Tuesday, October 25, 2011

They Just Can't Stop Screwing Us Over -- One Reason to Take to the Streets

Anthony Freda Art
Charlie McGrath, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

Despite the attempt of the mainstream whatever to color the frustration of the Occupy Wall Street Movement as a bunch of hippie kids who want free everything for life, the movement grows -- as well it should. There is plenty to be upset about. In fact, there is plenty to be downright pissed off about.

Let’s look at the latest potential plan that gives reason to be in the streets, in the face, of the turncoat politicians and the too bigs they represent.  The market seems to be falling all over itself with glee over the announcement of the latest "new" Euro-Debt deal.

Yes, banksters everywhere love the idea of leveraging the NOW 400 billion euro  ESFS fund to over 1 trillion euros. 

The more debt the merrier, right?

Time is running out!

Act now while we still can, and indeed why not act when the solution is so simple…more debt. 

These are the messages we hear from our elected and appointed "leaders," as well as just about anyone stuck in front of a mainstream media camera.

So why is the Euro mess cause to protest or to be outraged on this side of the pond?

When we look at who is going to potentially back this ocean of debt, it becomes clear that even in the shadow of all the distractions of presidential edicts that will save the housing sector and assassinations of foreign leaders, the outrage of the euro deal is that it is YOU, The American Debt Slave, who may be flipping a big part of that bill.   Germany says that they will only backstop the formerly agreed-to amount of approximately 200 billion euros, and France isn't jumping on board to float the more than doubling of guarantees either.

So who in their right mind would go out on a limb and guarantee this insanity?

According to  CBS, it could be you.
Steinmeier said. It would insure investors against a percentage of possible losses on eurozone government bonds and also involve the participation of outside organizations such as the International Monetary Fund.
Yes, the IMF to the rescue. And of course the American taxpayer (the single largest contributor to the IMF) can handle yet another banker bailout.

This is just the very latest underhanded outrage, but there is no end to the reasons why you, I, and everyone we know should be in the streets demanding an end to this Banker-created prison raping being issued to the planet. 

We did not create this debt. We did not agree to save these corrupt institutions! The people of this country, and most of the world, are choking to death on the fraudulent failure of the power-hungry money addicts, and it is long past time for this to come to an end.

Let it collapse.

Let these creators of fantasy wealth reap the reward for throwing the world into the chaos we see now, which only promises to get worse.  Shake off the names the m/s/m would label these protests with. We all have reason to be out demanding an end to this nightmare and justice for what has been done to the people this country and the world.

Charlie McGrath is the founder of Wide Awake News, an excellent resource for analysis about the economy and world events.


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Anonymous said...

This Occupy Wall Street, from what I just read on A True Ott's "The Story Behind The Story," is nothing but a Bolshevik SHAM. Take note.

Anonymous said...

Erm Charlie...you alienated a large % of your readership with your 9/11 stunt. Even if what you say is valid, why would anyone care. You blew it bud.

Anonymous said...

Anon #2 -- do you mean Charlie Veitch? Not aware that McGrath made any disqualifying comments about 9/11. Please share though if he did.

Anonymous said...

I'm Anon #2 and I'm an idiot. I watched a Veitch video earlier and got confused. I'm surprised it got past the moderator.


Anonymous said...

US taxpayers bailing out banks and other institutions was bad enough but to bail out other countries while America is in economic collapse?

Anonymous said...


Here is a commonly held belief about the roles of the rich and of the activists:

“I think that you have good intensions, but I think it's a lost cause. In the first place, all of the politicians need lots of money to get elected, who has the money? Why of course the rich. People like you and I can't get them elected, 'cause we have no money. The rich finance their campaigns, and if they want to get re-elected they must pass laws to benefit the rich. The only person who can change the system is Jesus Christ himself. I applaud the Occupy Wall Street people, but believe me, nothing will ever come of it.”

My reply:

First come the protests, then come the planning, then the action. The action includes voter registering of vast numbers of mostly young folks who are among the most dissolusioned and angry folks on the planet. I cannot change the world by my own efforts. What I can do and will do is to extend my authorship to include these folks who will vent their rage with the pens. All of this effort will be directed at booting out of office the Radcons and electing honest folks with ethics to public office. The rich have the dollars on their side, but we have the numbers on our side – the 99%. We will not lose.

The Rich reply:

Want to bet?

What's your reply:

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