Tuesday, October 11, 2011

California Gardasil Law Signed: Children to Receive Deadly Shot Without Parental Consent

Anthony Gucciardi
Activist Post

Thanks to California governor Jerry Brown, Merck’s human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine Gardasil will now be given to children 12 years or older without parental consent. Omitting parents from the entire equation, California lawmakers are now leaving 12-year-old children to make their own health decisions. The decision to be vaccinated with the Gardasil HPV vaccine is a particularly risky decision, a decision that thousands of young girls and boys wish they could have re-made. Gardasil, of course, has wrecked thousands of lives nationwide, even leading to over 49 deaths. Considering these facts, why would legislators and Jerry Brown allow for such an insane bill to become a law? 

How Merck used bribery to pass the Gardasil bill

As it turns out, there is an answer to that question: the almighty dollar. Merck used financial power to ensure that the bill would pass by paying off key legislators.

Caught in the act by Cal Watchdog, targeted politicians who passed the bill received thousands from Merck, the maker of Gardasil. The report highlights the fact that this bill has nothing to do with improving public health of California students and families. In fact, it has a lot more to do with profits. A few thousand dollars spent on key legislators to pass the bill is nothing compared to the increased profit Merck is going to see when this law takes full effect.

Meanwhile, the health of young children will be severely put at risk. Merck and California legislators are effectively taking advantage of the trusting nature of young children by signing this bill into law by using psychological marketing tactics on their developing brains in order for them to comply.

Taking advantage of trusting children to push the Gardasil HPV vaccine

Merck has been found omitting numeric facts and real side effects in their Gardasil advertisements. These are the advertisement brochures that will be given to young children, and the side effects are so downplayed and minor that it sounds truly harmless. In reality, Gardasil has a fortified death link, in addition to placing thousands of children in the hospital.

Merck and health officials also won’t tell children about the fact that Gardasil has been found to contain genetically modified rDNA of the human papillomavirus (HPV), which experts say can lead to cellular mutation and other unknown consequences.

Vaccinating children with Gardasil who are truly in the dark about the negative effects associated with the shot is purely immoral and should be downright illegal. Merck does not even warn consumers of the real side effects of the shot, while secretly bribing politicians to pass the Gardasil bill to make an unknown profit. California residents, and even United States residents as a whole should contact their representatives and demand that the bill be repealed. Furthermore, we should voice our opposition to future bills in other states that mirror the California Gardasil bill.

Educate yourself and inform your children about the risks of Gardasil, and do not let Merck’s disinformation packets lead them to receive the death-linked Gardasil jab.

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Anonymous said...

uber fuhrer Brown has spokken.

4th Reich uber alles!

Seig Heil!

Seig Heil!

etc., etc.

Anonymous said...

To the people of California: You are about to be victimized, and possibly sterilized, by your government. I suggest you recall your governor and replace him with someone with some brains. You've recalled governors before, you can do it again.

Anonymous said...

Please, can we get started with recalling this POS? Between this, his "Dream Act" (no money for parks or services for citizens but plenty for illegals), his assault on the second amendment and vetoing the industrial hemp bill, this guy is an even bigger disaster than BO.

Anonymous said...

A parent that gives a darn about their child can make sure that their child does NOT get the Gardasil vaccine.
There are ways to opt out of school vaccines with the California Health Department.
A parent that has the excemption form in place properly can sue the hell out of the school district if they give the child the vaccine. One big multi million dollar award wack on a school district ought to make the school nurses be seriously careful in who they try to coax into getting the vaccine. Also the nurse who gave that shot and cost the school a huge law suit would lose her job and probably be blacklisted from ever working as a nurse again.

Since when does a 12 year old get to decide anything about their medical care or anything else? That needs to be challenged in the courts also.

But I have no sympathy for parents who just are lax and ignorant and do not take steps to protect their child from the criminal state.
Yes, it is outrageously bad what Brown did, but if California is still in the USA, that new law of his can be turned over with ease in the courts.
It just is not going to work. The word is out on these killing vaccines.

Anonymous said...

Dead Kennedys - California Über Alles


"now is 1984 knock knock at your front door!"

Anonymous said...

Does anyone visit this site? Only 6 comments in almost two days, on THIS subject??

Brown may be paying back some campaign debt while knowing the law will never survive the courts.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm against lying for profit.... However;
If my 12 year old kid wants it then I say let her! Where the HE Double Toothpicks is the one for the BOYS?
Are you aware that they are now finding warts in young peoples throats? Gee, wonder how they got there?
You know that HPV causes cancer right?
What about herd immunity?

VizFact said...

Excellent Post!

Anonymous said...


This new law will effectively usurp any and all vaccine exemptions a California parent may have on file for their children. What most parents in California do not realize is that by the time your minor child in the state of California turns the age of 12, your exemption to vaccines (that includes medical and/or philosophical - CA does NOT have the religious exemption contrary to popular myth)...will be effectively NULL AND VOID. Plainly put, EVEN IF you have a philosophical exemption on file and EVEN IF you've made it quite clear with your child's school, that you do not believe in using vaccines as a preventative health care measure, this new law will give any authority within your child's school, OR AUTHORITY TO YOUR CHILD'S PHYSICIAN, to vaccinate them with this vaccine WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT. PERIOD.

I would advise all California parents to have a legal document in place, prepared by a qualified attorney, stating that you are aware of this new law and you are filing a legal document with your child's school, warning them that should anyone approach your child(ren) about this vaccine, there will be legal consequences. The caveat is, is that because of the Bruesewitz v. Wyeth decision, American parents may no longer sue vaccine manufacturers if your child(ren) have been damaged by any vaccine. You have to go through the vaccine court for recompense.

California parents NEED TO WAKE UP. Your right as a parent to determine what healthcare decisions are right for you and your family, has just been taken away from you once your child turns 12 years old. Big Pharma knows how hard it would have been to strip Californians of their right to the use of their vaccine exemptions. They've simply overridden our exexemptions' right once our children turn the age of 12.

Speak to your children about this issue and let them know how dangerous this vaccine is. There are plenty of young girls who have been courageous enough to post their stories about post Gardasil reactions over at Youtube. The Gardasil Girls website is another website you should visit with your children, to further educate yourselves about the horrendous side effects of this horrific vaccine.

Anonymous said...


The numbers and implications in this article are not supported by any scientific or statistical evidence (of which there is plenty freely available to the public).

Gardasil is very safe...VERY. 1:1,000,00 have died with no statistically significant evidence that Gardasil caused it.

Your odds of being struck by lightning (or drowning in a bath tub) are about twice that...

Keep the sensationalist articles coming and the readers indignant O_0

Anonymous said...

Anonymous person above, yes, I know a lot of people that read every single article that is put on this Site. I hardly ever post comments about anything but I do share articles through email and social media so that people that don't read it here Get to see it and there are some pretty lively discussions about most articles.

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