Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Manchester, New Hampshire Police Officer Uses Excessive Force on High School Student (Video)

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As if schools weren't already becoming prisons, a new video shot by a high school student shows his friend getting his face smashed into a table by a police officer after the student asks a question.  During the filming a teacher is heard saying that it is illegal to be recording the incident.  Rather than come to the student's aid, the teacher chooses to enable police brutality instead.

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lonegranger said...

Tell me that we don't live in an implicit feudal society where laws grant privileges to rank!

With all the evidence posted on police abuse sites and youtube one might conclude that psychopathy is a prerequisite for employment in law enforcement. Some folks like to excuse any irrational behavior by citing the stress of the job. Observation suggests a fundamental deviation from moral rectitude.

Anonymous said...

You see, now we're getting to the point of what these institutions are really about. The most popularly read book by the youth of today is

The Mindless Fist,
by Might is Right
Center for Re-education and Time Squandering
Reading Level = Anyone who fears, or under 18

The adult edition is no improvement.

Anonymous said...

I guess the teachers don't know the Constitution of the United States. I think everybody should call that school and bitch and get all them people fired. Can somebody tell me when did the stop teaching the Constitution of the United States in schools

Anonymous said...

These "resource" officers have no business even being assigned to schools. They are no resource at all. What is the point? Kids are involved in far less fights than when I was in school. The so-called resource officer ran for his life at Columbine (the swat teams refused to risk their live there, too). Resource officers are really more akin to communist commissars assigned to enforce political correctness. They are also quite akin to mafia "soldiers," enforcers. Their purpose in to intimidate and even beat and abuse anyone deemed offensive by those of higher rank. I recommend the free article, "Community (Communist) Oriented Policing" by Detective Phil Worts. http://www.newswithviews.com/community_policing/community_policing.htm P.S. I have worked extensively in public schools and I would never send my child to a public school/indoctrination camp/prison camp.

Anonymous said...

One thing I always notice is that the cops shown in abuse videos all tend to look like they are on steroids, which makes you aggressive. I went to the police station a couple of years back to get a vending license and the two cops behind the bulletproof glass looked like the front cover of a muscle magazine. They don't smile, they don't seem to have emotions, and they look ready for a fight. No wonder it doesn't take anything to set them off.

Dr. Goldstein said...

Detective Dickcheeze must have used the Rodney King beating video as a training guide.

Anonymous said...

What were the possible charges to even arrest the student on? Talking back? WTF. This is assault on a minor and I'm sure many more crimes.

But I doubt anything will happen even in a nice (is it still? look at who they hire) town like Manchester

Anonymous said...

So I called and left a message for the assistant principal. Hopefully it takes him all day to listen to his voicemails.

Manchester High School West
Office Hours
7:30 am - 3:30 pm

Anonymous said...

According to boy's own words in the video, he grabbed his sister's purse and wasn't giving it back despite her demands. She involved school officials. Officials told him to give the purse back. He refused. Despite the fact that it was his sister, this looked like he stole the purse, and the sister insisted. The amount of force necessary to subdue him can be argued, but there's no doubt that he was given the chance, and the arrest was justified. The boy himself confirms that he should had been arrested.
Regarding the demands to stop videotaping, the question is whether the school indeed has a rule against it. If not, the student should sue. If yes, for whatever reason, then again it was justified.

Anonymous said...

It seems this would have been solved without incident if the boy would have given the purse back to his sister as she had asked.

Anonymous said...

Act like a punk your gonna get treated like a punk.

Unknown said...

Back in the 1960's or 70's, if a cop had come into our school and physically abused me like this for teasing my sister, my father would have taken the cop out "man to man". No frickin' badge, no police uniform to hide behind. Of course that was back when kids didn't tell teachers to go "F" themselves if they were told not to do something and didn't like it.

Seems like the system is breaking down. The liberals teaching our kids can't have it both ways. Be an activist, but don't resist unlawful use of force under color of law? Be an activist, but don't film police brutality? Think again. Kids will adapt these precepts to their own sense of what is right or wrong and what they understand is "fair". This cop was out of line any way you cut it, and I hope a sharp attorney takes this all the way up through the court system to set some case law on what is or is NOT appropriate action on the part of a cop on school property. I believe that the local law enforcement agency, the cop personally and the school district are all liable in this instance.

Way to go, kids. This took courage. A lot more than that cop had. What a jerk.

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