Friday, December 30, 2011

Mainstream Medical Pharmaceutical ‘Science’ Goes Against Nature

Anthony Gucciardi
Activist Post

Is it possible to thrive without antipsychotics, high-powered painkillers, and statin drugs?

More importantly, are natural alternatives really as ‘dangerous’ as mainstream health officials claim?

Sure, there have been some great advancements in the field of medical science, but profit mongering and a blatant disregard for public health has driven big pharma giants to throw science to the wind and unleash a variety of harmful yet profitable pharmaceuticals.

It is thanks to this motive that pharmaceuticals have now led to more deaths than traffic fatalities in the United States.

Killing at least 37,485 people nationwide in 2009, the mainstream medical structure continues to not only ignore natural alternatives but actually goes as far as to label them ‘dangerous’ and completely deny their effectiveness. Vitamin D, which can be obtained by simply stepping outside, has been found to slash your risk of cancer, obesity, and the flu. Of course, unless you are supplementing thousands of times over the safe limit of vitamin D, there are virtually zero side effects to accompany these benefits.

Meanwhile, statin drugs have been linked in peer-reviewed research to more than 304 diseases conservatively.

This information directly challenges and disproves the claims of many supposed health ‘experts’ that pharmaceuticals and invasive mainstream medical interventions are the only answer to treating (certainly not curing) disease. If we were to see a medical paradigm shift into natural, or at least integrated medicine, we would see a dramatic slash in cancer rates simply from educating the world about the benefits of free vitamin D. Some estimates place 70% of U.S. children in the vitamin D deficiency category, as well as a large number of adults. Imagine if health officials were to adopt more integrated health principles, such as the consumption and supplementation of a spice known as turmeric.

Turmeric is known to positively affect over 573 diseases according to peer-reviewed research. Why have the governments of the world not recommended these free or inexpensive supplements to their citizens, potentially saving billions in healthcare costs per year? Instead, government organizations like the CDC and the FDA push pharmaceuticals on the public while suppressing many health-promoting supplements like turmeric.

The truth of the matter is that big pharma cannot profit on free vitamin D, or extremely inexpensive turmeric. In a nation where public health was truly a concern, these substances would be readily available and replacing harmful pharmaceuticals that contain 70 negative side-effects on average.

Hospitals, which offer no form of prevention against disease, would slowly begin to disappear as the need diminishes. Citizens would optimize their health through avoiding toxic ingredients like mercury-containing high-fructose corn syrup, BPA, and genetically modified ingredients after they were all outlawed from domestic and imported food products.

Currently, we live in a very unnatural society. You are not meant to feel sick, broken down, and rely upon invasive surgeries and damaging pharmaceuticals to sustain your health. It’s time to shift to a new health paradigm, where natural living is paramount.

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Anonymous said...

Deaths from precription drugs are generally a result of human error. You seem to imply that they are in fact somehow intentional by the drug companies. An accidental or intentional overdose is not the fault of the drug company or the drug.

Anonymous said...

Was it necessary to write this article that states the obvious. said... has death by medicine vid there is also book & paper online; it says iatrogenic illness, deaths caused by doctors/hospitals are the number 1 cause of death in america.

Anonymous said...

remember the 20/20 TV spot about 15 years ago that showed how chinese munks diagnosed and CURED those "inoperatible" breast cancers?.... they DID it with change of diet and herbs.

In OUR great civilization, we have slice n dice, Chemical poisoning of the whole body and Radiation poisoning of the whole body for cancers.

And We pay dearly for this type of "medical service"...brought to US by the bought and paid for US COngress.

The Ba$tards.

Anonymous said...

I've read estimates over 100,000 deaths per year in some research; the CDC et. al. must be using an 'alternative' method of reporting these deaths to get as low as 39 k. And anonymous on Dec 30 at 9:09, actually these are from 'proper use' of prescription drugs. The number would be way higher if it was abuse related deaths.Maybe the government would make more revenue if they made driving a schedule 1 drug?

Anonymous said...

According to studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals, an estimated 100,000 Americans die every year from the normal side effects of prescriptions drugs. This does not include medical errors or accidental overdoses.

The conservative estimate of annual total deaths (based reported figures in peer-reviewed published studies) from from all medical treatments provided in the US is at nearly 800,000 Americans. (Null et al.)

The FDA estimates that only between 5 and 20% of deaths from medical treatment are reported. Thus the conservative real deaths from medical treatment is approx. 3.2 million deaths per year. Deaths from cancer in 2009 were around 550,000 and from heart disease at about 650,000. This makes medical treatment the number one cause of death in the Untied States.

