Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Can Prince Charles Save Humans From Extinction?

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Brandon Turbeville

Prince Charles, who has become known for making ridiculous and inflammatory statements, is now claiming that he is, in fact, an endangered species. Actually, according to him, we all are.

Charles made these claims in a speech introducing his appointment to the position of President of the World Wild Life Fund for Nature, a position his father Prince Philip has also held in the past. Charles went so far as to say that humanity was now facing a “sixth great extinction event – the continued erosion of much of the Earth’s vital biodiversity caused by a whole host of pressure, from the rising demand for land to the corrosive effects of all kinds of pollution.” 

He went on to say that “without the biodiversity that is so threatened, we won’t be able to survive ourselves.”

Essentially, the prince blames the impending extinction of mankind on Climate Change, mass production, high living standards, and the demand for land. His claims, however, while holding a small modicum of truth, are quite deceptive in the way they are presented to the general public.

Indeed, no one can deny that there is at least some truth to what the genetic royal is saying. The Earth is no doubt losing much of its biodiversity as many aspects of the environment are being destroyed by a variety of means. Whether it is over-logging, destructive manufacturing processes, genetic modification, or the dumping of pollutants into the environment, there is absolutely no doubt that we are destroying the planet. The complete denial that human activity affects animal and other environmental life is almost as dangerous as the Gaia worship being peddled by the mainstream media and Eco-Fascists.

However, the responsibility for the issues that Prince Charles raises is noticeably being placed on the backs of the average person (the peasants, as Charles would know them) and not upon those who are actively and knowingly destroying the Earth for their own gain. Indeed, it is the goal of Prince Charles and all the elitists like him to return the average citizen to the living standards of the feudal era, while they themselves reap the benefit of every amenity that modern civilization makes possible. 

It is important to make clear that to say the elite, Prince Charles specifically, want to return the population to the living standards of the feudal age is not exaggeration. In addition to his tireless (pun not intended) campaign to end the use of cars in England, as well as his ludicrous push to convince the public to give up baths, Charles has also suggested that the English begin to consider living in houses made of clay brick and sheep’s wool. Aside from the fact that raising scores of sheep for the purpose of producing insulation is not at all sustainable, since these sheep would no doubt be raised in factory farm conditions, it would no doubt be a very unpleasant experience for the sheep.

In regards to Charles’ war on the automobile, he claims “This kind of public transport-oriented development is fundamental to achieving the ultimate goal of a low carbon community, and it is very likely that such communities, far from being austere, will actually become the sought-after places where people will choose to live and spend their time.” What he fails to mention to the fawning fools who truly believe he is on the side of the environment, however, is that no one will have a choice but to move to these areas, as anyone who resides in the countryside will have no way to travel to work or go to town to pick up supplies.

Of course, this is exactly the goal. Major supercities are to be created in which the general public will be crammed, packed, stacked. Mobility and freedom will be severely limited as transportation to anywhere but work will be unaffordable. Living outside of the major cities, living off the land or off the grid will be made impossible by oppressive environmental laws and policies like Agenda 21 . The beauty and self-sufficiency of the country is reserved only for the rulers like the good Prince and the people that directly serve them personally.

Yet it is not only cars and housing that will suffer under Charles’ wish list of “green” guidelines. Virtually every modern living standard and improvement in hygiene, health, and sanitation ever developed in will disappear for “the good of the earth.”  As reported in the Daily Mail, Charles’ website advised families to “Snub the Tub” and “love their leftovers” in order to save money and reduce carbon emissions. Charles has also encouraged the installation of low-flow appliances “energy-efficient” household equipment in order to reduce the strain placed upon the environment by these apparently burdensome modern living standards.

In all fairness, it should be pointed out that becoming efficient with one’s water and electricity, as well as recycling, reusing, and otherwise simply not being wasteful consumers is not negative in and of itself. Neither is walking instead of driving when the option is there. In fact, this is positive behavior which should be encouraged. But it should be encouraged through positive reinforcement in terms of government and through individuals, communities, and cultures -- not elite parasites like the royal family who only seek to impose austerity on their subjects so there is more to go around for them.

With that being said, one must understand that these statements and campaigns by people like Prince Charles are not for the benefit of the Earth, nor are they for the benefit of the average person. These initiatives are designed to drive down living standards using the environment as an excuse and a scapegoat. The philosophy of “waste not want not” does not apply to people like Prince Charles. It never has and it never will so long as they remain in the positions of power where they now reside.

