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10 Reasons America Will Be Judged as the Most Brutal Empire in History

'Liberty Groped'
Anthony Freda Art
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Good and evil doesn't have a grey zone.  Killing and stealing is bad.  Violence is never "good" or necessary unless it is used to defend against killers and thieves. Indeed, that is the morality behind the "just war" principle as defined by international laws and treaties.

Yet, this simple concept of right and wrong gets muddled by differing ideas about religion, patriotism, economics and many other divisions.  The "just war" rule has crumbled under the ambitions of empires throughout history.  The American-led Anglo Saxon empire is no different.

This empire has been brutally conquering and colonizing territory since the fall of Rome.  However, it has only gained an American face in the last century.  The United States quickly emerged as the world's "superpower" primarily through its economic might.  For some time, many believed the U.S. to be a shining example of economic freedom for other nations to emulate.  Indeed, America was eager to promote "economic freedom" globally to open new markets for U.S.-based corporations.

When foreign leaders refused to allow these corporate interests into their country, those leaders were replaced through a variety of covert actions.  The form of government that would be installed did not matter to the empire makers so long as the corporate interests were served.  In most cases these nations simply surrendered to the seemingly unlimited power of the almighty dollar, thus camouflaging the traditional method of forceful empire building.

However, some nations, especially in the last two decades, remained stubborn and have refused to alter their banking systems while also shunning Western companies.  Despite the empire's best efforts to diplomatically bribe or sanction them into submission, they ultimately required an iron military fist to force their compliance.  Until recently, military action remained the last resort.  But now, preemptive military action seems to have become the preferred, and perhaps necessary, method to conquer the last resource-rich nations out of their grasp.

The empire's populations cheered this strategy out of fear of being attacked by these rogue nations who never attacked or even threatened to attack them.  In the fog of fear, killing and stealing became acceptable. In fact, detention without charges and even torture became acceptable in the former capital of freedom. America has determined that the means justifies the end -- which is more power.

As with all empires, these "means" have become increasingly violent and destructive in the face of resistance.  Yet, only a few more dominoes are left to knock over for America to complete a plan set in motion well before they were one of the colonies.  That is unless, of course, other world powers break ranks and attempt to stop the conquerors, which could lead to a large scale conflict.

Regardless, when the dust settles and moral history is written, America and her Western cohorts will likely be viewed as the most brutal empire in history.  Here are ten reasons why this is already the case:

Rumsfeld with Saddam Hussein 1983
1. Support of Dictators: For all the happy talk of spreading Democracy and protecting human rights, the empire has repeatedly not only supported dictators, but in many cases overthrew popularly elected leaders and replaced them with puppet tyrants.  Examples range from secretly funding the Nazis, to installing the Shah in Iran, Pinochet in Chile, supporting Musharraf in Pakistan, and their everlasting love affair with the brutal Saudi royal family, to name a few.  Actions speak louder than words to those who can navigate the storm of propaganda with a moral compass set to recognize good from evil.  Dictators and freedom cannot coexist.

2. Preemptive Wars of Aggression:  It could be said that all wars are preemptive in nature because so many entities benefit from war.  Yet, even before America's latest crusades, they covertly and surgically attacked countries that never threatened them.  This allowed them to maintain the moral high road in the public's eye while constructing the foundation of their empire.  That was until the Bush Doctrine; the use of preemptive military action to confront possible threats was unofficially adopted to be the new foreign policy for combating terror.  Since then, America has become the violent aggressors, having officially invaded two countries -- Afghanistan and Iraq -- without legitimate provocation.  Violent aggressors have always been judged by history as evil. But it gets worse....

Dees Illustration
3. Torture: Torture has never been acceptable by those promoting a high moral standing in the global community.  Nazis and Japanese soldiers were convicted and executed for engaging in the exact same torture techniques that America has redefined as 'enhanced interrogation'.  "I was just following orders," was not a justifiable excuse for such inhumane behavior, much like it wasn't a good enough defense for the low-ranking patsies who took the heat for the sinister Abu Ghraib torture scandal even though their actions were approved at the highest levels.  Can state-sanctioned torture of prisoners held without charges ever be viewed as anything less than brutal?