Medical treatment, for purposes of this data is defined as treatment performed by licensed physicians. In two instance when there where physicians strikes, in California and Israel, the overall mortality rate in those regions dropped to half.

Health services offered by unlicensed natural health practitioners, offering naturopathic, herbal treatment, homeopathy, vitamin/nutrient therapy, etc. cause approx. 0.0001 deaths per year wtih a margin of +- 4.

The persecution and libel of these natural treatments by pharmaceutical and commercial-industrial medicine has never been based in science.

As Napoleon Bonaparte said: "You doctors kill more people than even we generals."

How true this is even today.

Anonymous said...

I think you are still missing the point. Most deaths from prescription drugs are the result of human error. Things like the patient overdosing or drinking alcohol while taking drugs, etc. As for side effects, every drug and almost everything we consume has side effects. Wouldn't it be great if it were possible to make a perfect drug???

Most people who are taking serious drugs have serious health problems. If you are biased against drugs (or a trial lawyer)then in your opinion the death is the result of the drug. If you are not biased then you might realize that the death is probably the result of the disease the drug was intended to treat.

Every treatment choice is a compromise. The risk of doing nothing is weighed against the risk of treating with drugs. with most drugs the success far outweighs the chance of lack of success or causing actual harm. This should be an informed decision between the patient and their doctor. You are free to choose.

Anonymous said...

Not only medicine fraud... Did you know, 99% of Nobel /fraud) winners are the Zionist propagandists, not scientits? And such winners(!) never worked on scientical areas, especially after this legalzed looting festival...
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With our best regards!

Anonymous said...

They are the marketizing masters, not scientists! But their markets cost the future of generations.
- Did you know; Nobel committée members are the Frimurare members like Utöya Island killer.
- You mean, they are the coldbloody genocidal sect members like A. BEHRING BREIVIK?
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With best regards from Utöya Island, Oslo, Norway

PJ London said...

The Problem dear Anonymous, is that we are not "You are free to choose".

The medical profession has been blackmailed by the AMA into only "healing" via Pharma drugs. Even when they know that better treatments are possible, their only defence against mal-practice is to follow the herd.

We cannot (in general) self medicate, as the very herbs and supplements which have protected us over centuries are being denied to us.

We are force fed poisons such as Fluoride and irradiated with EMR, the highest rate of breast cancer is found in those who have regular mammograms, and they lie about poisons by not enforcing proper labelling.

A little more honesty and less regulation would solve a lot of the current health problems.

Anonymous said...

You are free to choose. If you do not want to use prescription drugs or science based medicine then your choice is simple; don't!!!

If you really believe that herbs and supplements will "cure" you or help you in any way then I think your problem is intelligence. How does someone become convinced that the quacks and other greedy pushers of the latest magical herb has any information not available to everyone and anyone. This is faith based "health care" with zero proof.

The herbs and supplements are not denied you. Only those products proved to cause serious harm have been removed from the market. You can still buy your phoney superstition based magical herbs.

I don't favor flouride in the water but one thing is sure after all these years it hasn't caused any harm. There are communities who do not use flouride and communities who do and their health outcomes are the same.

Anonymous said...

After years of antibiotics, for treatment of everything from bronchitis, pneumonia, uti's and such, my body was in a terrible state of breaking down. I had no normal bowel function left to speak of and my body was worn out. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, severe depression and eventually cancer! I decided to research on my own, how best to treat my symptoms. (the information is out there and free, at least at this point, to anyone who is interested in taking charge of their own health, via the internet.
At first, I was met with all sorts of doomsayers, touting the medical model and my stupidity for deviating from it! Now however, these same folks are very interested in how I became so healthy without the input of modern medicine.
I am in the healthcare profession and am heartsick over the misguided information put out by good intentioned physicians who are schooled by the pharmaceutical companies in patient treatment protocols. We will never break the vicious cycle of tunnelvisioned treatment options until people take charge of their own health, educate themselves and stand up against medical tyranny.

Anonymous said...

You are proof that being a "healthcare professional" does not equate to being intelligent and rational. Do you REALLY believe you are going to be successful treating cancer with herbs and supplements??? You are clearly lying about your situation in an attempt to prop up your belief in superstition based alternatives.

Fibromyalgia is a made up disease which most commonly afflicts middle aged women who cannot get attention any other way. There is no legitimate diagnoses for it and no legitimate treatment. The Hypochondriac who claims to have fibromyalgia usually seeks welfare or some other form of free support and sympathy. They use people until finally all their frinds and relatives abandon them. Seek counseling.

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