Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another NATO Proxy War Begins, Rebels Attack Military Base in Syria

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Eric Blair
Activist Post

In what is becoming Western foreign policy déjà vu, another disgruntled segment of a Muslim nation's population, armed by NATO, has taken offensive military action against their government.

VOA News reports that "rebels of the Free Syrian Army fired rockets and machine guns at an air force intelligence complex in the Damascus suburb of Harasta early Wednesday."

The news came from a "German-based spokesman" although there was no independent confirmation of the attack which reportedly killed 11 people.

Meanwhile Turkey and Arab League nations met to consider more sanctions against Syria for "refusing to end the crackdown" against the violent rebels who have been consistently referred to as peaceful protesters by the Western media.

Syria has blamed much of the violence on foreign-backed terrorists, and evidence is mounting that proves their concerns valid.

Even before the August announcement that NATO was secretly arming these Syrian protesters, agents in Lebanon linked to the United States and Saudi Arabia were caught smuggling arms to Syrian rebels.

Now with yesterday's military strike, it seems the situation in Syria can no longer be defined as the Assad regime "cracking down" on harmless discontents who once again seem to be a small minority of Syrian civilians.

In recent weeks, there have been massive rallies of tens-of-thousands of government loyalists carrying photos of Assad and denouncing the rebels.

The wave of discontent in the Middle East and Northern Africa has allowed Western powers to assert influence that would have been difficult otherwise.  The result has been regime change by civilian uprisings in nations like Tunisia and Egypt, and an eight-month NATO war in Libya to oust Gaddafi.

The West has followed the exact same blueprint for regime change in Syria as they did in Libya.  First, they acknowledge support for the angry civilians.  Then they impose crippling sanctions by executive order.  Next, they arm the proxy army of rebels who are then coordinated by the foreign organizers like the un-named German spokesman referred to above.  And if Libya is indeed the model, NATO airstrikes will be on the horizon.

The deja vu in Syria is not without hypocrisy, as no reason has been given as to why popular protests in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and even the United States have been allowed to be crushed without hardly a peep from the Western media.

As the United States preaches the right to free speech in these targeted nations, "Occupy" camps are being forcefully dismantled and protesters evicted, most notably in New York and Oregon.  In Oakland, California, peaceful students were brutalized by stormtrooper police.  Imagine if China began to secretly arm Occupy groups to defend themselves against police brutality.

The intellectual hypocrisy aside, NATO and the U.S. march forward with their bloodthirsty campaign for regime change yet again in Syria, while the drumbeat continues for striking Iran.  With Western media clearly defining the enemies, it seems no one will stop these continued violent interventions in the Middle East and beyond.


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Anonymous said...

You gotta admit it's pretty damn funny (in a sad way) that if I raise a finger and poke a cop here during a protest I'll probably be arrested and the entire protest would likely be dismissed as a bunch of "violent" anarchist thugs because of it.

But in other places like Libya and Syria "protesters" can murder civilians and military personnel, assassinate government ministers, attack military facilities and openly call themselves an "army" and they are still considered "peaceful protesters".

Next thing you know the media will be telling us "peaceful protesters" in Iran "liberated" Tehran with a suitcase nuke while "evil" Iranian security agents tried to stop them with "unprovoked violence"...

The world needs to be liberated from NATO before millions of Syrians and Iranians and who knows who else end up dead or suffering in the name of "freedom" because of corruption and the ingrained racist beliefs of the general NATO public.

And yes everyone that supports these actions is racist - there is no way you could support such massive violence and genocide unless you consider those targeted peoples as being inferior to yourself and western peoples.

Would Americans support a bombing campaign of New York to support the protesters that have been undemocratically suppressed and been the victims of police violence?

The truth is they are far superior to all of us in the war-loving, genocidal western world.

Hence why they must be killed, suppressed and subverted by us and our puppets.

'Disgusting' doesn't even come close to accurately describing it all.

Anonymous said...

Where are the protests against NATO's dirty wars? When westerners are hit in their pockets they will come out and protest. Not so when it comes to NATO aggression. True, the mainstream media constantly lies to us, but people must realise that dropping bombs kills lives. Arming and abetting terrorists also kills lives. The sad fact is the western public has accepted the fact that to sustain their relative wealth they have to support brutal and barbaric wars in far away places. That's real reason why there's virtual silence against the West's imperialists designs.

Anonymous said...

Independence activists in Puerto Rico are a small minority. I'm thinking I should go back home and start a violent riot against the government to free the island. I'd like to see how the U.S. media and political regime would treat us...I'm sure not as peaceful protestors!

Anonymous said...

There are many disgruntled in the US right now. Maybe they should form an Free America Army? Perhaps they could be armed by Russia or China :) Don't laugh I tmay soon happen. This a very dangerous game NATO (Rothschild) is playing. They gamble Iran will come to Syria's aid and then they can be blamed for starting a war.

Anonymous said...

There are NO rebels in Syria, but mercenaries trying to brake Syria into little pieces, because Syria is a friend of Iran and Lebanon. Turkey is helping Israel, even though they pretend to be on the verge of war.

Anonymous said...

No rebels but mercenaries. Turkey is far from bean enemy of israel entity. Syria, Lebanon Iran Russia a possible future alliance

Anonymous said...

It is good to see people are awaking to what our government and NATO is trying to do in Syria. Not only is Syria a friend of Iran but is vital to US interest in the region to be used to help surround Iran with future bases to be built by the US. Maybe install another puppet for the US while NATO continues its bombing in the name of peace.

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