Sunday, December 25, 2011

CNN Fraudulently Edited Ron Paul Interview to Create Media Storm Over "Walk Out"


CNN finally released the full interview. It shows that Ron Paul didn't "storm off" - the interview was over.

All parts of the interview that make Gloria Borger look ridiculous and provocative were cut out of the heavily edited and misleading version that aired on CNN:

As you can see CNN aired the final segment (starting at 6:00) first, trying to create the false impression that Ron Paul terminated the interview just minutes after it had started. In reality the interview had already lasted a full 8 minutes and was effectively over, with no further questions being asked.

Propagandist Borger ended the interview with an outrageous insinuation and lie: "Some of this stuff was very incendiary, you know... saying that in 1993 the Israelis were responsible for the bombing of the World Trade Center".

The newsletters, politically incorrect as they might have been, NEVER made such a claim. That's pure propaganda.

The corporate media will stop at nothing to discredit Ron Paul, but thanks to a growing understanding on part of the public of "how the system works", the media's efforts aren't just not working, they are backfiring.

Ron Paul remains the undisputed frontrunner in Iowa (as documented by five consecutive polls by various organizations). Nationally, Ron Paul gained 5% on both Gingrich and Romney among Republican voters over the past 5 days during the worst phase of the media onslaught.


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Anonymous said...

go Ron, gooooo!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice job!

sommers said...

Gloria Borger is a political "hack" that comes from left field. Ron Paul should quit interviewing with these "hit job" folks. Even if you do well, they will edit the video to cause the opposite effect.
If the good pols just stop giving them interviews, they'll only have Obama to play up to, and only one sector of the population will watch.

contempted said...

HILARIOUS!!!!! Thats what all of this bullshit was about?!!!! She was obviously badgering him with really really stupid questions. She wasn't professional,. So hes supposed to sit there and run around in circles with her?Thats what the media calls "storming out"?

Anonymous said...

when i first heard that paul walked off on the reporter i was supportive of him. fuck the zionist media, why the hell should he give them the time of day. now i watch this and i can see how patient the man is. I'm not a very big ron paul supporter, to be honest, but this is a good look at how patient he is with idiots.

Anonymous said...

Best part is at the end when he is like"I know......How the system works", classic

Anonymous said...

That is why CNN is called Certainly Not News

President Paul said...

I love Ron Paul's "because of people like you" remark...classic.

Anonymous said...

In normal times Rand Paul would be already history but because 2012 will be the last normal elections Rand Paul will be let "loose" to win.
Almost immediately after 2012 elections the stock markets will take a beating with a message: we warned you not to vote for him!
He will be used for the elite's agenda to destroy the economy and he will be blamed for it.

Anonymous said...

She is not only ungly... she is a terrible interviewer and even worse reporter. She needs to find a new job. Maybe Walmart's greeter needs an assistant. It may be difficult for her to keep up at first but if the greeter is parient, and with help from all her CNN people, maybe she can qualify. All CNN is a disgusting wast of perfectly good oxygen.

Anonymous said...

I'm a big support, but I still think this makes Paul look bad, and the questions will only get more persistent running against a black president. He better get used to it. And come up with a better answer for it.

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