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Cashless Society: India Implements First Biometric ID Program for all of its 1.2 Billion Residents

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

Over the past few months, I have written several articles dealing with the coming cashless society and the developing technological control grid. I also have written about the surge of government attempts to gain access to and force the use of biometric data for the purposes of identification, tracking, tracing, and surveillance.

Unfortunately, the reactions I receive from the general public are almost always the same. While some recognize the danger, most simply deny that governments have the capability or even the desire to create a system in which the population is constantly monitored by virtue of their most private and even biological information. Others, either gripped by apathy or ignorance, cannot believe that the gadgets given to them from the massive tech corporations are designed for anything other than their entertainment and enjoyment.

However, current events in India should serve not just as a warning, but also as a foreshadowing of the events to come in the Western world, specifically the United States.

Recently, India has launched a nationwide program involving the allocation of a Unique Identification Number (UID) to every single one of its 1.2 billion residents. Each of the numbers will be tied to the biometric data of the recipient using three different forms of information – fingerprints, iris scans, and pictures of the face. All ten digits of the hand will be recorded, and both eyes will be scanned.

The project will be directed by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) under the premise of preventing identity theft and social welfare fraud. India has rather extensive social welfare and safety net programs, ranging from medical support and heating assistance to others aimed at helping the poor. Fraud is a rampant problem in India, especially in relation to these programs due to a preponderance of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats who often stuff welfare rolls with fake names and take the money for themselves.

Yet, although the justification for the billion person database is the increased ability to accurately disperse social welfare benefits, it will not be just the Indian government’s social welfare programs that have access to and utilize the UIDAI. Indeed, even before the program has been completed, major banks, state/local governments, and other institutions are planning to use the UIDAI for identification verification purposes and, of course, payment  and accessibility.

Yet the UID is going to be used for much more than social welfare programs. The UIDAI is in discussion with many institutions (banks, local/state governments, etc.) to allow them to use the UID as a means of identity verification. These institutions will pay the UIDAI some fee to cover costs and generate revenue. There seems to be little doubt that once it is established, the UID will become a preferred method (if not the preferred method) of identification in India.
Saenz also sees the eventuality of the UIDAI program becoming a means of payment and accessibility. He continues:

Ultimately, I wouldn’t be surprised if the UID, with its biometric data, could be used as a means of payment (when linked to a bank account), or as an access key to homes and cars. Purchase a meal with your fingerprint and unlock your door with the twinkle in your eye. Similar results could be expected in other nations that adopted biometric identification systems.
Saenz, and other proponents of the UID (UIDAI), have been diligent in pointing out that the program “is just a number, not an ID card.” However, this claim is debatable. Saenz himself admits that State issued driver’s licenses and identification cards will reference the UID information.

The question then becomes how much of that information will be referenced, and how that will be accomplished? Will the information be included on the card? Will only part of the information be included on the card? Or will the card reference back to the digital UID information to be then reconciled with the information that is present on the card? Although the UID is obviously going to be utilized by other institutions outside of the social welfare programs, no answers to these questions have been provided.

But, in the end, does it really matter if the information is collated into an ID card format if the government already has access to that information digitally? More than likely, a national ID card will appear as a supplement to the database already created by UID.  Regardless, the private biometric information has still been taken from the individual. The database is still there.

Indeed, government “officials” have already stated that the database will be used by intelligence agencies for the purpose of monitoring “bank transactions, cellphone purchases and the movements of individuals and groups suspected of fomenting terrorism.” This will be very easy to do since the UID number will be entered anytime an individual “accesses services from government departments, driver’s license offices and hospitals, as well as insurance, telecom, and banking companies.”

Nevertheless, proponents have also touted the fact that, at this point, the UID program is optional. But the program will obviously not be optional for very long. As I have discussed in previous articles, the introduction of a program such as a national ID card, biometric data, or cashless payment technologies is always followed by the program becoming mandatory. The ultimate goal of an all-encompassing cashless surveillance program with no opt-out provisions is always introduced by stealth and the Gradualist Technique.

At first, the program is introduced as a way to speed up transactions, increase efficiency, and provide convenience. Soon, however, governments and businesses begin to transition out of the older methods of payment and identification and focus more on the new technology. Identification using the traditional methods remain as an option, but become viewed as cumbersome. Eventually, the alternative methods are phased out completely and mandates replace what was once a personal choice.

As soon as Indian banks, businesses, and government social service offices begin to require identification using the UID, the ability to remain off the system and lead what passes for a normal life will disappear.