Dees Illustration
4. Suppression of Dissent:  All tyrannical regimes throughout history have suppressed homeland dissent.  As government oppression grows bolder at home and abroad, more citizens will naturally express outrage, resulting in even more oppressive controls.  This is happening in the United States through the all-seeing eye of the Department of Homeland Security with warrantless spying, arbitrary watch lists, citizen spy campaigns, and TSA molestation to travel anywhere.  Additionally, in an attempt to squash free speech, they arbitrarily seize websites and violently confront peaceful protesters.  Unfortunately, as awareness of the topics in this very article expands, the U.S. will likely become even bolder in their pursuit of stifling dissent.  In other words, the worst is yet to come, and history will judge the U.S. as not quite the beacon of freedom they have pretended to be.

5. Elimination of Habeas Corpus:  Say goodbye to the notion of being innocent until proven guilty, the right to face charges and your accuser, and the right to a free and fair trial.  Habeas corpus, considered the only humane path to "which a prisoner can be released from unlawful detention," has been eliminated for those vaguely labeled 'enemy combatants' of the empire.  As Guantanamo prisoners rot under such pretenses, prominent lawmakers in the empire propose the exact same lack of rights for American citizens if they're labeled an 'enemy belligerent'.  Similar to the Spanish Inquisition, now you're guilty until you're tortured to admit your guilt.  Can it get more evil? Why yes, it can. Read on.

Anthony Freda Art
6. Assassinating Citizens:  That's right.  No judge, no jury, no conviction; just straight to execution. America has set another precedent in their tyrannical march toward empire when they openly assassinated an American citizen and government patsy, Anwar al-Awlaki, and his teenage son on the suspicion of terrorism.  Paul Craig Roberts laments "Now the US government not only can seize a US citizen and confine him in prison for the rest of his life without ever presenting evidence and obtaining a conviction, but also can have him shot down in the street or blown up by a drone."  Isn't this the reason America claims to be knocking off dictators around the world -- the deliberate killing of their own citizens?

But Awlaki was a bad apple because the intelligence community said so. What's most telling that America will continue this wickedness is that almost every US lawmaker turned a blind eye to the grotesque violation of Constitutional rights. Only Ron Paul said that assassinating an American citizen without charges is nothing less than an "impeachable offense".  Too bad most of the country cheered the Awlaki killing as a "victory" in the war on terror, indicating that it is now an acceptable tactic.  Americans beware: you may be moved from a secret watch list to a secret kill list in this brutal empire.

Dees Illustration
7. Unauthorized Drone Wars: Unprovoked wars without authorization, accountability, or independent oversight only seem to be escalating; and with little resistance. The US Congress no longer votes to "declare war".  They simply give the Commander in Chief broad "authorization" to use force against specific nations. However, even that is not broad enough in the rapid pursuit of empire.  Now, joystick warriors directed by the CIA and Pentagon have targeted at least three countries with "unauthorized" military strikes; Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia.  Even worse, they waged a full-scale war for regime change and resource plundering in Libya without any authority inside the United States.  Under the NATO flag, which is 75% funded by the U.S., they flew over 9200 strike sorties in Libya to illegally topple Gaddafi.  Drunk with success, the bloodthirsty empire marches on to their next preemptive targets, Syria and Iran.  Quick morality check: unprovoked killing and stealing as a first resort is still wrong, right?

8. Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction: How ironic that the world's policeman for weapons of mass destruction is the only one to use them on a mass scale.  The United States is on record using chemical, biological and even nuclear weapons.  From the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in WWII, to Monsanto's Agent Orange in Vietnam, to the depleted uranium used in Afghanistan and Iraq, America only condemns itself when speaking about the evils of WMDs. However, killers don't appear to care how the killing is accomplished, so long as it achieves their goals.  The real firecrackers will likely be brought out in a confrontation with Iran, or if China and Russia are lured into the conflict.  It won't really matter much what history says if the use of WMD escalates by either side, but the aggressors should rightly be blamed for the ensuing scorched earth, while the defenders against killers and thieves should be viewed as righteous.

