Friday, October 21, 2011

Scientists Reconstruct Black Death Pathogen that Killed 50 Million People

Anthony Gucciardi
Activist Post

Scientists have reconstructed the genetic code of the germ responsible for the Black Death, an infection carried by fleas that led to the deaths of around 50 million Europeans.

Considered by some experts to be the first pandemic in history, DNA from the 14th Century outbreak was recovered from the teeth of victims buried in a graveyard in London’s East Smithfield.

Researchers drilled the teeth, finding the DNA fragments of the ancient bacterium that ultimately led Professor Johannes Krause from the University of Tubingen, Germany, and his team of scientists to reconstruct the very virus that wiped out 50 million people.

Professor Krause explained the process:

“If you actually crack open an ancient tooth you see this dark black powdery material and that’s very likely to be dried up blood and other biological tissues. So what I did was I opened the tooth and opened the pulp chamber and with a drill bit made one pass through and I took out only about 30 milligrams of material, a very very small amount and that’s the material I used to do the DNA work.”  

Reconstructing the Black Death opens its genetic code to be weaponized, unleashed

The bacterium responsible for the Black Death, known as Yersinia pestis, is very close to the common ancestor of all modern strains that can affect humans — the grandmother of all plagues, according to Professor Krause. It is responsible for sparking the Black Death between 1347 and 1351, and virtually all plagues and bacterial strains that affect humans to follow. The reconstruction of the Black Death bacterium Yersinia pestis opens the door to potential weaponization, resulting in perhaps the most potent bioweapon ever created by human kind.

Weaponizing the Black Death bacterium could potentially kill hundreds of millions, and be hundreds of times more potent than the original strand. In the event that this bacterium falls into the wrong hands, such as in the event of global strife, nefarious individuals could create an artificial global pandemic.

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Anonymous said...

These people would never do such a heinous thing, they are such little darlings. You need to watch more television and stop questioning things - that is what you need to do.

Anonymous said...

And excatly that is what the Zionist and the USA government wants. Hope it will backfire on them!

Anonymous said...

More British dead violated by military cover companies as were the 1918 H1N1 flu strains that were identified under examination of the recent outbreak.

Further point of interest is that the weapons lab who took the 1918 virus were not so far over the border from the first outbreaks in Mexico.

If you look to Russia Today, a geneticist stated very clearly that the H1N1 variant contagion bore definite signs of gene manipulation incorporating the worst contagions of bird, swine and human influenza strains, the identification of the 1918 Europe variant gene sequence within that strain shows that the US military lab that took the virus from violated British bodies, released it into the population

Anonymous said...

Cool, I bet folks in the Third World and around the world can look forward to the genocidal conclusions of this "purely academic" research. How long before Black Death makes a comeback in Central Africa or Central Asia? Will Dave and Charlie Koch create adn monopolize a vaccine?

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong but, don't most of us have some type of immunity built up to the plague? Isn't that why our ancestors survived?

Anonymous said...

""" Considered by some experts to be the first pandemic in history, ""

Justinian Plague preceded it by 1000 years

Anonymous said...

Two posts above - Not sure of your point:

So what if most of us have immunity, does that mean it's ok to unleash it on lower species in 3rd world countries. Is it ok for the US to bombard the planet because they haven't killed us off, and we should bomb all these countries in the middle east and Africa seeing they have Many Moslems there?

Why would it be ok at any time for Deadly plagues in out past to be dug up and the info spread online?

Everything is so wacked and .............!

Anonymous said...

The elitists who run this world would rather kill most of us off than lose their power & wealth.

Anonymous said...

if the british get hold of that pest then the world s in real danger because the parasite british are the real pest who are hell bent on lootint the world through help of american arms.

Anonymous said...

At the poster that asked if we would be safe because our ancestors survived, this would be weaponized. The outbreak that came before didn't have idiots diddling with it's building blocks to make it more effective in killing and with the world the way it is today, better able to deliver it in little bottles labeled vaccine.

Ted said...

Yes you are wrong because there is no immunity to the plague. Those that survived lived in the countryside far away from plague infested cities and towns. It was extremely rare for anyone to get the plague and then recover from it. It was so unheard of that such stories, although few, are considered to be fairy tales.

