Friday, December 23, 2011

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes to be Released in the US for the First Time

Mike Barrett
Activist Post

To those of you who have been eager to hear the latest news concerning the potential release of genetically modified mosquitoes – here it is.

It turns out that the genetically modified mosquitoes could be released into the U.S. environment as early as January of 2012.

A private firm plans to initiate the release of the GE mosquitoes in the Florida Keys. Florida will be the first beta testing grounds to determine whether or not the mosquitoes lead to detrimental environmental and genetic impact. Residents in this area will also be subjected — without choice — to these genetically manipulated insects, unless the private firm decides to seek permission.

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes -- An Unknown Dangerous Experiment

The first mosquito release took place in the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean in 2009. On Sunday, October 27, the release was discussed in a scientific paper by the journal of Nature Biotechnology with the report concluding the release's success.

A second trial occurred in 2010, where 6,000 mosquitoes were released in Malaysia for further experiments. The mosquitoes are genetically modified with a gene designed to kill them unless given an antibiotic known as tetracycline. Offspring of the GM mosquitoes will receive this same lethal gene which will kill the offspring before it can ever reach adulthood. As more genetically modified mosquitoes mate with wild mosquitoes, the idea is that more and more offspring will be produced with the lethal gene, thereby reducing the mosquito population.

Of course the risks these mosquitoes pose both on the environment, as well as the health of all living creatures are highly unknown, leaving everyone with many more questions than answers. We have already seen how terribly genetic modification can threaten the environment and human health, yet people are still moving toward a genetically modified world.

With the release of genetically modified insects could come the downfall of both local and global ecosystems as well as negative consequences concerning the food chain. There is simply no way of knowing what could happen by replacing the naturally born life forms on planet earth with genetically modified creations.

Some questions that still remain unanswered:
  • Will Oxitec, the creator of the insects, need to acquire the free and informed consent of residents in Key West for the release of the GM mosquitoes? With the previous release of the mosquitoes in the Cayman Islands there was no public consultation taken on potential risks and informed consent was not given from locals.
  • With 0.5 percent of the released insects being female (the gender which bites humans), what happens to humans if bitten by the female mosquitoes?
  • What could happen to the ecosystem and local food chain with the major decrease in the Aedes aegypti mosquito population?
  • Who will regulate the release, and who will be responsible in the event of complications – to any degree?
If Florida and the US approves Oxitec’s planned release of these genetically modified mosquitoes, we will become that much closer to future genetic modification of living creatures as well as the potential collapse of environmental and human health.

Luckily, judging by the widespread opposition of genetically modified foods, it is likely that this experiment won’t turn into a reality without a fight.

Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes in the U.S.

Viruses and the GM Insect "Flying Vaccine" Solution
Bill Gates Funds Approval of GM Mosquitoes to Combat Dengue

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@sjsrana said...

Folks, we are at precarious crossroads of do or not-do GM BIOform or GENOME BIOTECH, since the next super stealth weapon is the only outcome that can become GENOCIDAL WEAPON when in EVIL HANDS!

Try to understand the risks&ramifications before we allow GENOME + BIOTECH to invade our lives, if allowed then hold your peace for every eventuality.

I hope we learn something from e=m.c^2 was fist used to create Atomic Weapon!

Anonymous said...

Everything is getting so messed up with the world. My child is going to have to live in this messed up world.

Anonymous said...

Mother suckers!

Tallahassee, FL

Anonymous said...

christ the elite really do hate us huh... some big issues I see is this: how dangerous are they to humans? Will the wild life eat them? And if they don't, will they starve off and die? Will these bugs completely destroy our eco system because of this? you mess with one link of the food chain and the fence is going to go down slowly but surely.

Anonymous said...

Please release some in my backyard. It would be great if mosquitoes were extinct.

Anonymous said...

That may lead to you being extinct.