This is exactly the intention with India’s new biometric ID program. In fact, the cashless society is a stated goal of the UID program. CEO of MindTree’s IT Services, the company that was awarded the government contract for development and maintenance of the UID, explained in an interview with ComputerWeekly that the “ID scheme will support a cashless society. He said all vendors will have a biometric reader and citizens can pay for things with a fingerprint scan. Even a bag of rice.”

No doubt, even after such an admission by a man who was instrumental in the development of the program, many who read this article will still dismiss it as a “conspiracy theory.”

Nonetheless, this new monumental data mining effort by the Indian government dovetails with recent efforts in the Western world to develop an electronic surveillance grid capable of tracking, tracing, and recording every single movement and communication of every single citizen within a nation’s borders.

New technologies which are being introduced inside the United States, the UK, and Australia such as vein scanners, biometric employee time and attendance systems, voice recognition devices, and behavior analysis systems are all geared toward Total Information Awareness of every human being on the planet.

Only a totalitarian form of government would desire this information; and only a very determined totalitarian government would actively work toward establishing it. India is only the first nation to openly sweep up its entire national population into such a massive biometric database net. We cannot let our nation be the next. 

Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Mullins, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Francis Marion University where he earned the Pee Dee Electric Scholar’s Award as an undergraduate. He has had numerous articles published dealing with a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, and civil liberties. He also the author of Codex Alimentarius - The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies and Five Sense Solutions. Brandon Turbeville is available for podcast, radio, and TV interviews. Please contact us at


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Marg said...

Then I guess a tax movement is not in order?

realcurrencies said...

Of course, the agenda transcends just surveillance. It is also about enslavement. Big Brother giveth and he taketh away, including the right and the means to pay.
Big Brother is not only Govt, but includes banking and Transnationals.

Anonymous said...

Well this isn't really news, actually here in the West we already have "UIDs" and they are called Social Insurance Numbers. And these numbers have been used for decades now. Moving to biometric data doesn't do anything much except make the system of control over us more efficient for "them". WE ARE ALREADY UNDER THEIR CONTROL, and have been for a long time; Try to do anything without a Social Insurance Number or without registering into the system...and you will be on the street homeless in no time. If you want to be singled out and found out, they already can do that...I have seen and heard ( what's not reported in the news, of course) of the ability of governments being able to find you out and what you've been up too. Most of the time they just don't do it, unless your a real threat to the system. Like I said before, biometric data, chips, etc. just makes what's already in place more efficient for them to do what they do. It would have been ideal for people en masse to have woken up a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

UIDs in the US as the SS number isn't exactly the same thing - because it's not based on biometric measurements. Ten fingerprints, two eye scans and a face scan - that is getting us pretty close to the damn mark of the beast system which will surely follow, once they use this experiment to iron out the computer bugs, which will probably be many. After WWIII and getting the population down to a more manageable level, killing off all the non-conformists who won't align themselves with the dictatorship ruling the world by that point, then this experiment now, using biometrics, will be useful for when the better identifier of the implanted microchip becomes mandatory - for everyone's health and safety remember.

Anonymous said...

i believe your news needs to be updated. The UID was thrashed at the government level. Its not accepted yet. Please refer to this link

avatar_singh said...

india for last twenty years has been reduced to serivility of america and british itneretes by an american spy called manmoahn singh whose only qualification was his sucking up to his american masters and that is why he was imposed as prime misnter of india though he never won even a councillor seat in leelction let alone as a memebrof parliament.
he is traitor to india ais followingwhatever his american masters ask him to do.
in any other country such a traitor wouldhave ben captured and hanged from neasrest tree.

avatar_singh said...

The government of American stooge manmoahn singh often complains that there isn't enough money to feed all the poor, yet will extends corporate tax concessions worth billions of rupees. It talks about having to stop food wastage in order to be able to address hunger, when it allows millions of tons of food grains to rot in warehouses or be eaten by rats. If there is a shortage of food grains, it should halt their export for use as cattlefeed in Europe. Besides, why were farmers pushed from growing grains to cash crops?

The government's attitude to hunger, starvation and famine is to simply deny it.

In Maharashtra, for instance, it sought to end hunger altogether "without adding a morsel to anyone's diet. It simply passed an Act that deletes the word "famine" from all legislation in the state. By defining "a problem out of existence ... a government kills its own responsibility towards citizens, mainly poor and hungry ones, in times of crisis," Sainath argues.

