Monday, January 16, 2012

Beyond the Cashless Society: IBM's Vision for the Future

Brandon Turbeville

Fresh on the heels of India’s massive databasing program that is set to encompass all 1.2 billion members of its population, recent announcements by IBM should be drawing the attention of some 300 million Americans.
IBM’s “IBM 5 in 5” predictions reveal part of a goal that has been discussed for some time, yet too often continues to be dismissed as mere conspiracy theory. This goal is for biometric data such as fingerprints, iris scans, and voice recognition to not only become commonplace amongst the general public, but soon to replace all other forms of identification. 

Even more startling, the next level of technology is set for release which will link the human brain directly to the digital world, enabling the user to control their reality purely by thought.
IBM has also announced that it is developing technology that can harness the power of human movement for the purpose of providing “renewable energy.”
The IBM 5 in 5 is a series of five predictions for the next five years which “is based on market and societal trends as well as emerging technologies from IBM’s research labs around the world that can make these transformations possible.”
Directly related to the massive biometric database being created in India, the IBM technology can (and most likely will) be used to create a database of user biometrics that includes the very same type of information currently being collected on the other side of the world -- facial photographs, fingerprints, and iris scans – here in the United States and elsewhere in the Western world. The IBM system, however, comes with the notable addition of voice files.

In regards to the predicted biometric identification technology, IBM states:
You will no longer need to create, track or remember multiple passwords for various log-ins. Imagine you will be able to walk up to an ATM machine to securely withdraw money by simply speaking your name or looking into a tiny sensor that can recognize the unique patterns in the retina of your eye. Or by doing the same, you can check your account balance on your mobile phone or tablet.
Each person has a unique biological identity and behind all that is data. Biometric data – facial definitions, retinal scans and voice files – will be composited through software to build your DNA unique online password.
Referred to as multi-factor biometrics, smarter systems will be able to use this information in real-time to make sure whenever someone is attempting to access your information, it matches your unique biometric profile and the attempt is authorized.
All of this is precisely the argument behind the enormous database being implemented in India, as well as behind the technology being introduced to the American public under the guise of convenience and protection against identity theft. Although the systems have yet to take off culturally, there is little doubt that the vast majority of trendy Americans will be content to give up their most private information to either the government or to greedy corporations (which are now essentially one and the same) based solely on the promise of more convenience and the ability to use even less of their brain during the course of the average day.
But, although many simply remain silent at first, due to the fact that they are currently able to go about their day without encountering such invasive technology, the truth is that their ability to continue to gain access to accounts and pay bills with cash, checks, etc. is fading fast. In totalitarian systems such as our own, what begins as a convenience for those who can afford it almost always ends in compulsion and mandates for everyone, even those at the bottom.
At first, the program is introduced as a way to speed up transactions, increase efficiency, and provide convenience. Soon, however, governments and businesses begin to transition out of the older methods of payment and identification and focus more on the new technology. Identification using the traditional methods remain as an option, but become viewed as cumbersome. Eventually, the alternative methods are phased out completely and mandates replace what was once a personal choice.
Equally as frightening as a Cashless Society and biometric ID databases, is the fact that IBM predicts that, within five years, humans will have their brains linked to computers with the ability to control cursors and operate digital systems by thought alone.
The IBM statement reads:
IBM scientists are among those researching how to link your brain to your devices, such as a computer or a smartphone. If you just need to think about calling someone, it happens. Or you can control the cursor on a computer screen just by thinking about where you want to move it.
Scientists in the field of bioinformatics have designed headsets with advanced sensors to read electrical brain activity that can recognize facial expressions, excitement and concentration levels, and thoughts of a person without them physically taking any actions.
Yet, although IBM predicts these inventions as advancements in the near future, the fact is that they already exist, even within the mainstream level of science that is permitted to be disclosed for public consumption. For years implants have allowed monkeys to control computer cursors and even robotic arms in laboratory settings.
In a recent experiment, two macaque monkeys were trained to control a virtual arm represented on the computer screen and use the arm to “grasp” virtual objects, even feeling the objects that they grasped.
Such technology has long been promoted by those in the Singularity movement, a branch of Transhumanism that looks forward to the day when humans actually merge with machines to create a new and “improved” type of human species.
Lastly, IBM’s predictions about harnessing energy, while possibly a positive development in terms of environmentally friendly energy solutions, are also a bit alarming, especially when taken in context of its other developments. IBM states:
Anything that moves or produces heat has the potential to create energy that can be captured. Walking. Jogging. Bicycling. The heat from your computer. Even the water flowing through your pipes.
Advances in renewable energy technology will allow individuals to collect this kinetic energy, which now goes to waste, and use it to help power our homes, offices and cities.
Interestingly enough, “anything that moves or produces heat” includes human beings. While the technology could be used to harness wasted energy and turn that into a truly sustainable method of energy production that can continue to be improved upon, one must also wonder if human beings will not become the focus of the energy output source.
Is it feasible that a human being's natural energy might be used to power some type of computer/brain interface device? Or that a human’s natural energy would be harnessed to power other devices outside of the body? Could this energy be harnessed from afar?
IBM is not clear in its press release as to the potential ethical concerns over its “new” technology. However, with a company that has such an unfortunate history regarding ethical decisions, it might be wise to view its announcement with a large dose of healthy skepticism and reserve.
Although this type of technology, for some, may seem unbelievable, the fact is that it is very real. No longer are computer/brain interfaces something only seen in movies like The Matrix. No longer can the Cashless Society be considered merely the rumination of country preachers and “conspiracy theorists.”
The future is already here. If we are to control our own destiny, it is essential that we recognize the path we are on and whether or not we should proceed more carefully.

Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Mullins, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Francis Marion University where he earned the Pee Dee Electric Scholar’s Award as an undergraduate. He has had numerous articles published dealing with a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, and civil liberties. He also the author of Codex Alimentarius - The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies and Five Sense Solutions. Brandon Turbeville is available for podcast, radio, and TV interviews. Please contact us at

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lonegranger said...

What do you think will foil the plot to destroy what is currently considered natural? Or, is the plot just a natural extension?

Machines control our lives: The Grooming Machine; The Entertainment Machine; The Job Machine; The Commute Machine; etc. There are thousands of these machines that control the behavior of any society!

Would the mind/machine connection proposed by IBM really be that much different in function?
Will it ultimately make any difference except to the people of the past?


George Forfa said...

The push for digital and biometric ID has been going on, for a long time. The list of facilities with huge database capacities weren't built to keep track of bingo games. One of the prerequisites for liberty is anonymity. That is becoming in short supply.

Anonymous said...


stevor said...

These guys are NUTS! So, we're going to take energy from me riding my bike as though it doesn't take energy for me to ride my bike? Does that mean they want to start making us SLAVES? So it seems. (They also mentioned taking energy from moving water. Well, it took energy to move that water, so after putting energy into the movement of the water, they want to take it back? No, that would create a need for MORE ENERGY to move the water. They don't seem to understand the laws of Thermodynamics.)
Then regarding "saving wasted time for such trivial things as inputting passwords", that's like Google's plan to pretty much OWN us and make it so that without THEIR tools, we won't be able to do anything. THEY WILL CONTROL US!

WATCH OUT! It's a Slipppery SLope!

Anonymous said...

This is truly terrifying, but we knew it was coming, didn't we? Anyone who understands what this means for humanity should join or fund groups that are resisting it. I'm thinking of groups like freedombox...

Actively support freedom technologies like meshnets, bitcoin, and so on or you will be assimilated.

sjsrana said...

India has US passwords, claims reports/news alerts!


Well they will certainly waste thier time in England,where one thought is shared by two milion people,they may as well save thier money,they would have more sucess with the goldfish population

Anonymous said...

Good To See Some Woked Up people here :0)
We had such smart guys like Tesla and even from far back that period who had such great ideas for the world.
These days IBM presents itself like having great things for the world. So why is it that Ibm couldn't work togheter with great people like Tesla?
That's because their 'great things' are not to make you greater but to control you better.

They would shut Tesla's mouth again today to fool us into their pathetic believes and stupid life visions today.
Be aware of the wolf in sheepclothes!!!
Anno Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Here is what will happen: For those that can afford it== you sit in from of a computer and download your entire brain, all your life experiences and knowledge, in essence yourself. Once you are in the computer you go find another body or you have had one created for you by cloning. You then download from the computer your mind into your "new" body. Once you have two of yourself, you take the older body and chemically terminate it. Outcome: your mind, along with all your past experiences has been transferred to a new body whereby immorality has been achieved. All you need to accomplish this is the right amount of money.

Anonymous said...

According to Revelation after the cashless society comes the two-witnesses of Revelation, chapter 11 and total destruction of Israel by the seed of Joseph, not Judah(Gen. 48:15), whose more verbally edept women put over it NOT ONLY the "forbidden foreigner" of Deuteronomy 17:15, but also the self-professed "Anti-Christ"(Marxist) over u.s. of Revelation above. Some things don't change, do they? Just saying...Welcome to Adam's world! Watch!

Anonymous said...

It puts under compulsion both the rich and the poor, the free and the slave to receive a mark on their right hand or their foreheand before they might buy or sell. Here is where wisdom comes in to calculate the number of the wild beast. It's a man's number and it's number is 666. The number 666 is not a literal number. It denotes an imperfect number. The cashless society is being slowly introduced with the debit and credit cards. The next step is to imbed a computor chip with your account number either in your right hannd or forehead. Your finger prints, voice and eyes can be used to identify you also.

Anonymous said...

The Hidden History of Jewish Bolshevism & Freemasonry! How Masonic Wall Street Banksters Financed The Communist Revolution Which Killed Over 100 Million People! -- “The Bolshevik FreeMasons needed human sacrifice. According to Lenin they sacrificed people to Molok (Moloch). This was revealed by defecting Bolshevik leader Georges Solomon” – Quote at 1 hr 23.00 minutes

Anonymous said...