9. World's Largest Drug Dealer:  The American empire is the largest drug dealer in the world?  Say it isn't so. Well, in addition to forcing legal drugs and genetically modified organisms on nations, usually under the cover of foreign aid, America also leads in the illegal drug trade.  In fact, many researchers reveal that the war on drugs is only utilized to control and monopolize the illicit drug trade.  The US government has been caught multiple times shipping in cocaine, colluding with certain cartels to control the industry, and now openly protects and transports opium from Afghanistan.  In fact, Global Research points out that in 2001, "according to UN figures, opium production had fallen to 185 tons. Immediately following the October 2001 US led invasion, production increased dramatically, regaining its historical levels."  This month, the U.N. announced that Afghanistan now provides 93% of the world's opium production; up 61% compared to 2010 to a whopping 5800 tonnes.  Although the empire tries to keep it secret, they can't hide the hypocrisy forever.

10. World Reserve Currency Prison: Although using Weapons of Mass Debt is a non-violent form of expanding the empire, it's perhaps the most brutal and effective form of control.  Requiring foreign nations to purchase oil and other imported commodities with US dollars wields immense power.  Because all nations must acquire dollars to purchase critical resources, they quickly become indebted to the US Federal Reserve, their affiliate central banks, and the IMF.  Before long, the entire world is colonized by debt.  It seems that only the nations that don't need or refuse credit from Western banking institutions are the ones in danger of facing the wrath of the imperial war machine. Incidentally, most oil-rich nations in the Middle East have outlawed usury (lending money with interest), making them impossible to conquer diplomatically through debt.  Controlling the world reserve currency means controlling the tap of life itself, which is a dangerous weapon in the hands of an aggressive empire.  Debt is the ultimate WMD the empire uses to enslave the world, which leaves dissidents with two clear choices: slavery or death.

Although this empire is infinitely more powerful than Rome was, it will likely suffer the same fate.  For every negative action the empire commits, there's an equal and opposite good reaction. And the goodness of humanity will always defeat tyranny when it goes too far.  However, an empire with so much to lose will go down swinging and slinging every weapon in its arsenal, thus putting the final stamp on their status as most brutal empire in history.


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Anonymous said...

Bravo Zulu AP

Anonymous said...

S.W.P. ...CA.
Well if 2005 YU55 really does hit maybe we can get lucky and it will hit just DC when all the common people are out of town with just the Government home.

Anonymous said...

We learned from the best! ISRAEL

Anonymous said...

Rejoice! We are alive to see the Great Fall of Global Rome.

Anonymous said...

Great article, makes some really good points.

Anonymous said...

Evil is evil, no matter what flag they fly. America's actions are pregnant with their consequences.

Jeremy said...

Look out. Whoever wrote this is likely to "disappear" or commit "suicide".

Anonymous said...

C'om you can do better than that. But, realism is pretty much always on the way of patriotism.

To make complicated things simple, America helped the globalists to conquer the globe, while keeping some crumbs from that pillage. Now is America's turn and no more crumbs for you.

While the world burned at America's hand, americans played 1950's 1960's freedom, honor & hide n seek. Now that the smell of rotten flesh is knocking at America's door, you change the tone and play "poor americans" & "the whole world is watching".

Big news, the world doesn't give a rat's 455 if America did die burning on a cross. Undo what you did worldwide, undo all dictatorship's you installed, give it back all the pillage you stole, and we the world might consider changing our opinion about you. Till there, we don't care.

Anonymous said...

I entirely agree, and have felt this way long before Bush the II got into power. The writer focuses on the last 10 years, but one could go farther back:
1. Biggest genocide in history of the world (Native Americans)
2. Slavery
3. Horrible treatment, including murder, of many minorities, including, at times, Chinese, Japanese, Irish, German.
4. Suppression of labor unions and any kind of dissent, e.g., Bonus expedition, wobblies, Eugene Debs, and countless others.
5. Long-term policy of assassination, e.g., MLK, JFK, Lincoln.
6. Rule by non-productive parasites
7. King of environmental destruction--in the long run, that is the worst crime.
8. First to use and develop nuclear weapons and power--just who do you think started the Iranian nuclear program?
9. Absolute corruption, aka campaign contributions.
10. A heartless, thoroughly corrupt, medical establishment
11. A vast gulag of its own citizens, victims of its so-called justice system.

