Thursday, December 8, 2011

Poland Joins Ranks of Grassroots Anti-Monsanto Activism

Michael Edwards and Anthony Gucciardi
Activist Post and NaturalSociety

The anti-GMO, anti-Monsanto movement has been making major waves in recent months.

The inexorable growth of this revolution was recently highlighted by the popularity of Anthony Gucciardi's article detailing actions taken by Hungary to destroy 1000 acres of maize and issue a 10-year ban on GM foods.  That article has gone mega-viral with over 95,000 shares, and is one of the best indications to date that we the people can take on even the largest corporations if we just take action and make our voices heard. 

Monsanto is indeed the worst company of 2011, and people the world over are joining the opposition.  Poland is contributing to the coordinated effort against GMO to protect their health freedom and preserve their local farming economy.  "The Festival of Nature and Culture"  begins today and runs through December 11th as a celebration of Poland's effort to stop GMO and save traditional seeds.  It is another angle on generating support for a Poland-wide demand to kill off continued government attempts to sneak through an Act that would permit GM seeds to be commercially grown there.

What is new about this initiative is that many artists are giving their names and talents to this festival.  Jazz musicians, painters, actors, designers, rock bands and more are among those pledging their support.  The festival comprises more than 80 events to take place all over Poland this coming weekend.

Activists in Poland are joining others around the world in a mission to keep their torch burning through a celebration of unmodified nature and culture.  The ICPPC is coordinating this event from its farmhouse base in South Malopolska and J&J will also be engaged in other awareness-raising events in the nation's capital of Krakow over the weekend.

Public attitudes are changing exponentially, as  people are waking up to the dangers of a corrupted food chain.  Moreover, the origin of this corruption is being identified as a corporate-government structure that is hell-bent on eradicating true food safety and the preservation of our right to grow and consume natural products.  This corporate-government atrocity has become symbolized by Monsanto, as they aim to turn food and farming into nothing more than a sterile money-making machine.

The Festival of Nature and Culture offers another vision of the future – and its becoming clear that it is a vision shared by an increasing number of individuals from a wide cross-section of not only Polish society, but the larger human tribe as well.

For more information about this wonderful initiative, please visit their website HERE (in Polish).  There are many free translation programs on the web that you can use to view how they are structuring this event.  Please spread these ideas far and wide and adopt these tools to start a movement in your own community.

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Anonymous said...

Guys, please accept that tha capital of Poland is... Warsaw for some 300, now. Krakow is the biggest city in the Malopolska region. It's beautiful, but not the capital of the country.

The GMO debate is alive in Poland and most people seem to be strongly against it. Some weeks ago a discussion under an article about GMO in Gazeta Wyborcza daily had moore than 500 posts, as far as I can remember. The pro-GMO does not relent, of course so we still have to be vigilant. What Hungary has done is the right thing to do anywhere in the world, USA included.

bassicwill said...

GMO's are a completely irresponsible undertaking by the 'for profit' mongering of monsanto, a company more famous for suing farmers than growing anything useful and certainly nothing as advertised! No actual results of increased yield have been proven, but damage to the soil, endless side effects, loss of heritage strains,fraudulent practices, lying to the public, monopolizing seed industry, usury, corrupting the US government & FDA,,,, guilty on all counts!

Boffomet said...

in America we eat this shit and have not even the right to know it.

Anonymous said...

Well said Bassicwill!

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