Saturday, September 3, 2011

AP: War on Terror Targets Political Dissent and Protest Bloggers

Dissent is terrorism - Anthony Freda Art
Activist Post

Associated Press announced their findings of an in depth investigation into worldwide terror arrests and convictions. Their study concluded that about 30% of arrests ended in convictions.  However, the arrests of those who were indicted for actual terror events was remarkably low compared to those arrested for political dissent:
At least 35,000 people worldwide have been convicted as terrorists in the decade since the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States. But while some bombed hotels or blew up buses, others were put behind bars for waving a political sign or blogging about a protest. 
In the first tally ever done of global anti-terror arrests and convictions, The Associated Press documented a surge in prosecutions under new or toughened anti-terror laws, often passed at the urging and with the funding of the West. Before 9/11, just a few hundred people were convicted of terrorism each year. 
The sheer volume of convictions, along with almost 120,000 arrests, shows how a keen global awareness of terrorism has seeped into societies, and how the war against it is shifting to the courts. But it also suggests that dozens of countries are using the fight against terrorism to curb dissent and throw political opponents in jail.
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Dr. Goldstein said...

I guess they will arrest me next.

My blog (Dr. Goldstein's Blog) is entirely anti-Bush, anti-Obama, anti-warmonger countries, and very pro-Palestine.

Any asshole who wants to step on my right to free expression can kiss my hairy crack.

almostnuts said...

molon labe, resist tyranny. someone has to do it and it might as well be us.

Anonymous said...

This is the definition of Hysteria

Support Blogger Dan Kellar said...

Here is a breaking-news example from Canada.

A Blogger arrested for expressing his personal opinion about undercover peace-group infiltrators.

When I googled "snitchwire" I found an article called "Police Infiltrate Anarchists and Activists" that included pics of one of the alleged G-20 police infiltrators.

And here is a great expose':

Anonymous said...

If the war on terror is shifting to the courts, as the article has said, then the defense of the innocent should be found in the courts. The terrorists are religious as well as extreme in their political views. It is true that if they were to convert to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, ie:the God Yahweh Elohim, then they would cease to be enemy combatants and would assimilate into the overall framework of our western civilization. That framework is rather tolerant. In the Christian world there is a tolerance of many things not deemed correct by christian theology. This is because the real contest lies between the perpetrator and God. We, the people, are called to be tolerant but vigilent in our own walk so as to not be influenced by those who sin. The opposite of this is the Islamist's Jihad. It is not that Jihad should be outlawed for since when did murder not be outlawed, but it is the chief proponent of this "jihad" that should be outlawed along with those who practice jihad.

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