I could go on forever. Yes, if humanity survives the American empire, it will be remembered as the most reckless, heartless, vicious empire in history.

Travis said...

We have no rights. Look up "Emergency Laws". It says that if a national emergency is declared, there is no Constitution. Since March the 9th of 1933, the United States has been, in fact, in a state of declared national emergency. GO to the White House website and search 'National Emergency'. Pages of declared National Emergencies. THis is how the USA operates without laws. Declare a state of ememgency, the Constitution is suspended. This is an easy fact to look up.

Anonymous said...

Harsh, but very true. It won't be pretty when karma catches up with America.

Anonymous said...

The United States died when they killed JFK and the American sheeple didn't wake up and demand justice and retribution. When the PTB realized that they could get away with public execution of a sitting president, not hidden, but open in the public arena, they realized that they could do anything they wanted.

The United States of Death, Disease, and Destruction will face the horrendous karma of her killing and maiming tens of millions of innocent people from the air; her destruction will be through nuclear war upon her soil.

And the "Axis of the Righteous" (US/UK/Israel) will get their just deserts.

Returning karma of evil is a bitch.

Anonymous said...

This article shouted our BullSh*t, early on with the statement "This empire has been brutally conquering and colonizing territory since the fall of Rome." I got news for this moron, Rome never fell and The U.S. is nothing more than the military puppets of Rome.

There are three (3) City States:
Vatican City (Rome) = The Religious control
City of London = The Financial or Banking control (for Rome)
Washington DC = The Military control (for Rome)

You don’t think The U.S. is under the control of Rome ? Why does the White House and many of the government buildings display the Roman Fasces ? It operates under Roman Civil Law. The Treaty of 1213 gave the Vatican control over all colonies, territories and holdings of England, of which America was and is a colony.

Veritas vos Liberabit

釈情 said...

Moron? Really?

Anonymous said...

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FIVE important books on the subject:

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5) Plausible Denial: Was the CIA Involved in the Assassination of JFK? by Mark Lane

Janet Phelan said...

Thank you for such an incisive piece of writing. This is fearless and truthful commentary at its best.

apeman2502 said...

Major general Smedley Butler warned FDR of the freemasonic coup in the works. The coup was temporarily stopped. It has succeeded but not yet secured the White House and congress. LBJ did JFK and Israel works for the Britannia alliance of the grand patron of freemasonry (QofE) and the Rothschild bank (City of London, known as the jewish Vatican). Freemasons control the White House and much of congress.
The Rothschild/Rockefeller CFR rules the American mind through TV saturation. then institututes bigotry and war.

Anonymous said...

I was unable to post this reply here because although I chopped into chunks smaller than 4096 characters, none of them were accepted - there seems to be a bug in the counter. So it's here:

Activist said...

Anon @ 7:02 -- thank you for your incredibly detailed comments. We are going to try and post these comments ourselves -- sometimes the system works better under a name.

Activist said...

Posted by anon @7:02

Part 1:
I reposted this article on FB, to which one of my friends replied:

"I don't see how anything the US has done even remotely compares to the violence and oppression of the Roman Empire. Then there's the Persian Empire with its Persian Wars, the Mongol Empire with the bloodthirsty Ghengis Khan, the extremely brutal Aztec Empire, and the Ottoman Empire that lasted over 600 years.

Add to that the fact that the US isn't an empire. If we're going to use the term so loosely, then Nazi Germany was surely an empire as was Stalinist Russia and Maoist China."

This is my two cents in reply:

Try not to take personally what follows, as your perceptions are very common. I will try to shed light your American biases:

Your post begins with the phrase "I don't see" - this blindness to the facts is the result of your 'education' - that is, your American brainwashing. Let us try to overcome this brainwashing. It is for good reason that Americans are notorious for their ignorance on history and geography, and for being monoglots.

