Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pharmaceutical Industry Payouts Prompt Conflict of Interest Concerns

Mike Barrett
Activist Post

How would you feel knowing that the doctor insisting that smoking is completely safe is actually being paid by the tobacco industry?

This kind of information would be extremely off-putting to say the least. But unfortunately this conflict of interest is absolutely rampant among the mainstream health community, especially in the pharmaceutical industry.

In fact, recent news has come out revealing that thousands of doctors, researchers, and medical experts in Texas are being paid handsomely by the pharmaceutical industry. 

A Conflict of Interest Between Doctors and the Pharmaceutical Industry

It seems that a large number of healthcare professionals and researchers — many of whom are state employed — are supplementing their salary with a nice sum of money paid out by the pharmaceutical industry.

More than 25,000 physicians and researchers in Texas received a combined amount of at least $57 million in cash from the pharmaceutical industry in research money, free meals, travel, and more, from 2009 to early 2011.

Many of the medical professionals, some of which were already attaining a state salary as much as $500,000/year, were bringing in $100,000 between 2009 and early 2011 thanks to the pharmaceutical industry financial push.

These medical professionals were paid for various tasks such as assessing products, speaking engagements, and ultimately anything that would increase sales for the industry.

As much as $100,000 is more than enough money to influence opinions and decisions. With having a family to take care of and a house to payoff, it is no surprise that many individuals accept the money, even while knowing at heart that it is for the opposite of the greater good. These payments issued by the pharmaceutical industry, while legal, are simply bribes and payoffs to support and place their product on the market by having it both FDA and publicly approved. This is the kind of “behind the scenes” situations that occur within the shadows.
The practice 'puts patients and tax dollars at risk,' said Lee Spiller, the policy director for the Texas branch of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, a nonprofit mental health watchdog. 'It taints the whole process. I’d hate to think donations were shaping state mental health policy in particular.'
These kind of actions are not the only profit-driven, corrupt actions that occur within the confides of the mainstream health community. It was reported earlier this year that key California legislators who were instrumental in the passing of legislation received financing from vaccine titan Merck. The bill, now passed, allows for Gardasil vaccinations to be given to children as young as 12.

This kind of corruption is more widespread than most truly know, and it is vital that people know of these kinds of actions before placing their trust in any mega corporations.

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Anonymous said...

A good reason why most doctors don't want their patients using natural herbs. No money in that for them or the pharmacies. Just my humble opinion but i think this has become a racket protected by the government.

Miguel Grande said...

Last time I visited a doctor, I waited for two hours while he visited with several well dressed women with briefcases and drug samples. These women were given priority over everyone. Then the queen of all pharmaceutical repesentatives showed up, she was dressed even more elegantly than the rest. The doctor's wife personally came out to greet her as all work in the office stopped. This royal representative walked up to the front desk, hugged the doctor's wife and handed her an envelope full of hundred dollar bills. She doctor's wife examined the contents and grinned foolishly as the royal rep left as quickly as she appeared. The office then went back to work.

I went back up o the front counter and asked for my money back. Much to their protests, I insisted that the $75 I paid two hours before be returned for non-service. I then publicly and loudly fired my doctor for taking pharmaceutical company bribes. They were livid.

My doctor was obsessed with putting me on life long streams of medication which I simply refused to do. I have found out that these drugs would have destroyed my health and killed me prematurely. I haven't visited a doctor since even though I contracted Diabetes type 2 a couple years ago.

I have started a 30 day raw food diet to cure my fatal disease and after 5 days, my blood sugar is 122 and the symptoms are fading fast. Food is medicine.

Anonymous said...

As a native Texan and someone who has been in healthcare(sales orthopedics), I can assure you this is true(in more areas than just big Pharma). I had a spine surgeon tell me he wouldn't use my spine implant because he was on the "advisory board" of another manufacturer.(meaning he was on the take). In the following years he was sued(and he lost) for puting junk implants into people's backs. I can promise you MD Anderson is the last place I would go for cancer treatment. Used to go their as surgical rep. Broke my heart watching the children being poisoned. Between 15-20% of kids in HISD are on Ritilan or other psychotropics. Rick Perry is back-doored $$$ from Merck to shoot up your little girls with Gardasil(remember the debate/Bachmann). Medicine isn't about healing anymore. It's the almighty dollar(what's left of it)

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