Friday, October 7, 2011

Be Prepared: 6 Foods to Store Forever

Anthony Gucciardi
Activist Post

In the event of a global food crisis, it is vital to be prepared.  The key to preparedness is storing food that is easy to get a hold of, will last for several years or even decades, and is somewhat nutrient-dense. While it is always important to purchase high quality organic foods, in the event of a food crisis it is often essential to exercise your survival skills, which may mean it is hard to come across optimal food sources. 

1. Be prepared with rice
When storing food for a global food crisis, rice is perfect as it adheres to the essential principals of food storage. White, jasmine, wild, arborio, and basmati rice all have an almost indefinite shelf life. Rice is considered by many to be the ultimate survivalist food to stockpile in order to be prepared for a food crisis. Brown rice, while a healthier alternative to white, has a shorter lifespan. Due to the higher oil content of the food, it will go bad faster. 

2. Survive the food crisis with distilled white vinegar
White vinegar is a popular choice for salad dressings and marinades. With a long shelf life that makes it a perfect for food preparedness, distilled white vinegar will maintain its quality and taste for about as the entirety of its lifespan. Be prepared with distilled white vinegar. 

3. Enhance your survival skills with sea salt
Sea salt is the ‘real’ form of traditional table salt, sodium chloride. It is the ideal choice over its unhealthy counterpart, but in the event of a food crisis sodium chloride can also do the job. It is better to be prepared with sodium chloride than to not have anything at all. Salt is a powerful flavor enhancer that will never go bad. It can also be used to cure meats, which is a great way to maintain the integrity of stored meats. 

4. Honey
Honey has such a long shelf life that it has even been recovered from Egyptian tombs. While it can change color and crystallize over time, its edibility does not change. You can even restore crystallized honey by adding warm water and stirring. In its raw form, honey is also full of enzymes and essential nutrients. 

5. Cornstarch, the everlasting food ingredient for a food crisis
Cornstarch is a food substance that has a variety of uses. Helpful in thickening gravies, sauces, or soups, cornstarch is a food crisis necessity that will help you be prepared. It is important to note that while all of these ingredients will have an increased lifespan when kept in a cool, dry space, cornstarch will particularly be affected. 

6. Pure vanilla extract
Pure vanilla extract, different from its imitation counterpart vanilla extract, will last forever. The extra cost over its imitation is only minor compared to the elongated shelf life of pure vanilla extract.

Honing your survival skills will help you to be prepared if a food crisis is to ever strike the nation, or even the globe. Stocking up on these key foods will ensure that you and your family will not go hungry if such an event is to unfold. Even more impressive is the fact that these ingredients can be easily purchased at local grocery stores, making them convenient yet potent.

Storing food for a global food crisis may not be the first thing on your mind right now, but it is certainly great to know in the case of any food crisis. Although survival skills are not nearly as necessary in today’s society due to great advancements, having them could one day positively effect your life greatly.

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Jill said...

Nice post! Thank you for keeping us informed. I had been wondering about the shelf life of honey and vinegar. I'll get some more for our food storage. We are putting away as much food as possible. Just last week we ordered a 1 year supply at a great sale. If your looking for great long term food storage at reasonable prices check The food tastes great! Don’t wait another day!

Claire said...

How could you leave out CHOCOLATE??? In its powder form and stored correctly, it keeps nearly forever, too. And honestly, do you want to survive an apocalypse if there is no chocolate?
Thanks for the great article!

John said...

Making the Best of Basics, by James Talmage Stevens, gives a great overview of wheat, honey, sprouting seeds and more.

Anonymous said...

What about beans, lentils, pasta, all foods that last several years? What about water? And I'd rather eat canned beef than vanilla!

Melanie said...

Love your articles, but I don't see the purpose for pure vanilla extract, but thanks for keeping us preppers on our toes. Yes, buy dried beans, lentils, buckwheat, pot barley, chick peas - very lo-o-o-ong shelf life. Also distilled water, which is good for two years, just keep rotating the supply. Even if the financial system doesn't collapse (haha, of course it will), we're still ready and prepared and well stocked so we don't have to rush out to buy food just before a big blizzard or something. Aren't we smart.

david griffith said...

just finished eating some dates which - theoretically - had a use by date (no pun intended) of 2009.

Dates just don't appear to go off.

Anonymous said...

If you put brown rice in a freezer, it will last a very long time.

Anonymous said...

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Penny Pincher said...

Chickpeas kept too long will stay crunchy when you cook them, no matter how long. They'll still be edible (just not too pleasant to eat) and perhaps a pressure cooker will fix the crunchiness (if you have one). I recommend you eat dried chickpeas within a year or two.

I guess you could also grind them into flour. This might make the crunchiness irrelevant too.

Joel the K said...

Wheat berries by the bulk. And blocks of yeast stored in freezer are essential. Nice tips, good post.

Anonymous said...

Powdered milk is great, too. The baby's gotta have something to subsist on, too...

Anonymous said...

Just How Long Can One Store Brown Rice? As I Have 120 Lbs-In 2 Lb Plastic Bags- In 5 Gal Sealed Containers. And I Might Add 120 Lbs Of Dried Pinto Beans Too. Tks

Anonymous said...

how long can you store brown rice
about 6 months about 2 years in freezer about 3 years vacumed sealed or with oxygen absorbers
vacume sealed and in freezer about 6 years
most beans about 10 years have to grind after that or to hard also store food at 70 degrees or lower keep in more consistant temp if possible

wannadanc said...

Rice DOES eventually have very very small insects emerge - much smaller than weevils.

Randy Smith said...

In my opinion a VERY IMPORTANT food item would be coconut oil! It will last 10 years without going rancid.

Anonymous said...

I think some missed the point of the article. "6 foods to store forever". Yes, beans are good, etc. The point is finding the foods you do not need to worry about switching out throughout many, many years.

nyabingi rasta said...

what about beans , why rice and not beans

Anonymous said...

You can can dry goods at 200 degrees for a couple of hours and they will last, stored correctly up to 20 years.

Anonymous said...

store bay leaves with rice and you will not have to worry about weavils.

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