To begin with, we must try to define what is meant by 'empire' or 'imperialism' - in itself not an easy task. :
"The term empire derives from the Latin imperium (power, authority). Politically, an empire is a geographically extensive group of states and peoples (ethnic groups) united and ruled either by a monarch (emperor, empress) or an oligarchy."

In a word, it is hegemony. The fact that the United States government does not officially call itself an empire has no bearing on the reality that it is. If anything, the fact that American citizens are in denial of this reality is probably the greatest enabler of American hegemony.

Activist said...

Posted by anon @7:02

Part 2:

Google the phrases "American empire" "American imperialism" and you get almost 194,000 hits.

And let's search in a few other languages:
"Amerikanischen Imperialismus" "amerikanischen Imperiums" 99,000 results
"Imperialismo norte-americano" "império americano" 6,900
"L'impérialisme américain" "l'empire américain" 44,000
"imperialismo norteamericano" "imperio estadounidense" 4,750
"美国帝国主义" "美国帝国" "美國帝國主義" "美國帝國" 1,120,000
американский империализм 1,730,000
Американская империя 2,470,000

الإمبريالية الأميركية 487,000
الإمبراطورية الأمريكية 1,460,000

امپریالیسم آمریکا 657,000
آمریکا امپراتوری 4,460,000

This establishes broad consensus that the concepts of American empire and American Imperialism, in fact exist in various senses.

But let's just go with the google results in the English language. This list begins with a wikipedia disambiguation page that leads to: , which begins:

"American imperialism is a term referring to the economic, military and cultural influence of the United States on other countries. The concept of an American Empire was first popularized during the presidency of James K. Polk who led the United States into the Mexican–American War of 1846"

There is a section entitled "Imperialism at the heart of U.S. foreign policy" which says "imperial acquisition – imperial in the sense of the aggressive encroachment of one people upon the territory of another, resulting in the subjugation of that people to alien rule."

If we're just going to use "body count" alone as a measure of brutality, let's start with a topic broadly glossed over in American history books: the genocide of American Indians - in itself a holocaust. It's difficult to know the true scale of the genocide, but according to:

The population of native Americans, once numbering in the tens of millions, has been decimated by perhaps 90%. This not only includes massacres of women and children, but brutal enslavement and eradication of their cultures and way of life.

And let's not forget the US government's use of biological warfare by deliberately introducing smallpox to decimate the Native population - a first in the world as far as I know.

Activist said...

Posted by anon @7:02

Part 3:

On September 8, 2000, the head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) formally apologized for the agency's participation in the "ethnic cleansing" of Western tribes.

Genocide by the provisions of the convention of the United Nations in Dec. 1948 is defined as:

"any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial, or religious group, and includes five types of criminal actions: killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; and forcibly transferring children of the group to another group."

According to , Adolf Hitler considered American genocide of Indians inspirational:

"Hitler's concept of concentration camps as well as the practicality of genocide owed much, so he claimed, to his studies of English and United States history. He admired the camps for Boer prisoners in South Africa and for the Indians in the wild west; and often praised to his inner circle the efficiency of America's extermination - by starvation and uneven combat - of the red savages who could not be tamed by captivity."
- P. 202, "Adolph Hitler" by John Toland

Then there is the official policy for the practice of slavery, which includes an estimated population of 4- 5,000,000 Africans, according to:

So indeed, the United States historically is known as a brutal empire. Is it the worst ever? The British Empire perfected imperialism and slavery and spread it around the world like no other empire in history. Many people would say that the American empire is just an extension of the British Empire. I think this is true in many ways, but won't get into that here.

I don't think the author of the article on activist post was in any way excluding the Soviet Empire or the Mao 'cultural revolution' as legitimate candidates for worst brutal empires - he was saying that the The American empire is comparable to them.

Activist said...

Posted by anon @7:02

Part 4:

In Niall Ferguson's The War Of The World, which I highly recommend,
he shows that American involvement in WW II was just as brutal as the famous genocides conducted by Stalin, Hitler, and the Japanese empire - and in fact exacerbated the genocide, not curtailed it.

