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The Vaccine Establishment’s SAFETY Debate: Use of Thimerosal in vaccines Versus the admittedly dangerous use of methylmercury

Vaccine Liberation Army
Eileen Dannemann
Vaccine Liberation Army

The vaccine purveyors often argue that “ethylmercury” compounds (THIMEROSAL) are safe, while admitting that “methylmercury” compounds are harmful. Hence industry uses the FDA-approved purportedly “safe” ethlymercury compound found in Thimerosal.

Having thoroughly reviewed two key published studies on mercury metabolism, one in rats and one in human infants, what Dr. Paul G. King noticed and articulated, among other realities, in his latest posting is that during the metabolic process in the human and animal bodies the supposedly “harmless” ethylmercury compound, Thimerosal, is metabolized (converted) into the toxic and “harmful” methylmercury.  And then in turn, the harmful methylmercury is metabolized (converted) into the most harmful, long-term-toxic, “inorganic” mercury that is retained in bodily tissue.

In the rat study, which Dr. King cites, the lab rats were raised for the purpose of this study and had no reported mercury levels in their blood before the experiment.

There were three groups in the study:

1. A test group of Thimerosal-(ethylymercury)-treated rats;
2. A test group of methylmercury-chloride-treated rats; and
3. A control group of rats treated with a ‘water’ placebo. 
At the end of the experiment, as expected, the water-treated control group had no reported levels of mercury in their blood or organs.

The group treated with methylmercury chloride (which vaccine purveyors routinely “sound bite” as the harmful organic mercury as compared to the “safe” Thimerosal, ethylmercury), as expected, had both methylmercury and inorganic mercury in their blood and organs.

Note: “Inorganic” mercury is the end product of mercury metabolism. The methylmercury subject group confirmed that the metabolic pathway for mercury in the human and animal body consists in the reduction/conversion of the harmful methylmercury into a more harmful “inorganic” mercury which is tissue-bound, and long-term-toxic. Hence, both the originating substance (methylmercury) and its conversion/reduction, inorganic mercury was found. 

The Thimerosal Group: Unexpectedly, the rats treated with Thimerosal (ethylmercury) were found to have three types of mercury in the blood samples and their organs, ethylmercury (the originating “supposedly harmless” compound), methylmercury (the admittedly harmful compound) and inorganic mercury (the most harmful, tissue bound end product of mercury metabolism).

This observation begs an answer to the question: Where did the “methylmercury” come from since this group was only originally and solely treated with Thimerosal (an “ethylmercury” compound)? 

Based on the published findings in the three groups of rats, the metabolic pathway for organic mercury involves the conversion of Ethylmercury (Thimerosal) into “methylmercury” and then the further reduction of “methylmercury” into inorganic mercury.

It may be that some of the “ethylmercury” (from Thimerosal) are also directly converted into inorganic mercury. However, there are apparently no studies, in either humans or other animals, that establishes the biochemical conversion of ethylmercury compounds directly into the “inorganic” mercury.

In conclusion, in simple layman’s terms, these studies, as brought to light by Dr. King, establish that ethylmercury (Thimerosal), a “supposedly harmless” compound of mercury according to the vaccine establishment, is converted in the rat [1] and apparently in the human infant [2] into “methylmercury” which, the establishment admits is a harmful form of mercury.  It is then further reduced to the long-term most harmful, “inorganic mercury” that bioaccumulates in the tissues and organs.

Based on these findings, we can conclude that injecting the Thimerosal (ethylmercury), found in flu shots, into pregnant women (exposing the in utero fetus to mercury [see Table I on page 15 of Dr. King’s posting (] and the egregious recommendation that children should be vaccinated, annually with Thimerosal-preserved inactivated-influenza vaccines from 6 months of age until 18 years of age is a perplexing interwoven government/pharmaceutical health strategy that afflicts, debilitates and destroy the lives of individuals and their families in the United States (US) and in any other nation that: a) recommends inactivated-influenza vaccines for pregnant women and children, b) permits those flu shots to be Thimerosal-preserved and c) follows the US recommendations for annual flu shots.