Keep in mind, while the Prince of Wales is preaching to the general public about carbon emissions and the increasing demand for land, he is busy traveling between his palaces (notice the plural) in private jets or one of his many vehicles. He has no shortage of property to visit due to the fact that the British Royal family (the Queen as it currently stands) is the largest landholder in the world. It is not likely that the prince loves his leftovers as much as the average British subject, nor is it likely that he has snubbed the tub as he has suggested to everyone else.

Indeed, it is obvious that the lives of genetic royalty continues on in much the same manner as it has for thousands of years -- carefree and at the expense of the subjects.

It is, however, somewhat ironic that Prince Charles professes fear at the fact that human species faces extinction. Although his statements are clearly geared to inspire fear in the well-meaning dupes of the World Wildlife Fund and provide talking points to those who understand what the organization really represents, extinction of the human species is no doubt what Charles and his ilk have been seeking for some time. That is, extinction of certain types of humans.

Prince Charles has continuously fear-mongered over the need for population control, specifically in developing countries, even singling out religions (Islam) for the reduction scheme. According to Charles in 2010, extinction was the last thing the human species had to worry about. In fact, only a short time ago, he was claiming that the opposite was the case -- that there were too many of us.

Of course, Charles might argue that his claims were based upon some Malthusian argument that the more people there are, the less resources there are for them.  But the theories of Malthus, no matter how many times they have been resurrected, have proven false over and over again. Indeed, it is not the Malthusian overpopulation scenario that should be feared, but the idea that such a catastrophe might be engineered by individuals who hold these Malthusian ideologies.

Charles has often argued that the increase in population and the subsequent rise in consumerism were destroying the Earth and that religion was one of the main factors in the increasing birth rate. This is because of the inherent opposition that religion -- all of them (except for one) holds toward abortion and sterilization, two of the most popular methods of population reduction. In the recent past, Charles had admonished religion for holding back his Big Idea and called on it to transform itself so that it could, in fact, support the population reduction plans for the good of the Earth.

Religion is not the only institution that Charles has taken issue with. He has also taken on the concept of mass production and industry. Indeed, Charles once claimed that the “soul has been elbowed out” in the drive for economic profit.

Again, as is the case in his most recent statement, the prince claims that the constant drive for economic profit is destroying the Earth, and one could scarcely argue that is not true. But this drive for economic profit regardless of the cost has been, for the most part, initiated and dominated by global corporations that he himself is affiliated with. Charles and the rest of his family no doubt have close ties to countless corporations, although they are hidden through the Bank of England and royal secrecy laws.

Charles’ The Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum alone works closely with a great many international corporations, who are themselves major polluters, as well as with numerous Foundations and NGO’s that promote the Global Warming myth.

Indeed, Prince Charles himself is responsible for much of the flawed and unscientific nonsense that propped up the Global Warming scam for so long. He is, after all, a patron of the University of East Anglia’s School of Environmental Sciences which is home to the Climatic Research Unit, the department that was caught red-handed sexing up scientific data, manipulating findings, and persecuting anyone who question the much-touted sacred cow of global warming. 

It is paramount that the reader, environmentalist or not, understand that Prince Charles has no interest in higher living standards. He has no interest in true sustainability or protecting the environment. He certainly has no interest in the health and welfare of the roughly 7 billion people living on the Earth who are not part of his lucky gene club.

Prince Charles, like his father, is obsessed with reducing the population of useless eaters (as we are viewed in their eyes) and commandeering nature for the benefit of himself and his own bloodline.

If the human species becomes an endangered one, it won’t be because we had too many children, took too many baths, or drove our cars. It will be because we allowed people like Prince Charles to regulate our ability to do so.

Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Mullins, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Francis Marion University where he earned the Pee Dee Electric Scholar’s Award as an undergraduate. He has had numerous articles published dealing with a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, and civil liberties. He also the author of Codex Alimentarius - The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies and Five Sense Solutions.


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Anonymous said...

Last time I looked Brussels was full to the brim with Liberal, Socialist, Marxist scum. These self appointed heroic lefties always dress their hatred up into another moral crusade to save the world. They have been shouting their mouths off for the last 65 years at what heroes they were for 'saving the world' from the dastardly Nazis. Now it has all turned to shit, everyone is seeing Nazis under the table again.

