Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pharmaceutical Company Raises Drug Price from $10 to $1,500 Per Dose

Mike Barrett
Activist Post

Over 500,000 babies are born prematurely in the United States each year.

Unfortunately, with premature birth comes comes an increased risk for health consequences. As a “solution” for these premature births, KV pharmaceutical company offers a drug known as Makena, which is meant to reduce the risk for premature births.

But good luck using it if you’re interested, as the company recently raised the price from $10 to $1,500 per dose.

Pharmaceutical Companies Are in it For the Money

As many people are well aware, pharmaceutical companies care very little about your health. The KV pharmaceutical company now expects to make a whopping $30,000 over the course of a pregnancy with their drug Makena – a price most people would agree is completely ridiculous for such a ‘good cause’.

Once this change was picked up and made public by the mainstream media, however, the company made a move to lower the price from $1,500 to $690 per dose. Unfortunately, this price is still irrational, especially when compared to how high it is from the initial $10.

But KV didn’t simply raise the price of their drug. At an attempt to wipe out all other competition, the company took 17P (17-Hydroxyprogesterone), a hormone which forms the active ingredient in the drug which has been used by compounding pharmacies for years, and patented it. They then sent letters to compounding pharmacies telling them to stop selling their versions of the drug or face consequences from the FDA.

KV, while questioning the quality of compounded drugs, were selling two unapproved drugs. In addition, the company admits to making false claims and sending out completely inaccurate quarterly reports.

This is only one example of how pharmaceutical companies are not in the game for enhancing your health, but rather are only focused on increasing profits. Fortunately for the drug companies, with every drug comes nasty side effects -- leading only to a need for more drugs to treat those side-effects. In fact, the average drug label contains an astonishing 70 negative side-effects.

It is easy to see how any “customer” of the drug industry can get wrapped in the vicious cycle of drug-induced health complications.

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Anonymous said...

Oops, wrong story for my prior comment. :(

Anonymous said...

This happened back in March. The FDA eventually ruled that pharmacies independently compounding the drug would not face legal reprisal, meaning the drug is still available at its more reasonable price.

Thank god.

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent example of why we don't have affordable medical care. The original product was cheap and easily available. A corporate interest takes over and price gouges insurance-subsidized patients. Doctors try to avoid this harm to their patients by compounding the original drug, and the corporate raiders respond by monopolizing. The corporation and the thugs running it win. The patients, doctors and providers, insurers and taxpayers lose.

This scenario of maximizing profit at the expense of everyone else is multiplied through the system, and so far the only solution legislated has been to force more people to put more money into a system that mandates profits at the expense of care.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious- like with almost other commodity, pharmaceutical drugs are sold at prices WAY beyond their cost to make. All in the name of raping the consumer, and making the drugs so impossible to afford, that most people will never benefit from them. This is a great sin- human beings should be helping one another, and making items that are beneficial to mankind available to as many people as posiible. But in the name of greed and power, few ever benefit from the progress. As I said, sinful.

Anonymous said...

One hundred thousand Americans die annually from the effects of prescription drugs. More than one million have adverse reactions from prescription drugs. Studies by the US center for Disease and Control have found that 150 million Americans suffer some form of mental illiness during their life time. The use of antidepressant drugs is the most frequently used drug by age groups from 18-44. The pharmacautical industry seems to be feeding an drug habit of millions of Americans.

Ana said...

The third cause of hospitalization in America in iatrogenesis, diseases caused by the treatments.
Yesterday I was watching a Michael Moore documentary and one medicine that costs US$ 150,00 costs US$ 0,5 cents in Cuba. "Humiliating... I wanna buy it and go home." said an American that suffered for more than 20 years of a respiratory problem and didn't and will not receive treatment in US.
A group of sick people went to Cuba with Michael Moore and received treatment for free. They compared the prices: a procedure that would cost US$ 7.000,00 is free... in Cuba and in UK health hospitals are free.
There is a "cashier" in a Cuban hospital...?? To give money to those who might not have money to go back home.
In US they recorded people put at the streets in pain because the hospital simply decided to do so.
I don't understand what is happening to Americans!
Went backwards and are silent and in apathy.
No. OWS will not solve.

Ana said...

In some cases it is even better not to receive medical treatment because the medicines risks overweight the benefits.
It is the case of antidepressants SSRIs, Proza-like.
As the comment above mentioned it is highly addictive drug and the withdrawal is hell sometimes impossible.
The cost of these drugs is obscene.

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