Some years ago, it emerged that poverty stricken tribals in Rajasthan had taken to eating wild grass to fend off hunger but died since the grass was hard to digest.
manmoahn singh is NOT a spinessless puppet -he is the REAL EVIL man who has presided over selling of india to americans because he is an american agent ,
indian are fool in thinking that he is innocent and sonia is evil itis the other way round-he is more foreiners agent than sonia-if he could get nuclear deal pssed with bribery and in hurry in parlaiment then what stops him from bringing lokpal bill through presidentail decree?
Wikileaks show US diplomats effectively united with their local counterparts against a common enemy: the people – whether the people take the form of anti-war activists, jurors or voters in an upcoming election.manmohan singh and monteck ahulawali a are such traitors in India.
how the traitor manmoahn singh bribed the MPs to get votes for nuclear deal with help of american and indian industrailists's money. amar singh was jsut a middle man. this mannoahns ingh was alos involved in bribign the ps in narsingha rao misntry in 1993 when they were in minority.

sjsrana said...

india proves to the world that democracy can become demon-cracy right in front of their eyes!

Take for instance india's past poor track record of HR/CR abuses wherein 1984 open GENOCIDE/DEMOCIDE was carried-on however main-stream media was told to obfuscate it since india was wrold's largest democracy and they have "ZERO CONVICT NOT ZERO TOLERANCE" policy for CRIME against HUMANITY:

World's Largest Democracy is icon of colossal Corruption/scams/frauds/bribery & Adulteration:,_fat_and_even_urea.html

No wonder india has more than 50% living below poverty line since the RULERS of india make RULES that fosters corruption/scams/frauds/bribery and injustice with complete IMPUNITY, yea if the situation goes out-of-hand then they are forced to report-it and make it public!

Build and based on CASH4VOTE scam that they admit with some guilt is just TIP of ICEBERG how so-called World's Largest Democracy Runs!

India's population explosion is like a Nuclear FISSION chain reaction that has been unabated for DECADES.

You India has a tendency to blame every EVIL practice to some foreign nation/source!

Don't forget, india was FIRST to IMPLEMENT '1984' right in 1984 itself!

Remember, EVIL governments don't have their name starting with 'EVIL'

Alexander Backman said...

In Mexico they already implemented this by force to all under age citizens. Full biometrics and a CURP number, Population Registry Unique Code. GPS chips on all license plates now, RFID in all Public Transportation etc.

It is insane, all under the imbecile pretext of preventing child trafficking,


Margo said...

To understand how things go in India,look at your locals to see how they operate. Your farmers, right up to lawyers and political members. There always seems to be unlawful acts going on from govt people down to the drivers of the farmer workers. If they can get away with anything you can bet they will try it.That includes killing their women for reputation breaches.

Anonymous said...

The solution is obvious:
Grant 10 year visa to educated Indians so they can come to the U.S. and learn how to really become corrupt at top corporate and government jobs. Then they return to India with their new knowledge and experience and can really plunder the fellow Indians.

Anonymous said...

This is why Ron Paul (rated ahead of Obama, Romney etc for civil liberties by ACLU) gets so many donations from google & microsoft employees - they realize the utility of this data in the wrong hands. People can collect my fingerprints and retina scans - over my dead body.

Anonymous said...

Look at the bright side of this. Once the two-witnesses begin on the Feast of Trumpets(war) on September 16, 2022, it ONLY will be 3 1/2 years before our TRUE SPIRITUAL SAVIOR RETURNS! WATCH!

howard said...

as it was written so it shall be

prassoon said...

The parliamentary standing committee had rejected the UIDAI Bill last month. Now the data collection is going on based on executive order and it is limited to 200 million. There is a pubic interest litigation filed by (Facebook group Say No 2 UID in Bangalore High Court to declare this project as illegal and unconstitutional. Pieces of Alex Jones documentaries are also provided as references.
Visit my blog to know more –

Robert Zraick said...

The problem here is that this is a means of suppression and control. No matter how you slice it, this give the government the power to pull the plug on you whenever it wants to.

This is the antithesis of freedom. It is diabolical. Who would are to criticize a tyranical government who had this power over you?

I would like to be able to open my car door with a key rather than give the government the power to lock me out with the stroke of a computer key.

Think about it. This is a horrible thing.

Illuminati Agenda said...

Hmm this is not good, I really wouldn't of expected a country such as India to announce it, although with a population that great, it must be effectively controlled somehow :(

Anonymous said...

A prototype for the Mark of the Beast? In preparation for the coming of the Antichrist?

Kellia Ramares-Watson said...

The problem here is the abolishing of a form of payment -- cash -- but not the concepts of paying and owing, which is what we need to get rid of.

Why must we pay to live on the planet we're born on?

Rahul said...

That a nice post giving a outline of India's UID program now named as Aadhaar. However there is still not much of awareness about that and also few rumors which are to be tackled by the government of India in order to implement it on the time.

Aadhar Card said...

UID is a very good project from the Indian government. We should praise government's efforts for launching such a huge project. Also, the Project has received widespread popularity which shows that people are happy to be a part of this programme.

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