P.S. One more interesting observation:  At sacrifice, the rats in the group that had been treated with Thimerosal-ethylmercury (supposed the harmless compound) had significantly higher levels of the long-term, harmful “inorganic” mercury in their brains than the rats in the methylmercury-chloride-treated group.

Perhaps we should inject the harmful methylmercury directly into our children’s arms instead of Thimerosal (ethylmercury).  It appears that if we use the harmful form of mercury right off the bat, there is less inorganic mercury in our children’s brains. But, on the other hand, if the establishment wants more inorganic mercury in our children’s brains and organs (which it appears they do) lets stick with Thimerosal.  The pharmaceutical companies stand to gain when we make our children sicker and sicker by injecting them first in-utero and then consistently, year after year, with a known and extremely dangerous neurotoxin. And both the government and the pharmaceutical companies stand to gain when they injury the emerging generation with vaccines, misdiagnose them as mentally ill (Autistic, ADD, ADHD, Biopolar, OCD, etc.) and then dumb them down with a life long supply of psyche drugs which, according to the Mayo Clinic is resulting in the birth of an epidemic of deformed offspring.

[1]Rodriques JL, Serpeloni JM, Batista BL, Souza S, Barbosa Jr F. Identification and distribution of mercury species in rat tissues following administration of Thimerosal or methyl mercury. Arch Toxicol 2010; 84: 891-896.
[2]Pichichero ME, Gentile A, Giglio N, Umido V, Clarkson T, Cernichiari E, Zareba G, Gotelli C, Gotelli M, Yan L, and Treanor J. (2008) Mercury Levels in Newborns and Infants After Receipt of Thimerosal-Containing Vaccines. Pediatrics 2008; 121(2): e208-e214.

Eileen Dannemann is the founder, Student Vaccine Liberation Army 

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Anonymous said...

The vaccination story is a sad one and far from being new... you may want to check the date on the book at the following link

Another point: Many vaccines contain aluminum hydroxide as an adjuvant (, I suggest reading the following scientific paper to understand what it does to our brains (see also

The "lies" behind vaccination can continue because the so called "science" behind it is far from being "independent" and "transparent", more precisely the VSD database ( is not made public, and it is nearly impossible to gain access to it (

I strongly recommend watching the following presentation by Dr Andrew Moulden to have some insight on how mass vaccination has affected all of us (and not just people who got a "visible" adverse reaction)


Anonymous said...

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HELL, we do not have enough to buy FOOD!!

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Faruk Su said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Who says ethylmercury is safer than methylmercury? So far the working assumption has been that they are relatively similar in effect. Just about nobody cares if ethylmercury is more or less safe than some other form of mercury. It simply doesn't matter. The AMOUNT of mercury you get is what matters, not the type of mercury. Thiomersal in vaccines is safe because of the low amount, not because ethylmercury is somehow safer than methylmercury.

Yeah, I might get 2,5 mcg of (ethyl)mercury in a vaccine such as Pandemrix, BUT I will get a whopping 1050 mcg of (methyl)mercury just by eating 15 kg of salmon per year. We Finns apparently eat 15 kg of fish per year per person, not necessarily salmon, but it's not even the worst fish considering the mercury content. Perch/Pike would give me 5000-6000 mcg per 15 kg. Some fish here have "only" around 300 µg per 15 kg. Whatever fish you eat, it's still gonna give you hundreds to thousands times the mercury compared to vaccines. It's theoretically possible for a heavy fish eater to get *a million times more* mercury from fish than from a vaccine in a life time.

So, would it matter if ethylmercury was 2 times, or 10 times, or 100 times, more dangerous than methylmercury? Nope. Cause I would still get a 1000-fold amount of methylmercury in my fish alone. And the studies I've seen, eating the mercury doesn't make it safer, the exact opposite happens, way more mercury is found in the brain after eating than after injecting to muscle.

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