The war was of course terminated by the United States' unique distinction of being the only power in history that has not only used atomic weapons, but nuked hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. Fact.

Most recently, we have the American (and the British) bombing civilians in countries like Libya and Iraq. In Iraq, it seems impossible to even get an accurate body count - but it is in the hundreds of thousands of direct victims, and millions of collateral victims. Only the United States has the proud distinction of raining radioactive 'depleted' uranium artillery on civilian populations - which will continue to cause cancer, birth defects, and death in that region for thousands of years to come.

Most Americans are aware of this, but somehow turn a blind eye to it, mostly by effective indoctrination from childhood, continuing throughout their lifetimes with the help of the mainstream media, which is completely controlled by the CIA.

"The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media." - Fmr. CIA Director William Colby

Most Americans seem to be completely blind to America's literal military hegemony around the world. It "officially" has military personnel in over 100 countries, and at least 660 military bases overseas (some estimates are about 900 bases).

Those numbers do not include covert operations - you know, overthrowing governments and installing cooperative brutal dictators (like Saddam Hussein)

And then there is intimidation and bribery of puppet dictators - See John Perkins - Confessions of an Economic Hitman.

I think all this suffices to show that the United States is in fact a brutal empire. Is it "THE most brutal in history"? I contend that since the majority of its own citizens are comfortably in denial of its true nature, due to psychological conditioning, the worst is yet to be realized. Wait till next year...

"None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." -Goethe

Anonymous said...

I want to add more details to what Activist just posted above.

90% of WWII was fought between the Germans and the Soviets. The Hollywood version that somehow the Yankees won WWII is another fiction. The probable real history is that the Germans stopped the Soviets from rolling their 20,000+ tanks and millions of soldiers from Russia all the way to the English Channel which was Stalin's plan, but that's another story for another day.

After WWII, Eisenhower labelled the surrendered German POWs as "Defeated Enemy Forces" and literally starved them to death in open air concentration camps. Some 1.2 million Germans died this way. Read "Other Losses."

Another insidious aspect of American history is the US Army creation and deployment of both the AIDS and Mycoplasma viruses. The former was designed specifically to kill off the African population (for natural resources); the latter was engineered to slowly kill and debilitate Western women (the singular cause behind MS, Parkinson's, Crohn's Colitis, "chronic fatigue syndrome", etc.). Google "Donald Scott" or "Mycoplasma".

Steven G. Berry said...

Great article. Excellent comments.

The only thing I would clarify is that DEBT itself is not particularly bad. Interest on debt is evil.

Saddling countries with more debt than they can possibly repay is usurious.

Outlawing cheating is the answer and interest is a start. Cheating is another word for usury.

Anonymous said...

ameriaca is not evil as a whole, the project mkutra which used peodaphilia and terrible abuse is pacticed by the highest levels of the us govt at present. The american public is being used as a scapegoat for the illuminate bloodlines to implement the new world order. America will be villafied and the illumante will probide the solution have much care

Anonymous said...

This argument that America's actions are not her people is a nice and lame excuse, ask the Germans about how it worked out.

The American sheeple have FULL responsibility for the murder and killing of tens of millions of people, maybe even hundreds of millions.

The United States is THE most evil country on planet Earth in the world's history, bar none.

Anonymous said...

One minor correction to the original Activist Post article. The Roman Empire did not die with Constantine, it simply morphed into the Roman Catholic Church, headquartered in the Vatican, and anybody who has been to the Vatican Museum can attest to the fact that they keep there, in prominent display, the lares and penates of the Roman Republic, and later Empire--the bronze statue of the she-wolf who nurtured Romulus and Remus, and many others too numerous to note here.

The Church did split in two, but the Eastern empire held strong until the 1300's over nearly all of what eventually became the Ottoman empire and most of the Soviet Union. Rome ruled over western Europe, Poland, Ukraine, and bits of the Middle East, such as parts of Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon, although these units did not possess those names at that time. The so-called "kings" were mere vassals to Rome or Constantinople. Until nearly the middle of the 19th century, Popes routinely rode into battle as commanders in chief of the Papal States; Garibaldi, among others, had some issues with that...