Anonymous said...

There has to be something wrong with someone who would trade in Princess Diana for Seabiscuit

Elephant said...

What happens if a solar flare should knock out power and electronics? How many nuclear plants would go into meltdown? What would life be like then? Did you know that nuclear power is used to boil water to turn turbines to create electricity. Apparently the royal family is heavily invested in uranium mining. Perhaps he should consider moving his investments for everybody's sake!

apeman2502 said...

When you consider the convenience of Caaallz's proximity to all of the BP and HAARP weather modification equipment (Yes, kids. This is no longer grandpa's Mr. Wizard. This new guy can drop a tornado on your house. But it would be expensive so don't worry about it. Unless Chaaallz doesn't like you.), and Al "I got a 'D' in natural science" Gore running his 'Global Warming' scam, after the murder of Lady Diana, Chaaallz only real tie to sanity, his assessment of being an endangered species may have more truth to it than one might think.

I think protective custody behind bars with a large picture window of the adoring crowd might ease our pain in losing such an asset to the Rothschild banking empire.

His mum is going to regret giving all that money to Hitler back in 1930. Allen and John Foster Dulles wrote up the legal papers for the transaction just before they became Prescott Bush's advisors in selling German War Bonds in the U.S.. Later, using his seat on the Warren commission, Allen made sure nobody was busted for the John F Kennedy assassination. Especially you-know-who.

Anonymous said...

Stop it *squeak*, he's our *squeak* benevolent Pleiadian helper! He came from *squeak* the stars in his spaceship long *squeak* ago to save us. He knows. He is the one. He is good. He is righteous.
Now for my 20 second shower and automated commute...

- giggle *squeak*

Roddy6667 said...

99% of all species that ever lived are extinct. That is the way of nature.

Anonymous said...

You MIGHT have some good points here, but you lost me with all the prejudices you have. You make fun of neo-Pagans, many of whom are scientists and with your rabid, intense hatred of Charles, global warming and "eco-fascists". The welfare of the environment is the most important thing on earth, for without it, we have no future, no life and of course, no humans. Yes, we are overpopulated, which is destroying our earth. And we ARE in the sixth extinction as most scientists worth their salt know very well. I suggest you put aside your prejudiced opinions and go do some more research; learn from experts who know far more than you do about our environment and what is happening. There is no substitute for hard science but scientists are being drowned out by people like yourself who have nothing but hateful prejudices to offer.

Anonymous said...

It's the entire nobility that is an endangered species. The good prince included.

tal said...

Here's an earlier quote from Prince Charles (without a trace of irony):

"What is wrong with everyone nowadays? Why do they all seem to think they are qualified to do things far beyond their technical capabilities? This is to do with the learning culture in schools as a consequence of child-centred system which admits no failure. People think they can all be pop stars, High Court judges, brilliant TV personalities or infinitely more competent heads of state without ever putting in the necessary work or having natural ability. This is the result of social utopianism which believes humanity can be genetically and socially engineered to contradict the lessons of history."

Prince Philip, former head of the WWF said "In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation."


Anonymous said...

Anyting this inbred pampered parasite has to say is irrelevant...We here in the UK milliins of us lost him at "Whatever Love is".... He may have forgotten Diana but millions of us who truly loved her for her bravery, compassion and honesty haven't and never will....If Charlie cared about anything other than himself he would admit the danger from nuclear power plants; join Greenpeace and campaign for the closure of all nuclear waste stations before we have Nuclear 9/11. Only a born spineless hypocrite could bleat about McDonald's & GMO’s and stay silent on nuclear power in the certain knowledge that a nasty accident at one of mummy’s nuclear waste stations will end British food production. Period.

Mummy's Establishment (Britain's oldest landowners) have always known Sellafield can permanently poison Britain. If that happens. Mummy has long-standing plans to lease-out Britain as the Pentagon's nuclear dump. In 2002 the Queen saw fit to hand over the job of monitoring the British atmosphere for nuclear poison to Halliburton!

The royals nuclear escape plan has been updated and rehearsed every year since the start of the Cold War. There never will be any plans to evacuate the public. Survivors of a nuclear 9/11, no matter how pig ignorant they are now, would soon see the "royals" for the piss-take they really are. And one would not want that! Would one? Far better the bloody peasants choke to death on fall-out.