IBM = Its bloody mad.
This is scarey stuff

veerar said...

The cashless society makes one unable to own tangibles and susceptible to loss of wealth by electronic theft by the technologically savvy,who are the Globalist Elites...This is one of the aims of Electronic and Digital data storage,transfer etc [ATM,EVMs etc].
As an aside,but may well be connected please google for:-
White Spiritual Boy

Anonymous said...

Watch an old film called "lawnmower man" see if you fancy the IBM version.

By the way IBM supplied the Nazis with the machines used to collate the holocaust. IBM Hollerith punch-card machines.

Is it wise to allow them access to your brain ? What if they upload as well as download ? Perhaps they will modify inappropriate thoughts or report you to the state.

Ex-IBMer said...

I worked for IBM for a few (short) years after they devoured Lotus Development Corporation, for whom I'd orginally worked, then I got the hell off the bus. I agree, this is frightening stuff, and yes, I have studied up on Thomas Watson and the history of IBM, particularly their (and their subsidiaries') supporting roles in Axis-controlled Europe.

IBM's sales motto has always been: "Nothing is sold before it's serviced; nothing is serviced before it's sold." They never just "sold machines," they leased them, tied to service contracts. Which means in Europe they were servicing them from the early thirties to the mid-forties and beyond.

It would be naive to think the Axis powers merely used IBM equipment and technical guidance for rounding up Gypsies, Jews, dissidents, homosexuals, and others they disliked. IBM aided them in their war effort against the Allies. Fortunately, they also helped the Allies against the Axis, so both sides had a more even chance at winning (and IBM made money on both sides, and could lay claim to having aided whichever side DID win). Watson was following the Rothschild business strategy model.

In their defense it must be said: Thomas Watson did not name his company INTERNATIONAL Business Machines for no reason. He had no allegiance to anything but profits. If aliens had showed up requesting his services rounding up humans for cookbook recipes ("To Serve Man"), he'd have happily obliged, and filed for new trademarks under the name INTERPLANETARY Business Machines. Or INTERGALACTIC, or INTERDIMENSIONAL Business Machines without having to change the corporate logo.

Watson's IBM was a pioneer in what we now see around us, everywhere, every day, as far as the mind can see. You're free to draw your own conclusions, but you'd best hurry...that window is rapidly closing.

Anonymous said...

Go to you tube and type in IBM Nazis or google it
It is not pretty.They've been involved in eugenics since WW2 and helped Hitler with their technology.

Anonymous said...

Give it enough time it will happen. Fortunately for them humans breed rapidly and have short memories and lifespans. Always go for the young. Everything that They push if they wait long enough and go for the kids it works. Things people look at as normal today, just 100 yrs. ago people would have been horrified and appalled. The new generation will already be used to certain things already because they grew up with it and this will just be one more "cool" thing. Then no one will even remember what it was like before. Case in point, ask the average joe/jane of a certain age what did people do before cellphones, how long can you go without yours? They'd probably die if they couldn't have a completely pointless conversation or twitter and you'll pry their Facebook from their cold dead hands.And don't think the people who are responsible for this don't know this, they are counting on it.

Anonymous said...

Can I make a 6th prediction?

6) IBM will cease to exist within a year and all their staff will be dead.

I don't need 5 out of 5. I'm perfectly satisfied with 1 out of 6.

Let's see how we fare in our predictions.

Anonymous said...

All of their staff will be in India and other low pay countries. It is all part of their global domination plan.

Anonymous said...

"IBM has also announced that it is developing technology that can harness the power of human movement for the purpose of providing “renewable energy.”

And how does this differ from The Matrix? We will be "batteries."

fauxx batt said...

those post imperial east indias finally discovered for the resource tools the insectial monarchs always profiled em for, they'll du anything for that dam elephantexcept stampede, well maybe for 50 lbs ya probably get a 55 lb days werk, thares a placard right under the bollywood marque that should read, as long as the snakes don't talk & the the mongoose wins in the end, places everyone the caste ranking is sailing back to the colony of tomorrows myth in a state of immitation vision the great east indias dreaming & utility trading company, uniquely post imperial Ghandi

Anonymous said...

It is inevitable. It has been clearly stated in the Bible as coming. Now it has arrived. Just read The Bible, Chapter 13, verses 16,17 and 18 are very clear about it.
Yes! They want want to make us all slaves!
They is headed by Satan, who requires humans to do things for him. God does not, that is the difference!

Big Bear said...

Sure...the sheeple can suck it up. Mindless consumers making the funny money billionaires appear even richer.

I reckon maybe 5% of the population can figure out what is going on and can live their lives outside the system that the phony government and their phony media have in mind.

This will always be the case. As we (15 million plus) are well armed and just want to be left alone, I trust the funny money billionaires will respect our rights. Otherwise, we will hit them where in the spot they fear most: their bottom line.

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