Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Judge orders psychological test for alleged WHouse shooter

This undated photo courtesy of the United States
Park Police shows suspect Oscar Ortega-Hernandez
© AFP/United States Park Police

WASHINGTON (AFP) - A US federal judge on Monday ordered a psychological evaluation for the 21-year-old Idaho man accused of attempting to assassinate President Barack Obama by firing an assault rifle at the White House.

Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez appeared in federal court in handcuffs and sporting long black hair and a thick black beard.

Judge Alan Kay ordered him held without bail, and appointed public defender David Bos to handle his case. Bos immediately tried to have the case dismissed, citing a lack of evidence.

"The only evidence come from witnesses and they don't identify" Ortega-Hernandez, said Bos, adding that there was "no indication" that the shooting took place on November 11.

Kay disagreed. "There is sufficient evidence for the case to continue," he said, and ordered Ortega-Hernandez to undergo a mental test before his next court appearance on November 28.

Pennsylvania state police arrested Ortega-Hernandez at a hotel near Indiana, Pennsylvania, on November 17 following the shooting incident at the presidential mansion in Washington.

Obama and his wife Michelle were in California at the time of the incident, and no one was injured. Ortega-Hernandez could face a maximum sentence of life in prison if convicted.

Two witnesses who know the suspect well said he had described Obama as the "devil" and the "anti-Christ," according to the criminal complaint.

In an amateur video that aired on CBS News, Ortega-Hernandez presented himself as Jesus Christ.

"It's not just a coincidence that I look like Jesus. I am the modern day Jesus Christ that you all have been waiting for," he said in the video.

Within five minutes of the shooting authorities located an abandoned vehicle registered to Ortega-Hernandez.

In the car investigators recovered a semi-automatic assault rifle "with a large scope mounted on the top portion of the weapon" along with ammunition and nine spent shell casings, according to the criminal complaint.

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Anonymous said...

Well, since he isn't Jesus Christ, I suppose that a psychological assessment is in order, but he is too well groomed to be schizophrenic in my opinion. He also holds himself well for the photo am looking at and he looks unaffected, and he looks more like a young adult in need of some common sense. He was probably horsing around, looking for some attention from probably his parents. If he doesn't live at home with his parents, I would suggest he go back home to them and work on growing up some more. An immature adult can be a threat to themselves and to society, but it is not a mental illness.

Anonymous said...

I don't condone shooting at anyone while being mentally unstable(so they say)...but here's the thing that irks me. Attempted Assassination is a false charge, in my opinion...Attempted Assassination on what? The White House? There was no president, or anyone else significant for assassination for that matter, there.
The best I see is, Wanton Endangerment, using a firearm within range of buildings, illegal use of a firearm, and destruction of property.
The other thing of concern is what a commenter from another site posted.....
I just can't see only finding TWO bullets from an AK47-type weapon, that was fired by a supposedly psychotic individual that thought he was God, and the president was the Anti-Christ. You'd think he'd unload a few clips..or at least one full clip.....
-------Blessed Be to all---------

davol said...

He's not going home. He's going to prison for a long time to grow up there. Unless he's Jesus. Then things are really about to get interesting.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:04, "attempted assassination" is their sell phrase. It is absurd and everyone knows it. But people know that Pepsi uses bullshit slogan and color schemes to get them to buy things and they still buy them. This story is about me and you. It's not about the actor in the photo or the actor in the white house.

Miguel Grande said...

That must be one hell of a telescopic scope on top of that rifle. Imagine being able to target the president from 3,000 miles away.

At the Republican debate last night some Israel firster what Dr Paul's response is to the 42 terrorist attacks on the USA after 9/11. I commend Ron for not doubling over in laughter. He actually was able to give a coherent and common sense answer. I could not, if someone asked me.

I believe this gentleman should be charged with disturbing the peace and made to patch up any bullet holes he made. Maybe, a couple months of house arrest with a tracking device on his ankle. He could then play "Black Ops" on his X-Box where he would learn the true ballistic characteristics of the Kalishnikov rifle like most Amerikan teenagers.


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