon Collective like the group in a book called Black Friday(a number of such named books but sadly I can't recall the author) that tells of a group of misguided youth being set-up by secret government forces to shut down a mall(I believe) in protest of capitalism by using electronic jamming devices in their backpacks.

And then the "jamming devices" the secret forces provided them explode and produce a nice false-flag attack similar to how the 7/7 attacks went down with clueless patsies taking the fall.

I don't think Anon will be bombing anyone or anything at all, but they are the cyber equivalent of misguided youths(mostly) being led into working against what they actually want to achieve with false-flag cyber-attacks that will end up removing all freedoms of the internet.

Chris said...

I agree as well. The problem with groups like Anonymous are that while they may be filled with well meaning people they are easily infiltrated. Having been involved in activist groups it is something you are always on the look for. It's even harder over the internet where people are literally anonymous and you never see a face. You have to assume this is taking place...

As someone above claimed, they are either useful idiots or false flag. At this point they are doing more harm than good and giving TPTB the excuse they need to pull the plug on our internet freedoms. If they are legit, they need to change their tactics soon!

Anonymous said...

Anon's actions won't give the government the excuse it needs to crack down. They stopped bothering with excuses a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

I also agree. "Anonymous" needs to be exposed for what it is doing, whether as useful idiots or as a false flag operation.

Anonymous said...

"The reason SOPA was shelved was because of peaceful, voluntary activism."

(quoted from above link)

If you needed any more proof that SOPA isn’t really dead, just delayed, look no further.

Despite calls that SOPA, for all intents and purposes, had been killed in the House of Representatives, the truth was that the harmful legislation had simply been put on the backburner.

Just ask Lamar Smith, SOPA author:

Stop Online Piracy Act Markup to Resume in February

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) today said that he expects the Committee to continue its markup of the Stop Online Piracy Act in February.

Chairman Smith: “To enact legislation that protects consumers, businesses and jobs from foreign thieves who steal America’s intellectual property, we will continue to bring together industry representatives and Members to find ways to combat online piracy.

“Due to the Republican and Democratic retreats taking place over the next two weeks, markup of the Stop Online Piracy Act is expected to resume in February.

“I am committed to continuing to work with my colleagues in the House and Senate to send a bipartisan bill to the White House that saves American jobs and protects intellectual property.”

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't surprise me to find out that "Anonymous" is in fact paid by the very people who want SOPA to become law.

Very suspicious...

akaGaGa said...

"they seem to be acting like sophomoric thugs smashing store windows in a tantrum believing it to be an effective way to fight back."

Whether anonymous are sincere or a false flag doesn't really matter. When our economy collapses around us, many more people will be acting the same way. That will give them the justification to release the military on the people.

That's the end game.

One of the Last True Patriots said...

This article is great in debating what is happening with the government's war against the internet and the Anonymous attacks in retaliation to the bring down of Megaupload. I have not thought to consider some of the points raised by the author, so we do not really know who is behind the scenes in either case. I do think I know that the large entertainment industry is the one pushing for SOPA and PIPA, although we will never know who is Anonymous.....because they are truly unknown hacktivists. I still support their efforts in part, only because they continue to support their beliefs & draw attention with their skills that I wish I had barely messing around with computers. This internet experiment must stay open & free if we want the MSM press and the propaganda of the US government to not be the only "facts & truth" being put out there for us citizens.

Anonymous said...

I agree. It's classic cointelpro. The "hackers" are govt. paid agents. It's simply a set up to "justify" even tighter regulations.

Anonymous said...

Time to abandon the centrally-controlled web and move to decentralized peer-to-peer. See I2P, freenet, Osiris, etc.

Anonymous said...

i have to say that! yes thing are bad. They will need to get worst before it get better!

Whoever strike first lose! So if anon strike first, i do not endorse them or their actions.

to me what anon ops have been doing since wikileaks opp has been closed down!

IT'S STRAIGHT OUT CYBER TERRORISM! Calling out attacks in advance and askin people to join them! THAT'S THE DEFFINITION OF TERRORISM!

Anonymous said...

Can you be certain, remember we are in a propiganda war, this is very typical, follow every other misappropriation of power and the same strands appear. For all of the true activists out, this would be a good time to concider alternative means of commununication. The NWO has been planting these seeds for a long time. The time for debate is over. The discussions here should be better used putting ideas together which will better inform. The NWO already owns there propiganda machine, how will the Activists counter this attack.

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