Anonymous said...

yeah I agree with them^^ What happens when they bite us? Will we get infected with some deadly chemicle!?!? Leave our eco-system alone and stop trying to play God!!!!

Anonymous said...

We all need to thank Bill Gates and his Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation, funding with his millions, to create a GMO mosquito to force vaccinate us with their lethal witch's brew of payload when released into the wild. This is created for us, b/c many of us are refusing the vaccines that deliberatedly contain LIVE CANCER CELLS, mercury, MSG, aspartame, aborted fetal cells, animal DNA, etc. All meant to destroy our immune systems so Big Pharma can step in and get us addicted to their expensive, poisonous drugs for life. What a ingenious racket.

V for Victory; you are the resistance against Big Pharma and their forced vaccination tyranny. Find out more at:

Karen said...

As much as we hate mosquitoes, they have a place in the ecosystem-they pollinate plants, and feed wildlife. If these creatures are released, the ecosystems will collapse.

Anonymous said...

How do you know mosquitoes weren't created by us long ago to as a control in the first place? Humans are designed to be modifiable, therefore we have the ability to modify everything else. It is destiny. Or else we should have remained as apes?

Anonymous said...

Well there goes the bat population, the starlings, wrens and all the other critters who love to knosh the tasty little buggers.

NikiWonoto said...

All I can say is: this might all already be pre-planned by 'them' the Elites.
2012 is coming, people...believe it or not.

Anonymous said...

Nice. Let's watch the show, shall we? When you remove one part of the food chain, the next link in the chain goes out, too. And then the next. As much as we all like to think the world would be better off without certain critters in it, we need them ALL.

Anonymous said...

I cannot deny the benefits of Genetic Modification anymore than I can deny the benefits of Car modification. Genes are machines, we have the expertise to manipulate them, and this is a good thing. I just wish the corporations wanted intelligent healthy people, with intense specialized capabilities. The dating websites may even define genetic markers which bolstered specific traits within people.

Anonymous said...

boy I think you guys said it all \i hope your spreading the word to any one that will listen,we need EVERYBODY ON BOARD

Anonymous said...

NOT the first time...I have papers from the university of Nebraska about genetically modified female misquitos that can not reproduce...they have been doing this since the 80's at least.

Anonymous said...

speaking of 'bat' 'White Nose' disease in bats. Bats were basically destroyed in I said in my previouse comment...misquitos been being modified for a very long time...before it was to sterilize the females, who knows what it is for now and what it will do.

Anonymous said...

Oxitec is their name... and all of the executive positions are filled by heads of biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Absolutely disgusting.

antekate said...

Bill Gates, generous proponent of vaccinations for sustainable population,cites six and a half billion must be eliminated (you & me = 99%), to preserve the world for ( them = 1%)I bet those skeeters, will be the perfect carrier for N2H3, Ebola, a new AIDS,??? We few, that know/believe/acknowledge the horrible truth, realize the potential for genocide of the 99%. So (us) 99% of the worlds population are going to die by the Satanic worshiping hands of the 1%.? Water Fluoridation, controlled media/fake terrorists, ostrich syndrome? So few of us are willing to admit the truth, others belligerently deny it, refuse to see,pretend it cant be happening, & it will go away? SIX BILLION PASSIVELY ACCEPTING their own & their loved ones MURDERS, dieing thought? I wonder if Dallas, will make the play offs? Blessed is HE Who comes in The Name of The LORD. LORD JESUS CHRIST,come now!!!

Anonymous said...

"The dogs bark and the caravan keeps on going."
At least somebody stepped up to the plate and tried to do something, if it works, stick it to the wall.

Anonymous said...

Down With Big-Agra and Pharma!!!
Learn how to be sustainable for yourself now!!
Think about our generation and how stupid we have become, most of us don't even know how to plant a harvest for food. When the time comes the bank will be closed, and so will Mcdonalds. Now ponder the next generation after us, they won't know how to get food unless it comes from a tube, microwave or fridge. Wake up people!!! Vote with your dollar!!! Fight for your Freedoms!!! before they are all gone

protonius said...