Anonymous said...

The triple meltdown in Fukushima (power plant / G.E. nuclear bomb factory -enriches uranium to plutonium) ought to put a lot of this into perspective. Watch it for the rest of your life and remember these words...

Bruce Hayden said...

Mummy owns beaucoup land around around the Denver area. The future capital of the Western US.

I thought Japan already had the world nuclear dump gig?

Fukushima is ancient history to those living their lives as if all is normal. "Once a truth is known, it can never be unknown, it can only be denied." ( Joyce Carol Oates)

Anonymous said...

He is right to a certain extent. What he is wrong about is what is making humans extinct. The NWO wants to cleanse this population. Look up Alex Jones and watch his videos. Don't judge it until you see it for yourself.

Anonymous said...

What a poorly written and disingenuous article! From top to bottom, this is a rag piece, stuffed full of straw arguments, ad hominen attacks and misleading disinformation.

Why do you treat your readers as if they are as clueless and uninformed as yourself?

You are unbelievably uninformed and an outright liar, which does no good for any of your so-called arguments.

The "Climate Gate" that you disengeniously referred to have been vindicated again and again, there have been FIVE seperate international investigations -- ALL which have proven the fact that no data was manipulated and that the conclusions of the scientist are in fact quite correct. Those involved have been completely and totally exonerated of all claims of manipulation.

But your obviously EXTREMELY biased and ignorant of the FACTS, which makes you a complete moron, a disinformation schill and essentially a stupid, ignorant, misleading "author" of yet another rag piece unfit for publication.

SHAME on the Activist for allowing such a piece of trash to be published.

Anonymous said...

Anybody that is still listening to Alex Jones is a gullible fool. The very same ad hominen attacks used against Prince Charles (ie., he's rich, he's advocating what he himself doesn't do) can be rightly applied to Jones, who is making millions off of his propaganda machine, living large, destroying the planet with a gigantic house, fleets of cars, bodyguards and the whole shebang.

Jones is in fact, "one of them" -- there isn't ten cents different from the elitists he claims to hate and the elitist life he lives.

But you people are fucking stupid. You attack personalities while ignoring the facts.

The facts that we are seriously fucking up this planet are plain to see. The fact that little is being done about it is also plain to see. The fact that the Holocene Extinction is happening everywhere now is plain to see.

Prince Charles, despite his status, position, personality and character is RIGHT about all of these points. Wake the fuck up you idiots.

You don't have to like the messenger, like I don't have to like Jones or you don't like Charles, but the facts remain that these events are happening right now and you're all too busy trying to gain stupid brownie points by making ad hominen attacks against people you don't like while the world goes to hell.

Anonymous said...

We do need to take care of our environment, but we can't let the financial elite dictate guidelines for assessing environmental regulations, and have them impose arbitrary conditions on the masses. Peace out!

T Bagg said...

In all reality, that little cartoon where people don't have to think, is precisely what 95% of this planet's inhabitants need. Look how easliy 95% of the population is duped every day precisely because they don't think.

It is actually people like us who do think, who write on posts like these, and question authority that scare the establishment because we know they are full of sh** and we don't have a problem letting them know that we know. They are mostly afraid that we will wake our zombie neighbor brethen up. (Anytime you can use the word 'brethen' you should.)

"Ignorance is bliss."- Blake

Anonymous said...

Right - lets trust a "royal" who wants to be reborn as a virus so he can cull the human population! With an efficient Savior like that, we can put all of the low -tech Zyklon B back in the can for less demanding solutions..

Anonymous said...

That wussey, Prince Charles is the freaking anti-Christ. He has a lot of power unfortunately.

These guys are satanists in my opinion. It is true that we can look up all this junk in the bible.

What a crock of s.......... Let him and his wussey ass stand up to Jesus Christ and God almighty when all is said and done. These morons think they are God.

Furious here.

leya. said...

Read David Icke's book- "The Biggest Secret"

Alol will be revealed. prince Charles et al!

I am still recovering from the shock.

People Need to know this stuff.

Thanks be to David..now I have a hero!


Anonymous said...

brandon,you dodgy idiot..so close to an unsubscibe.

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