Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Accepting FEMA Camp Prisons for Illegal Immigrants Justifies them for Americans

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." -- Martin Luther King Jr.

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Eric Blair
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Illegal immigration is a very emotional subject, especially in the border states that are most affected.  Illegal immigrants are easy scapegoats for politicians to pin their failures on for budget problems, the violent ramifications of the drug war, the lack of jobs for Americans, etc.

Hardliners want to arrest and deport all illegals and build a fence to keep them out, while sympathizers seek a path to citizenship. On both sides, politicians use extreme rhetoric to divide the public into their respective camps.  The hardliners, who seem to be winning public opinion in areas along the border, attempt to dehumanize illegal immigrants, much like they do with any perceived enemy during war.

This is done because it's easier for the public to then accept a wide variety of inhumane treatment for this population group.  It happened in 1942 when about 110,000 Japanese living in America were brought to internment camps because the attack on Pearl Harbor and war propaganda made them appear dangerous to the public. 62% of those interned were American citizens.

More recently, the American public has accepted vile and inhumane treatment of Muslims like torture, detainment without charges, and even outright murder. This has even happened to several Muslim American citizens with hardly a whisper of complaint from the public as a whole.

In the so-called war on terror, it is now legal to assassinate American citizens, as well as indefinitely detain them without charges on the suspicion of being a terror threat.  Even the military is now authorized to patrol the streets of America and make arrests of citizens.  None of this would ever have been possible if would-be "terrorists" weren't incrementally and thoroughly dehumanized in the eyes of the public.

The injustices done by the American government to those "over there" was bound to come to the homeland, because as Martin Luther King Jr. famously said, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."  What happened to treating others as you would want to be treated?

The same principle applies as we learn that illegal immigrants from Mexico, whose only crime is coming to America to work, are being locked up in tent-city prisons that resemble the notorious FEMA detainment camps that are on standby for American citizens should civil unrest intensify.  It would seem that if we are willing to accept these inhumane prisons for anyone, then surely anyone will eventually be sent there.

The video below shows Mexican immigrants inhumanely crammed into FEMA Camp-like tent prisons:

Below, Thom Hartmann, one of the only news men to cover this story, points out that the prison reaches 145 degrees Fahrenheit (62.8C) in the summer with little relief from the heat and wonders if the conditions would be the same if corporate criminals were thrown in there:

Mexicans are not less human than Americans; much like Muslims are not less human than Americans. Illegal immigration is a nonviolent crime and this is how they are treated.  If the injustices of the war on terror coming home to roost in America is any indication, how could anyone justify this type of prison?  It would seem to only enable a future where Americans will be detained in such a manner for nonviolent offenses.


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Anonymous said...

Terrific article. I never understood why many in the Liberty movement think it's okay to be so vicious to illegal immigrants. As if it is their fault compared to the system which they must adapt to just like the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry! One day those of us who dare speak out against the government policies will join them. Sometimes silence is treason.There are only afew who dare speak out so millions are still safe.

tilting@windbags said...

The way Americans have been conditioned to accept drone technology for surveillance and weaponry seems to be coming home to roost very soon, too. All part of the same horrifying picture.

Anonymous said...

It is disingenuous to say that only illegal immigrants arrested in Maricopa County are put in tent city. Imprisoned American citizens enjoy the same accommodations, so it is not a case of Mexicans (and other South American citizens) being treated differently than Americans. ALL prisoners in Maricopa wear pink underwear and eat lousy meals (often including green bologna). Since the government requires prisoners be allowed television, Sheriff Arpaio provides the Disney Channel and the Weather Channel. He says it's so they know how hot it is.

Anonymous said...

Illegal aliens should be incarcerated for a period of time of not less than one year and assigned to hard work gangs to get something accomplished and to pay for our cost of keeping them. After release, they should be sent back to their country of origin. Second offense should be for five years.

Of course they should be entitle to a timely and fair administrative hearing with a lawyer to determine if they are here illegally.

To help the illegals, we should liberate Mexico and have a fair Mexican government for the people.

Anonymous said...

In no way do I condone this type of treatment for ANYBODY, but the truth be told, if I went into Mr. Hartmann's house, I would have to follow his rules. There is no other way around it. People coming into our Country without LEGAL DOCUMENTS, are breaking our laws and as such, must be treated like criminals.What their "sympathizers" do not mention,is the amount of crime perpetrated by these "harmless" people who come here to work. The drug gangs all over the Country.The damage to our middle class and the cheap labor, creating ghettos all over the country.Well,you get my drift.

Anonymous said...

ANON @ 407

You're a fool who buys the political fear. Drug gangs are only a problem because of the war on drugs, not because of Mexicans.

Mexicans who come here illegally to work are nonviolent offenders. If they break other laws then they may deserve harsher treatment.

How come you're not calling for the owners of the companies that hire illegals to be thrown in these jails? It's the incentive they provide that kills middle class jobs, not the grunt that fills those positions.

WAKE UP: Figure out who the real enemy is: Hint- it's not poor Mexican immigrants

Anonymous said...

"To help the illegals, we should liberate Mexico and have a fair Mexican government for the people."

Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. You mean just like the FAIR and JUST government right here in the good ol' USA, right?

Anonymous said...

What do yo think the government of Mexico does about illegal immigrants? Look it up.

Joe Hollinger said...

Just keep wishing for a fair and just government in Mexico and add in the U.S. and Canada and you have the North American Union. No that did not die and go away neither did the highway from the Mexican border in Texas to the Canadian border in Michigan (if I remember correctly). Just check and see just how many such Unions there are in the World today. The European Union is not the only one. All this stuff is going on behind the smoke being dumped on us to hide what is really going on. What you see is not what is going to hurt you, its what you don't see and hear about that will get us. Especially so when there isn't a set of balls on anyone in Congress.

Illegal aliens, their children and various other levels of relationships are in the U.S. illegally and should be treated as law breakers. They shouldn't be treated badly, just rounded up and sent back to Mexico but not at the Northern border but as close as possible to the Southern border so they can't walk right back into the U.S.

Mexican illegals are not the biggest worry. Its potential terrorists that have changed their names and place of birth to Mexican. There are large Muslim communities growing in the U.S. and other countries right now. Bad seeds sneaking across our border can be, at some time in the future, insight anti-American activities in those communities using terrorist acts to get Muslim Americans to turn against their neighbors and commit Jihad against them and the rest of the U.S.

overit said...

If illegals manage to stay on US soil 'legally'...we should at least disallow gov't assistance such as welfare and medicaid.

Anonymous said...

While exposed to 145 degrees in Arizona, perhaps they can recall how nice and cool it was in the high altitude of Mexico City, and realize they have no more or less now than they had back in their homeland. I lived and worked in Mexico for five years, and still have a lot of friends there. I cannot recall any of these middle class or professional people who had any desire to leave their country for the U.S. I grew up in extreme poverty in the U.S., and had to make my own opportunities and work hard for my education. No one gave me anything. Most of these young immigrants are uneducated and lack the ambition to grow and prosper in their own country. The opportunities ARE THERE, because I know too many Mexicans who came from a similiar background as I, and they did just fine. It all comes down to...how hard are you willing to work for your dreams; or how much are you expecting the world to GIVE YOU, while you kick back and smoke dope, drink tequila, and declare, "YOU OWE ME!!"

Anonymous said...

the was hittler s plan and i know all americans didn t like it so u may think what your grandkids are going to think about u and is only to the negative comments

Mark Sullivan said...

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