Friday, December 9, 2011

Monsanto PR Firm Reportedly ‘Ended’ by Anonymous

Mike Barrett
Activist Post

It seems that Monsanto may be having a rough week.

Not only was the company hit by a press release declaring them the worst company of 2011, but a group of Anonymous hackers claim to have actually completely disrupted the operations of a PR firm which manages Monsanto’s own PR.

The hackers infiltrated the PR firm, known as The Bivings Group, citing “15+years of running marketing campaigns and helping some of the most corrupt corporations on the planet, as well as several governmental agencies, cover up their dirt.”

The hackers claimed to have succeeded in bringing down The Bivings Group on December 5th.

Going by information released by Anonymous, Bivings Group shut down all of their servers and liquidated their assets after the infiltration, while former employees moved on to start ‘The Brick Factory’, a new PR firm. The hackers actions are obviously driven by the PR firm’s decision to help run marketing campaigns for corrupt corporations like Monsanto.

One week after the hackers infiltrated their system, The Bivings Group reportedly stated:
Our Cyber Infrastructure has recently been put under attack.  We are evaluating the extent of the intrusion, and apologise for any downtime and issues this may cause you.  It is not yet determined what the motives behind the attack are, or what, if any data has been compromised.  We will continue to keep you up to date, and sicerely apologise for any inconvenience.

Are the hackers in the right to take down a firm which helps corrupt corporations, even though done illegally and mischievously?

Sometimes it is hard to see what is wrong and what is right, though it is quite apparent that Monsanto is a corporation with no regard for human health or the planet. This isn’t the only example of resistance against corrupt companies like Monsanto, and it certainly won’t be the last.

Regardless of whether or not the attack will be considered to be in the right by some anti-Monsanto activists, one thing is clear: Monsanto’s own crimes against public health and the environment trump any form of cyber attack in terms of wrongdoing.

Poland Joins Ranks of Grassroots Anti-Monsanto Activism

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Anonymous said...

If one could not see the moral heroics in the classic story of Robin Hood, then I bet one could see that Monsanto is a big fuzzy teddybear of goodness and love.

Anonymous said...

Given the huge investment of Bill Gates of Microsoft fame in Monsanto and Gates' nefarious involvement in a worldwide program to vaccinate all of the children that numerous bloggers have labeled a eugenics program, what more could Monsanto and Bill Gates really ask for?
How to up the ante on something incredibly stupid.
Got Windows?

a female Faust said...

indeed, it should be clear at this late date and in these end times that, yea, though there be imperative indeed, it is most decidedly not categorical

Anonymous said...

People need to stop thinking about what is legal and what is illegal and start thinking in terms of good and evil

Anonymous said...

I say whatever it takes. These people are killing us all and making us pay for it. I spend time every day envisioning the beautiful world we are building without them and their corrupt murdurous agenda. I am heartened by the increasing attention and action taken by countries and individual to stop tragedies like the one(s) in India.

Anonymous said...

I love you anonymous! Make sure the IRS is next on your list.

Anonymous said...

i hope Anon watches over our next presidential vote. I do not trust the machines or the hand counters.

maria said...

Yes! Next election we need anonymous to watch over us! Thank you Anonymous! Stop the evil!

Boffomet said...

someday America too shall grow some balls and at least force them to label the poisons put in their food.

Anonymous said...

People of the world should unite and with the help of anonymous and others dismantle and eliminate this corrupt, greedy system. Arrest all it's masterminds and their puppets and start building
a completely new society based on freedom, equality and love.

Mel Smith said...

I flat ass agree, we need to take these evil people and put them in those Fema Prisons they built for us.

There is just to much garbage in the food that is available for us to eat. It should be the staple for those that are put in those prisons, and see how they like to eat that poison.

Anonymous said...

What really happened:

Frank Bivings and Isabelle Blanco, the husband and wife who owned The
Bivings Group, pleaded guilty in July (see to criminal charges for failure to pay more than $2 million in employment taxes.

At sentencing in early November (see, Bivings was given 30 months in Federal prison, and Blanco got 10 months, and they have to pay the taxes.

Long before that, and long before the Anonymous attack, several Bivings employees had been planning on leaving to start a new firm. Presumably the convictions of the Bivings owner gave a boost to those plans. Those employees arranged with Bivings to acquire the assets of Bivings.

This was completed sometime around the time of the anonymous attacks.

Thus, it seems very unlikely that Anonymous had anything to do with ending Bivings. At best, they slightly disrupted the time table the new firm had for launchings its new site and shutting down the site, forcing them to do that a week or two earlier than they had planned.

Anonymous said...

Just deserts. dish them some more

jayqpublic said...

Wow.....finally, a hero to voice the concerns of all people in the world! This group Anonymous is a wonderful change in the every day humdrum life of false news & traitors spreading propaganda to further their clearly insane agenda for the future. The companies out there like Monsanto are only interested in furthering plans to change humanity through genetically modified organisms (GMO) crops and pharmaceutical drugs while making obscene profits in the process. We all are only lab rats in their evil eyes to change things in our DNA and at the same time slowly depopulate the planet. I thank this Anonymous, whomever they might be.....please continue to fight the good fight, in the name of true justice & freedom. The power that these LLC corporate entities have is staggering, to say the least! Think about how that old TV show from the 80's Max Headroom is eventually going to become a horrific reality, with corporations becoming the government essentially and fighting wars between each other for total dominance over the world. Scary future to envision!

Anonymous said...

Monsanto is not the only culprit. There are other biotech companies who are doing the same thing and who will take the opportunity wherever Monsanto is hindered. Make sure to research and know who the other major players are too.

Anonymous said...

1726 M Street NW, Suite 201, Washington, DC 20036
The Brick Factory plans and executes world-class digital campaigns for non-profits, trade associations, advocacy groups and brands.

Anonymous said...

Bivens spelled "sincerely" wrong! Go figure. hahaha

Anonymous said...

Cudos to Anonymous! If I knew a damn thing about computers, I'd be helping them!

Anonymous said...

Local St. Louis creative agency doing work for Monsanto.

Anonymous said...

Why does Monsanto have only organic food in it's corp lunch room?

Because they don't want to eat the evil they ply on us.

Osborn & Barr doesn't have an email address. :( Hide evil doers.

Anonymous said...

A commenter on an article mentioned Monsanto cafeteria's serve only organic food but how would they know the difference save the label or what they are told?...wonder if they have online ordering or who does the shopping and where?...

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