Sunday, November 20, 2011

TSA Claims X-ray Scanners are Safe as Europe Bans Scanners for ‘Health, Safety’

Anthony Gucciardi
Activist Post

The European Union has decided to ban all X-ray scanners from EU airports in order to protect the health and safety of EU citizens, yet the TSA still claims that the scanners are completely safe. The ban comes after the recent media outburst regarding the 1998 report that linked the X-ray scanners to cancer. The report found that the machines could be causing 100 cases of cancer per year conservatively.

It is quite clear that the TSA is clinging on to the X-ray scanners for dear life, while the EU is taking the appropriate steps in protecting the health of travelers. This is evidenced by how differently the two governing bodies responding to the X-ray scanner cancer issue.

The European Union, following the news that the scanners are causing a threat to public health, decided to address the threat by removing the scanners. The European Commission issued a press release on November 14th calling for members of the European Union to remove X-ray scanners from its airports to avoid risking “citizens’ health and safety.” The United States on the other hand, went back on a promise to launch an independent safety into the machines.

Instead of commissioning the independent review, TSA administrator John Pistole has declared a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) ‘draft’ that focuses primarily on the upkeep and maintenance of the machines to be sufficient evidence that the machines are safe. The draft has not yet been released, though Pistole assures the American people that it is very conclusive and reassuring. In fact, Pistole actually states that it is his ‘belief’ that the scanners are safe during a Senate hearing that was to be centered around hard evidence regading X-ray scanner safety.
'My strong belief is those types of machines are still completely safe,' Pistole said. 'If the determination is that this IG study is not sufficient, then I will look at still yet another additional study.'
Of course there is hard evidence that the machines are posing a risk to the health of citizens, just as the European Union has stated.

The scanners admittedly use ionizing radiation, which is known to cause DNA damage as well as cancer. The 1998 estimate of 100 cancer cases per year as a result of the body scanners is most likely far below the real numbers, considering that the radiation level of the machines was oftentimes found to be “10 times more” than expected.

It is quite outlandish how the TSA still expects citizens to blindly accept their lack of evidence on the supposed safety of the machines in place of the real evidence highlighting the powerful dangers. 

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Anonymous said...

As I previously stated, there is no good reason for any person in this country to believe a single word emitted by any government agency. Clearly the TSA is back pedaling as recently they canceled the independent test of these machines. It is almost ludicrous at this point and I stand in awe of the fact that almost no one is doing anything about it.

Anonymous said...

it should be mandatory for the physicians and the physicists specialized in radiation physics to undergo the x-ray scans each and every time they check in!

if, indeed, those machines cause cancers, then:

1) they are incompetent, therefore they should be fired and they should return the undeserved income (grants included!) they received for years

2) they knew, therefore they are accomplices of those who want to get you sick, therefore they should not only return the undeserved income (grants included!) they received for years but they should also be put in jail!

apeman2502 said...

I repeat myself. Since TSA head Janet the Molester continues to refuse to say out loud who did 9-11, intentionally blew outthe DH oil well in the GoM, is doing HAARP warfare against American farmers, who is looting the stock markets of hard earned cash equivalent, has been trading guns for drugs with our neighbors to the south for at least 58 years, etc., it follows logically that her sole reason for supervising genital molestation at gunpoint is for purposes of rape, and the anxiety provoked by 'deflowering people' into homosexual molestation and harassment. She has ABSOLUTELY NO LOGICAL OR REASONABLE EXCUSE TO CONTINUE THIS POLICY. Obummer neither. Nor most of the TSA. Pistole is an American embarrassment and should be fired with his bosses. God damn uncle Ernie. They can not be objective about their conduct and jobs just like a heroine addict will shoot themselves to death. They are overcome with their ability to fondle at will. And will NOT accept any input on the matter.

Anonymous said...

The EU also banned Corexit

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