Perhaps I'm not understanding the fuller picture about this plan. But some things about this GM-mosquito-releasing plan just don't seem quite right -- or safe for us humans:

It would seem that it is only those genes that get transmitted, by the parent-GM-mosquitoes, to the parent-GM-mosquitoes offspring, that would be at play here -- meaning that although the offspring would have no genetic resistance to a certain DEADLY BACTERIA, the parent-GM-mosquitos would STILL RETAIN GENETIC IMMUNITY to whatever DEADLY BACTERIA they carry.

So: (A) Would the parent-GM-mosquitoes be imbued, artificially or in the wild, with that DEADLY BACTERIA?

(B) Would the GM-offspring carry that DEADLY BACTERIA, for which no longer have genetic resistance?

(C) If a parent-GM-mosquito bites a human (or other animal), would that DEADLY BACTERIA infect that human or animal? AND might the DESTRUCTION of the infected human's, or animal's, innate genetic resistance to that bacteria also be passed on to that victim?

(D) Same question as "(C)" in regard to what may happen to a human (or animal) victim who is bitten by the OFFSPRING of those parent-GM-mosquitoes.

(E) And if the answers to the above points indicate that the victims of these GM-mosquito-bites might be able to survive ONLY IF THEY TAKE A COURSE OF ANTIBIOTICS, then what does that possibility say about the possible consequences of this experiment (IF the experiment causes these effects)?


-- Would the pharmaceutical companies stand to reap huge profits from any such health-threat (to humans and animals) that this experiment might cause?

-- With the already global trend toward the weakening ability of current antibiotics to fight diseases, what might be the medical complications of trying to fight-off whatever potentially deadly bacteria is delivered by these GM-mosquitoes into their victims?

-- Is it at all possible that this laboratory-created genetic alteration in these mosquitoes will, in the wild, MUTATE into a RESISTANCE to that deadly bacteria, such that this experiment might INCREASE THE RESISTANCE OF -- AND THE NUMBERS OF -- mosquitoes in the wild?

-- And if THAT scenario -- the increase of the numbers of and bacterial-resistance in the mosquito-population -- happens, then what might be the effect on the VICTIMS of those mosquitoes: Would human (and animal) GM-mosquito-bite victims now not only be smitten with DEADLY BACTERIA but also have their own innate genetic-resistance WEAKENED OR DESTROYED by genetic material from these mosquitoes?

(F) And, of course, as already pointed out by other commenters, there is the broader issue of the overall environmental impact that may be caused by releasing these GM-mosquitoes into the wild.

These, I would think, are but SOME of the questions that should be explored -- including by impartial independent scientifically-qualified organizations -- before a decision is made as to whether or not to release these GM-mosquitoes into the wild.

After all, once these creatures are released, by the thousands or even the millions, into the wild, there is no turning back.

Anonymous said...

It's not a question of "we're next", it's all about us. We are the real target. It's all an effort to reduce the world's population to 500 million, a lot of us must disappear.

Anonymous said...

Seriously!? You actually believe that crappy lie? Do the research. Evolution is BS. Don't believe the bible if you don't want to. Study microbiology. If you can't explain the additional information in the dna at each so-called evolutionary jump, then evolution is a lie. For atheists in the late 1800's, it seemed like a possibility, but with the technological leaps in microbiology in just the last decade, evolution has been proven false, no matter how many aetheistic college professors try to push their agenda. Wake up and smell the coffee and put down the kool-aid.

Anonymous said...

So that is why there are zombies in FL now...i wasn't bath salts that caused that guy to chew that dudes face off, cause they didn't find any in his system, it was because he was bitten by one of these. Everyday there are more and more reports of naked people in FL chewing and biting people and here is why! I'll bet the farm it is!

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