Anonymous said...

I find it funny that everyone blames "Americans" its not the citizens we have no control...its them government who also controls us

Anonymous said...

The world starves as men who refuse to feed but lie so our service people die.

GUNS & War DEVILS guard, BUSH Senior- SONS JEB & GEORGE Criminals in history protected by an UNCLE TOm the black race should be appalled by the blacks president not being a LAW ENforcement --proponent, BEING A LAWYER-- Shame on your children, an history, a TREASONIST ACT protected by the next president.

Kevin said...

Great article and very good points. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Great article with excellent points. Let's not forget that the Aids virus, like the Anthrax virus was made in US military labs. The WHO spread the aids virus into Africa to reduce the population. How many bought the lie that the Anthrax virus in the letters that killed some individuals in our government came from terrorist? History shows how the US was dragged in to WWI by the sinking of the Lusitania carrying war material in its lower cargo holes.Germany warned that this was a violation and sent messages asking Americans not to sail on her. The scantions by the US against Japan's oil led to Pearl Harbor. FDR had plenty of warning and time to prevent the attack on Pearl Harbor.Vietnam, like Iraq was based on lies. The bombing of Kuwait by the US was because the public bought the story the daughter of a Kuwaiti Ambassador told. The government isn't stupid. They know if they question any citizens patriotism, they have him where they want them. Hiroshima TO Iraq-61 Years of Uranium Wars " America buys war like children gobble candy." Henry Kissenger. This shows what happened on "The Highway of Death Why doesn't our government tell the truth about the number of Gulf War US troops who died. According to the Dept. of veterans Affairs the number is 73,864, not the 5,000 or slightly more they always mention. In Vietnam, it was 58,195. I only certain types of deaths count in their figures.

Anonymous said...

The American people have surely committed some outrageous acts under some preposterous motives. So have many other societies, cultures, and states. Humans are thinly veneered with civilization; and the veneer easily peels away under stress. Americans are no different in that regard from other peoples. The distinction for Americans is that they founded a form of government that, had it been truly bound to its Constitution, went farthest to correct the ignominy of humankind.

I respectfully submit to the readers that there is a distinction between "America" and the "United States". The former is a concrete reality: a territory and a people.
The latter is an abstraction, summoned from the ether of imagination, an illusion of "communal thought". The U.S. exists only in peoples' minds, evinced by fragile documents that may be destroyed at their command.

As the mechanism by which American wealth and power are corrupted by the "1%", the United States can be taken apart piece-by-piece or in one fell swoop. The American people once declared themselves free and independent of British rule. They can do the same against U.S. rule. The only question is: Do they have the courage and the perseverance to get the job done?

One thing is certainly clear by now: the malefactors who occupy the offices and agencies of government will do nothing to end the corruption and abuse of power that typify U.S. governance. Their only objective is to acquire more power and extract more of the peoples' wealth and property. They contemptuously flout the Constitution; every evil enumerated in the article above is indicative and illustrative of that contempt.

But, they forget that it is the Constitution that establishes their authority: no Constitution, no authority! The State legislatures could simply revoke the acts by which they previously ratified the Constitution (and the Articles of Confederation, for the first 13 States), and there would no longer exist the United States of America. The parasites bumbling around in D.C. would immediately lose all authority, and the States would again be entirely sovereigns as they were between 1776 and 1783.

Once that herculean task be accomplished, the people can do as Jefferson declared to be their right: " ... to institute new Government [if they want one], laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness." It is quite apparent that the current government is an utter failure in those regards. There is no reason why it should be preserved.

Anonymous said...

Some of the posters suffer under the delusion that Lincoln and JFk were on the right side. They, too, were monsters, particularly Lincoln. It is not by accident that Adolph Hitler admired Lincoln.

Anonymous said...

It's 'capitol', not 'capital'.

Anonymous said...

What about Canada

Russ Hallberg Jr said...

