Monday, September 19, 2011

California Bans Unvaccinated Children from Class

Anthony Gucciardi
Activist Post

If your child hasn’t received the whooping cough vaccine, he or she is now banned from attending class at many California schools. Despite legitimate religious or personal health reasons for rejecting the whooping cough vaccine, your child simply cannot attend class. Due to a law that requires all students entering grades seven through 12 be vaccinated, the San Francisco school district has begun sending home children who do not have proof of receiving the whooping cough vaccination.

Proof of vaccine ineffectiveness

Why are schools afraid of unvaccinated children spreading the disease to vaccinated children if the whooping cough vaccine is truly effective? How could an unvaccinated child spread the disease to someone who has already received the whooping cough vaccine?

Interestingly enough, scientists have found that vaccinating against the whooping cough is actually an ineffective waste of money. In fact, widespread vaccination of adults against whooping cough (pertussis) would do almost nothing to reduce infection rates among unvaccinated children according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Michigan and published in the journal Science.

The IB Times reports:
The law, which requires that all students entering grades seven through 12 be vaccinated, took effect for the 2011-2012 school year. The state legislature passed a 30-day extension over the summer to give students more time to comply, but thousands of students still have not gotten the vaccine — and, depending on the school district they’re in, some of them can’t attend class until they do.
Starting on Thursday, the San Francisco school district sent home students who came to school without proof of vaccination or a signed “parental personal belief exemption,” in which parents can certify that they have chosen not to vaccinate their child because of personal opposition to vaccinations.
Please begin your research into the dangers of vaccines with 100 Compiled Studies on Vaccine Dangers showing them to be ineffective, or outright dangerous, and use this to educate those around you.  Please also visit Natural Society for additional info. about vaccine dangers, alternative medicine, and natural health.


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Anonymous said...

in some ways this post is misleading , yes they will not allow children to attend school without the vaccination --- or---- an exemption form, it is no different in texas, EXCEPT, the school district does not tell you this, on their flyers, you have to wade through several websites to find the info for the exemption, the bottom line is this , the state has no right over your person, in this capacity, and all you have to do is know your rights, past that, the post should have read , the state is at it again , here is a link on how to file a religious , or other exemption --just ignore the state..and be well...

Anonymous said...

How can anyone NOT see where this is going? God didn't create Adam and Eve and Phizer and Merck and Bayer Crop Science, etc.

Americans have got to be the stupidest people on the planet to let this happen. NOTHING in nature behaves this way; entrusting the well-being of future generations to pseudo-people (corporations) for short term profit.

To anybody with more than a couple of dozen neurons still firing, get out of this bizzaro country while the gettin's good. Tomorrow's too late!

Anonymous said...

Wait a sec. here, these children have a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to attend any school that accepts public funding. They also have the same right to refuse vaccines. So, this law is unenforcable if the parents know what their rights are.

Anonymous said...

follow the money...someone was paid off to make this happen.

Anonymous said...

I think the more appropriate thing to do is follow the blood. You can follow the money all you want, money is just a means to their end. You are naive if you think these people who want to kill us vermon off care about money when they own the printing presses and control all the world's finances. Its about Eugenics, it has always been about Eugenics. We are vermin, they are the upper class. Where do you think the caste system came from? Follow the bloodlines back to Sumer and Babylon.

Anonymous said...

Its about control. Soon you will have pat downs on public streets for your "safety". It will end when you say NO. Imagine a school where no-one showed up? The teachers would quickly realize they will lose their jobs if they continue with stupidity.

I couldn't care less if my child didn't go to their indoctrination centers! She will learn far more at home than she would at school anyway, and in far less time.

What group of people own these companies? Gees its not hard to figure it out. What tribe do they belong to? C'mon Americans, you are way too slow in figuring it all out.
subvertednation dot net

Anonymous said...

A link to information on state waivers:
Scroll near the bottom and you'll see this section:

Anonymous said...

isnt the us a signitary to the un rights of the child which states every child shall have the right to an education

tal said...

The title and the article are a little misleading as someone else mentioned. I quote but have added emphasis:

proof of vaccination or a signed “parental personal belief exemption,” in which parents can certify that they have chosen not to vaccinate their child because of personal opposition to vaccinations.

Anonymous said...

I cringe everytime I see someone say "Constitutional Right"...THERE IS NO SUCH THING!

The Bill of Rights are "Constitutionally SECURED rights", but you have INHERENT rights you can choose to not exercise (waive them tacitly or explicitly via contract...can we say "Driver's license"? or "claiming to be a US Citizen"?).

Personally, I think people should homeschool their children until the public school system is no longer federally controlled (Leave no Child Behind Act is FRAUD!), the states change their policies on educational content (e.g., we need to break the monopoly on history texts that printing companies have because more than half the "history" I've read in my children's history books is BULLCRAP!)

The system must fail. It is detrimental to the survival of mankind and the world in its present form: Profits over health, profits over human prosperity, profits over peace, profits over sustainability....CORPORATIONS OVER PEOPLE? HOGWASH!

Day of Rage, let it spread!

Anonymous said...


This exclusion doesn't cut it. It goes in the same box as, "You're considered guilty until you prove you're innocent."

They tried the same thing with credit cards a while back where new conditions were forced on you unless you found and understood the fine print telling you how you could opt out. Fortunately, the courts at that time ruled in favor of common sense and reversed the practice.

In a free society, no-one would argue that people have the freedom to "opt in" to something if they wish. The opposite has nothing to do with freedom.

Bad is good, war is peace, up is down and freedom of choice is FORCING people to opt-out of something they never asked for in the first place.

Anonymous said...

My healthy 16 yr old son has never had a vaccination beyond one or two shots he received before the age of 1 year which I wasn't aware of till after the fact. I have been signing waivers since he entered public school. Most of his teachers and administrators throughout the years thought I was/am crazy. I find producing a list of ingrediants and proven side effects opens a dialouge. I don't think "Monkey Puss" would be something a parent would want injected into their kids body.

Anonymous said...

This is great news....homeschooling is the only way to keep your kids uncontaminated by the education system and the deliberate lowering of intelligence...take advantage of this free ticket!

Anonymous said...

This just means, to me, that they can stick anything into the blood of any kid they want. There is no outbreak of any disease to cause this to be legislated over, so that means it's on purpose to to what ever they want.

Anonymous said...

"My final conclusion after 40 years or more in this business [medicine], is that the unofficial policy of the World Health Organization and the 'Save the Children's Fund' and other vaccine promoting organizations is one of murder and genocide." Dr Archie Kalokerinos (Int'nl Vaccine Newsletter - June 1995)

Anonymous said...

It is widely recognized by the scientific community vaccination across the board can be hazardous and sometimes fatal... this is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

My daughter was removed from school for 26 days this month not because she was not vaccinated, (she had 3 rounds of DTaP before my son reacted to that same drug and I stopped all vaccinations) but because I would not give her a full course of antibiotics required by the health department who took over our school when a boy in her class was diagnosed with Whooping Cough. It was a great experience having her home and I am now considering homeschooling her. The health department does what they want and will punish anyone who stands up for their own beliefs, when I signed the exemption form I never thought it would affect my family.

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