An added bonus is that the plague of modern times will be “weaponized” by the military. It will be combined with other lethal elements so that no one will survive. It will kill off billions and end all human life on Earth. That might not be such a bad thing considering just how crazy and totally insane humans are. A race that tortures its own kind, destroys its own children and decimates its own accomplishments through constant war and makes plague weapons to inflect horrendous and painful death on its fellow humans, is not fit to survive. The human race is defective, and plague weapons are merely one small indication of that defect and a reflection the grand insanity that is so deeply rooted therein.

Anonymous said...

A rip-roaring pandemic did rage through Europe in the Middle Ages, the “Black Death,” the highly infectious bubonic plague. Millions died; towns and villages were quarantined, as the only known method to contain the infection. No one was allowed to enter, nor were inhabitants allowed to flee. In the midst of this apparent apocalypse (Think, Ingmar Bergman's,"The Seventh Seal"), a group of thieves, the story goes, performed the outrage of slipping past quarantine in dead of night to steal from corpses. They made off with gold and jewels, and lived to steal again.

When finally captured and convicted, the judge proffered a less gruesome death sentence, if… if they would reveal their secret. The medicinal herb vinegar, with which they disinfected their hands and which they took internally, is still formulated today and sold in French pharmacies! Why, for goodness sake, after all these hundreds of years?

The medicinal herbs have been studied and found to be potently anti-microbial, against viruses of all kinds, bacteria, fungi, without the side effects and loss of effectiveness of antibiotics. (This should in no way be construed as medical advice; see your physician.)
Thieves Vinegar Recipe

Stock in the following --

1 Gal. glass jar
4 Qt. organic apple cider vinegar
Funnel, non-aluminum
To store finished product: brown, green or cobalt glass bottles

Organic Herbs:
1 oz. clove powder
1 oz. lavender
1 oz. lemon balm
1 oz. oregano
1 oz. rosemary
1 oz sage
1oz. thyme
1-2 bulbs organic garlic, peeled, sliced through, any green (bitter) sprouting removed

Put herbs & garlic in gallon jar; top up with vinegar (it will take ~3 1/2 Qt. ) Cover jar opening with waxed paper and lid, or hold waxed paper in place with tight rubber band. (Vinegar fumes may otherwise corrode metal lid.) Let steep for 6-8 weeks, stirring once a week with a wooden spoon. Pour through strainer into large non-metal bowl or pot. Using non-metal ladle and funnel, pour into brown, green or cobalt bottles. (Well-washed olive oil bottles work well.) Store in a cool place, root cellar, or fridge.

There are several versions of Thieves Vinegar. The above recipe is pleasant to take and can be effective for symptoms of cold, fever and flu, or to have on hand in the event of scarier scenarios. The aromatic vinegar can be taken daily as a tonic and preventative, or more frequently after onset of illness. Take 1 tsp Thieves Vinegar and 1 tsp honey in a glass of water first thing in the morning (or, use 1 tsp maple syrup, which dissolves more readily.) Children could be given 1/4 - 1/2 tsp Thieves Vinegar in a glass or baby bottle of juice.

"Thieves" helps restore and maintain healthy digestion and elimination, and can help protect travelers from the tiresome, lingering infections now so common after plane flights.

Remember your stash of Thieves Vinegar if you wake, with things going bump in the night on the health front. Make your way to the kitchen; have some in juice or water, and tuck yourself, or a fretful child, back into bed.

Make enough to share with neighbors!

Anonymous said...

"Researchers drilled the teeth, finding the DNA fragments of the ancient bacterium that ultimately led Professor Johannes Krause from the University of Tubingen, Germany, and hisvteam of scientists to reconstruct the very virus that wiped out 50 million people."

Does anyone else see anything wrong with this statement? Bacteria and Viruses are two completely different things! You can't take bacteria fragments and turn it into a Virus - sorry you really should do your homework.

Anonymous said...

Quite possible something good may come out of this:
Like the complete anialation of the human race:

Anonymous said...

If the commenter at 9:04PM 21Oct was aware of PLEO-MORPHISM, he/anonymous would not have made such an ill-informed statement. Go to the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster to witness such PLEO-MORPHING taking place and silently sickening many thousands in the Gulf states.