The Jesuit/Rothschild Central Banks are achieving total control. The Pope has announced support for one world currency. Modern technology is being used to implement feudal economics. Humanity will not be able to escape the control grid, this time. The people of the US and world did not rise up against the 9/11 lie and that is all she wrote for human freedom.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with one point. The United States has had an official doctrine of waging preemptive wars for a very long time. It didn’t begin with Bush, but rather with Truman. It was called the Truman Doctrine, and was formulated on the Domino Theory. The principle is the same, whether waging war on communism or terrorism. The Korean War, as well as Vietnam were preemptive, and undeclared wars. So was Clinton’s 1998 war in Iraq, Kennedy’s attempted invasion of Cuba, and many other instances. The last time Congress declared war was December 8, 1941.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a very interesting topic however its easy to miss the point with all the conspiracies flying about.
The fact is that America is just the right arm of the UK with the Queen being the dark leader . She heads the bank of england and also owns most of the world bank with Rothschild and his banking cartel mates.
The plan is simple reduce the whole world to an economic and cultural breakdown the plan is nearly complete take a look around you do you know who lives three doors down ? Are you in debt ? Can you sustain yourself and your family without supermarkets ?
Everything is now designed to make people reliant on the government but who are the government ?
The government are people put there by us the people to administer things however they are now out of control and need to be reigned in.
The way to do this is through trust law and i urge you all to learn as much as you can about trust as the fact is that all western governments are in breach of trust to us the people.
Here is a quick breakdown of trust law

God = Creator
Man = Gods creation and given dominion over the Earth
Government = Created by man to administer

So its clear man has to follow gods law all other laws are fake as man cannot make law and tell another man what to do so all statutes are not applicable to man only the people who make them ie the law society and members of governemnt and if you believe me to be a member then show me the contract otherwise i do not have to follow your statute law !!!!

Anonymous said...

I want my country back.

Anonymous said...

I'm supposed to believe in what an activist site says. When that site is funded by Medifast....Way to be hypocritical, and ignorant in 90% of what you said.


Anonymous said...

namaste divine soul
that is a beautiful well written article about
the asur prototype of moral degeneracy in hands of killer tyrants despots masquerading as rightous
moral high ground flag of "freedom" but by their works ye shall know them they are part parcel of a perishing insane kali yuga kulture slowly dying in dust delusion for a satwic sane sata yuga to emerge
over it's rotten corrupt criminal empire as the saints shout hurrah!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Shut the hell up asshole. Let me list reasons why America is the best nation ever. The Middle east, sucks no women rights, no gay rights, lots of children being traded as sex slaves, they have no tecnology, and they hate us because were are better so they bomb us and the Jews. Mexico is run by drug lord who murder government officials if they are not their mouthpiece. Canada,and a lot of Europe is good as well, although they dont share the same equality we do. This is as good as it gets, and if you dont like it shove a knife up your butthole prick. America is not perfect, but look at history and realize that its pretty damn good.

Anonymous said...

The day of reckoning is coming soon.The human race is doomed by its greed and lust.America is not the problem.people themselves are the problem.People have always been what they continue to be.In the end it will be survival of the strongest.This artificial creation called civilization is doomed.We are biological creatures that are governed by our passions and emotions.If you think the government or some great leader or religion will save us your ignorant.Human history is and will continue to be exactly what it always has been.Go out and enjoy your life before you die.Stop thinking about all the negative aspects of life.Most people get whats coming to them sooner or later.Its always been that way.Just try to live a good life when possible.It isn't easy but it can be done.Nothing will last for ever.Just go outside some night and look up at the heavens above and treasure the fact that you ever existed.The earth is nothing more than a small rock flying along thru space and we are all along for a free ride.Enjoy it if you can.

Anonymous said...

I never thought I would agree, but the USA has truly become the evilest nation ever to exist on the planet. How could something so good become something so evil in the past 50 years? You didn't even mention many of the 'politically correct' social movements which are destabilizing the entire world.
This nation must be stopped for the good of all humanity and future generations.
It pains me deeply to make such a statement, but I must face reality.

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