Thursday, January 19, 2012

Are You Exposing Yourself to Toxic BPA?

Andre Evans
Activist Post

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a widely used chemical substance. This chemical exists in nearly every plastic container, is used as lining for metal cans, and can even be found on receipts, toilet paper and worldwide currency.

BPA leaches from its container into whatever it happens to contain. If you microwave a TV dinner for example, the chemical content of the plastic container would find its way into the food you are going to eat. Likewise, when bottled water or a soft drink is manufactured and shelved, BPA leaches into the liquid over the time it takes to be purchased and consumed.

Because of its widespread application in all forms of packaging, manufacturing and otherwise, chances are that you are somehow interacting with this substance on a daily basis. Many other countries have already declared BPA a toxin and prohibited its usage in a number of products.

BPA’s Role in Disease

BPA is an endocrine disruptor. It mimics the natural hormones produced by your body, specifically estrogen. When your body interacts with BPA, it delivers an estrogen-mimicking effect. This is known to lead to a host of health problems including infertility, cancer, weight gain and more.

This hormonal interference may also be responsible for accelerating puberty and altering the growth of children, causing hormonal confusion.

Many studies suggest a widespread range of additional effects, including altered immune function, neurological and behavior problems, heart disease, and diabetes. Even low levels of exposure can cause adverse effects on health. Its been stated that 95% of paper money has been found to contain BPA, which means that an equally large fraction of individuals worldwide have at some point been exposed to this chemical at least from touching it on a regular basis.

What is more dangerous is that due to its use in food preservation, many people are unwittingly consuming this harmful chemical, which is much worse than topical exposure. The widespread effects of BPA are being increasingly recognized throughout the world. Despite this, once its presence in society is removed, one can expect the number of health issues associated to vanish alongside it.

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davidgmills said...

Don't discount topical exposure. Hormones and synthetic hormones (BPA is obviously a synthetic hormone proeprly classed as a xenoestrogen or foreign estrogen) are ten times as potent when administered topically. 20 mg of testosterone, estrogen or progesterone when taken topically is as potent as 200 mg taken orally. When taken orally, the liver quickly breaks down hormones into various metabolites which are then excreted by the body. The liver does not do this with hormones that are absorbed topically. This is why so many hormones are now being administered through patches and topical gels and creams.

Anonymous said...

And yet not a single case of anyone actually being harmed by BPA.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous. You're an idiot. If you weren't exposed to so much BPA maybe you wouldn't be. LOL

Anonymous said...

Synthetic nano-bioengineering us into humanoids (robots, monsters, zombies). SYNTHIA inside me!

Anonymous said...

@anonymous not single case of people being harmed? Not like the millions of people with cancer and each year more and more women are becoming infertile and this is all coincidence?

Anonymous said...

Cancer rates, except for smoking caused lung cancer, have remained the same. Show me the increased rates of cancer. As for increased rates of infertility compared to what? We don't know what they were 20 or 40 years ago because there were no comparable studies. It is nothing more then an assumption that the rate is higher today.

Anonymous said...

Coincidence, that the US has the highest
cancer rates than any country in the world.
Don't think so. The American people have
been used for human experiments for decades.

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