Gunther Enderlein's discoveries proved that that germs occur in many forms beginning with one microbe type, which CAN CHANGE into a virus, which CAN THEN CHANGE into a bacteria, AND/OR which CAN CHANGE into a fungus.

Pleo-morphism means many forms; many or more (pleo-), forms or bodies (morph-), capable of changing from one type of organism to another.

Streptococcal germs & other types, bacteria and viruses CAN AND DO CHANGE INTO OTHER FORMS, proven to occur by many researchers since the early 1800's (Gaston Naessens, Gunther Enderlein, Royal Rife, Antoine Béchamp, etc.)

Not to add more confusion, Béchamp called these teeny microbes microzymas, but Gaston Naessens called them somatids, while Gunther Enderlein called them protits (although the same microbe found by Béchamp, Naessens, Rife and other researchers, although called different names by each researcher).

HIDDEN OUT IN THE OPEN, huh? Now we know what's next.

Penny Pincher Personal Finance said...

I just re-shared the vinegar recipe. Thank you very much. I like to collect DIY health recipes, especially ones made from food ingredients.

It really does seem like someone's trying to make a pandemic. And there are also a lot of microbiologists dying under mysterious circumstances. I wonder if they are being killed to cover up the tracks of whoever is using them, or if they are being killed because they came too close to learning how to cure pandemics, or if there is someone trying to prevent them from developing pandemics and killing them for that?

Anonymous said...

When the rats and cats start to die, spray yourself with heavy duty DEET and go visit relatives that happen to live in the countryside.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget, it's easier to kill a million people than it is to control them.

Anonymous said...

This might be shocking to some, so dont say i didnt warn you.
This is Chemtrail information that u might not have come across and there are many links at the bottom that you should seriously check out and save on a gold archive CD "not a DVD"! Ive been studying all the rothschilds moves for going on 9 years now, also studying the true history of the human race among many other things. October 22nd 6:32AM knows what he/she is talking about.
The link shows what they have found from these trails and in my "opinion" this article relates to this link. Im not saying this is/or will be used for such things. just think it relates.
I know more about whats really going on than most the people I see posting on the countless sites about exposing the agenda and many more aspects of lost knowledge that the human race needs to know. 9 year boys and girls, and it has not been fun in any way. I have not left any comments on anything until just recently for the simple fact of not wanting to give out false information. It has been a long hard journey trying to find the truth on all matters. You know what im talking about my friends. Getting sick of reading unresearched claims and thoughts of uneducated individuals that are not helping in any way shape or form. Some of you have no idea how difficult things have gotten for the people trying to find truths in all subjects. Keep in mind what we are doing is all for you and everyone else. We are risking everything whether you understand that or not. To the wonderful people out there trying to help and do what you feel is the right thing, we need to seriously start getting together and organizing. I know there are enough of us in the know now to start making a real difference in the outcome of things to come. If we dont, we lose. Its not a joke or a laughing matter anymore.
Happy and fun are not the same emotions as love and compassion, the later two are everlasting.

Always your friend
Love you all

Anonymous said...

Where do you get Zionists and the US involved. They were talking to scientists in Germany, if I'm not mistaken. Why do people like to point to Jews and the US?!! The Jews were the people killed by the Germans in WWII. And the US does have faults, but I'm not reading that in this article. Dumbass!!

Anonymous said...

Curious, no asks WHY would the good doctor do such a thing and who paid for it? Hmmmmmm.....

mustang said...

Pretty sad when a rather small group of psychopath miscreants from hell can totally control 7 billion+ sheep and nothing is done, like MASS ARRESTS of ALL these satanic beings. I don't care how much money etc. they have, they are disciples from hell and if we do not remove them from this planet, they will remove us and that's guaranteed. And we do nothing. I guess that means we have given them total consent to murder us all. Pretty sad state of affairs on this what I call Planet Bullshit, as that's what it is.

Anonymous said...

Face it, the human species is a plague unto itself. We poison the water we drink, the air we breathe. We encourage disease breeding "sexual orientations" and call it a lifestyle. We kill innocent babies. My only hope is that we are not able to infest any other planets before a welcomed comet wipes us out. Land is just dried lava, which is just below the planet's surface, and we kill and die for our chunk of dried crust. What a ridiculous stupid species.

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