Friday, September 30, 2011

Florida primary move sows political calendar chaos

Presidential hopefuls (L to R) Ron Paul,
Rick Perry and Mitt Romney at the Republican
debate in Orlando
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MIAMI (AFP) - Florida officials decided Friday to move up the vital battleground's presidential primary date to January 31, sowing chaos in the political calendar in the run up to the November 2012 elections.

The state, which has 29 of the 270 electoral college votes needed to clinch the White House, is expected to be the largest battleground when President Barack Obama faces off against his as-yet undetermined Republican rival.

Moving up the date gives candidates less time to raise funds and court supporters, which could weigh on Republicans tempted to consider making a late entry into the already crowded field, such as New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

A special committee voted 7-2 to buck Republican party leaders, who opposed the move and warned it would cost the state half of the delegates it will send to the national nominating convention set to be held in Tampa, Florida.

Florida paid that price in 2008 but went on to be the decisive state in that year's Republican nominating fight, effectively anointing Senator John McCain the party's champion.

Officials in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina -- the only states allowed under Democratic and Republican party rules to hold their nominating contests before March 6 -- were now expected to move up their dates to go before Florida.

An early primary or caucus is thought to give a state more influence in shaping the eventual party nominee by giving the winners more media coverage needed to help raise money and build momentum among core party supporters.

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Anonymous said...

don't let them steal the vote again. Ron Paul will be president. the people have spoken

apeman2502 said...

Florida knows democrats back down. Expect a repeat of 2000.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul won't win the GOP nomination. I support him and donate money to his campaign but he can only win support from independents and Libertarian minded Republicans. The hard core Pro-War, Big govt Republicans (who usually vote in the primaries and caucauses)view Paul as not Republican enough and they don't like his non interventionist policies. Plus it is getting down to the wire now for people to register Republican so they can vote in their state's respective primary or caucus. My prediction is that Ron Paul will finish out either 3rd or 4th place when all is said and done. I think either Perry, Romney, or Christie (who said no to a run earlier this week, but will probably jump in) will win the nomination.

Anonymous said...

florida is where they fixed it for bush...and where they are hoping to fix it for anyone BUT ron paul that they can get their most abject puppet since woodrow wilson back in....and if he attacks iran...he is officially the worst puppet since wilson

TRUEStory said...

Im a Floridian, was a demo and now a repub just to vote for RON PAUL. I am nervous that Florida wont be able to count again and we are stuck with Obama like how we got stuck with Bush.

Anonymous said...

He is gaining more momentum everyday - that's why the establishment polits are running scared. I hope & pray he can win the nomination, but if he doesn't - he should run as an independent or libertarian. SCREW the dems and the republicans! Because that's what they've been doing to us, the 99%, for years!!!

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