Saturday, November 26, 2011

Longshot Republican candidate mulls third-party run

Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson said he
might seek the Libertarian Party's support
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WASHINGTON (AFP) - Disgruntled former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson says he is considering leaving the Republican slate and running as a third-party candidate in the 2012 presidential election.

"I feel abandoned by the Republican Party," Johnson, who has been left out of most of the Republican debates, told the Sante Fe New Mexican newspaper this week, saying he might seek the Libertarian Party's support.

"The Republican Party has left me by the wayside," said Johnson, whose polling numbers have recently been so low that they are often not even being picked up by pollsters.

"If I'd have been included in 16 of the last debates we wouldn't even be having this conversation," he said.

While the Libertarians are on the ballot in every state, Johnson acknowledged that the party, which espouse freedom of expression and action, had never received more than one percent of the nationwide vote.

Johnson, 58, holds dear libertarian values such as low taxes and limited government and wants to legalize marijuana. He is also a fitness fanatic, having competed in a number of "Ironman" triathlons and climbed Mount Everest.

Ex-Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and former House of Representatives speaker Newt Gingrich are currently topping the polls of Republican candidates trying to unseat President Barack Obama in November 2012.

The months-long state-by-state voting process that will decide the nominee begins on January 3 in Iowa.

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Anonymous said...

Johnson has to have run the WORST campaign in history. I started looking at him at least a year before the other candidates announced and at that time he was "thinking about it". A longshot needs to be organized and unfortunately raising $$ long before the bigboys make it official.

Then he has repeatedly stepped on his own manmember by distancing himself from RP. My only question now is if I will hold my nose long enough to register as an R to vote for RP.

Goodbye Gary. Take another vacation and then decided if you really have your heart in politics (yuck!) If so, NM has 2 senators and a few congressmen.

Anonymous said...

Don't waste your vote!! Ron Paul 2012

Lionel Standish said...

Go Gary! How about a joint Paul/Johnson, third party run?

With a Wall Street/War Party, one party with two right wings State in place, isn't that America's only real choice?

tilting@windbags said...

Hope you will hold your nose for the cause!!

Wish Gary would get on board with him and apprentice himself to the good doc. Learn more about money and the fundamental importance of economic freedom...he brings a lot of good -
would rather have him on our side for the long haul.

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