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10 Lies Enshrined by H.Res. 391 to "Never Forget" 9/11

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The official version of the events of 9/11 are deemed written in stone according to a new 5-page House Resolution (pdf) which was passed to Never Forget 9/11.  The intention is great, in theory. However, the facts are completely warped. 

Enumerated below is a summary of the points of the Resolution, with links providing outright refutation, or questions surrounding such statements.


1. The fourth plane was prevented from being used as a weapon against America by brave passengers:  While this narrative is emotionally compelling, the facts of flight 93 remain open for debate.  For starters, there are too many inconsistencies with the notion that cell phone calls could have been made from the plane that day.  Thus, this storyline seems immediately debunked considering the faulty source of supposed communication.  Most likely the plane was shot down, as Donald Rumsfeld said on video.  The size of the debris field also indicated a break-up prior to impact.  

2. The attacks destroyed both towers of the World Trade Center, as well as adjacent buildings: This seems to acknowledge Building 7 -- a building that was not mentioned by the 9-11 Commission report.  Building 7 was undeniably a controlled demolition, never having been hit by a plane.  WTC lease-owner Larry Silverstein is even on video admitting to the planned demolition.  

3. The attacks targeted symbols of America's success and were intended to assail its noble principles, values and freedoms.  Since 9/11, the United States has grossly assailed its own principles, values, and freedoms in the reaction to the attacks through preemptive wars, torture, removal of Habeas Corpus, and all of the atrocities to freedom that the PATRIOT Act and the Department of Homeland Security have inflicted. The current principles don't seem so noble when your child is being fondled by the TSA.  

4.  Memorials have been constructed to honor the victims of these attacks and to pay tribute to the heroic action of those who have served our communities and our country:  First responders who risked their lives were first deceived about the air quality by the EPA, made to fight and beg for sufficient health care, run through a terror watch list, and have been denied a place at 10th Anniversary Ceremony, which is supposedly being given to honor courage and resolve.  Quite a tribute! 

5. 10 years after 9/11, 2001, the U.S. continues to fight terrorists and other extremists.  All major terror groups, and their actions -- most notably Al Qaeda -- have in fact been supported by the U.S. government, while the anti-terror apparatus now ignores even its own justification by turning it on average, law-abiding, peaceful Americans.  Are we supposed to honor that this misguided war continues with no end in sight?  

6. Numerous laws have been enacted to assist victims of terrorism, combat terrorism at home and abroad, and support members of the Armed Forces: The American government lied them into wars of aggression, allowed private insurers to steal death benefits from the families of veterans, and demonized returning veterans as potential terrorists. Bravo!  

7. To express gratitude to the efforts of personnel involved in the removal of Osama bin Laden.  Bin Laden had been dead 9 times over before the staged hoax of his "removal." His initial training and funding provably came from the CIA, and the FBI could never provide evidence of his involvement in the September 11th attacks. At this point, who cares about bin Laden anyway?  He seems to be just one of the many puppets being used to continue the phony War on Terror.  

8. The terrorist attacks that have occurred around the world since 9/11/01 remind us of the hateful inhumanity of terrorism:  Excellent point, so long as the Western-backed NATO "humanitarian missions" are included as terrorist attacks being referred to.  

9. The Nation is indebted to all personnel serving in war zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan in advancement of national interests.  The interests served are actually global corporate interests, not American interests, as they have provably weakened America financially and morally.  

10. Thousands of families have lost loved ones in the defense of freedom and liberty against the tyranny of terror and not diminished the pain caused by the senseless loss of 3,000 persons killed on 9/11/01.  They were not the only ones.  Mass tyrannical invasions and drone strikes have killed hundreds of thousands and displaced millions more around the world.  It's true that freedom fighters, defending their homeland from outside invasion, have been tortured and maimed.  Wait, who's defending freedom and liberty, and who is initiating violence and tyranny?
    This Resolution is an appalling attempt to convince the nation to lie to itself, despite polls which continue to show that a majority of Americans think we overreacted, overspent and weakened ourselves through the War on Terror.  This proposal by Eric Cantor wishes to enshrine a false view of both history and the present . . . and set it in stone for the future.  How can America hope to reverse the race downhill to tyranny and infamy without analyzing facts?  We need to voice our outrage over this despicable cover-up and propagandizing of a national tragedy -- that tragedy being 9/11 AND the decade of worldwide oppression that has followed.  Indeed, let us never forget.


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    V. Taylor said...

    Spot On!

    Anonymous said...

    I'd reconsider your statement " Most likely the plane was shot down, as Donald Rumsfeld said on video. The size of the debris field also indicated a break-up prior to impact." A smouldering hole in a field and what may I ask was found scattered miles around of WHAT?
    No plane blows up in tiny bits of pieces. I'll bet--The Israelies Firsters scattered the bits before hand and forgot to dumb some in the smouldering field. Don't pass garbage and assumptions. Question-what happened to the evidence? Disappeared and out of public view--just like the Plane parts gathered up by Rummesfeld with 50 FBI agents--even a dumpster was handy :^/

    Anonymous said...

    No, man, they hate us because of our FREEDOMS! The freedom to lie. The freedom to steal. The freedom to remain unaccountable for war crimes. The freedom to vote for Tweedledum or Tweedledummer. The list goes on ad infinitum and ad nauseum.

    Unknown said...


    Miguel Grande said...

    Anon #1, there were very large parts spread apart over Pennsylvania. I was told by an insider who was working flight control at a military airfield, as it happened, that they had shot down an commercial aircraft just outside of Pittsburgh. His uncle went to photograph the tail section 8 miles from Shanksville, he was arrested by the FBI. The debris field was very large and stretched about eight miles.

    I showed a military veteran a picture of a large white smoke cloud someone had photographed
    rising above the field at Shanksville when it happened. He got very excited and yelled, "That's ordinance, that's ordinance! That's no plane crash! Everyone knows ordinance smoke is white and plane crashe's smoke is black!" The next time I accessed that photo on a website it had been photo shopped and the smoke was black, the veteran had spent his entire career in military intelligence. He knew who to go to, to correct this glaring mistake.

    An Air Force pilot named Rick Gilbey was awarded an air service medal for shooting down the plane. Later, they said he received the medal for flying at break neck speed to Indiana to pick up an important big wig and giving him a ride back East. His F-16 that day was a one seater not designed for extra passengers. Taxi drivers are not awarded medals for courage and valor.

    Anonymous said...

    It is shameful and without honor that our government continues to lie to the American people and the world. However any of you that have awaken in the past 25 years knows that this is normal behavior for the power brokers. I think it will continue unless the Ameican people make a move to end the lies or some form of worldwide catastrophe. How unintelligent they must think we are as followers. And, I can not help but think the entire world must believe we are the dumbest people on the planet, or is it easier to go along in order to get along? I am highly pissed.

    Anonymous said...

    "It is fortunate for the leaders that the masses don't think!" Adolf Hilter

    Anonymous said...

    Even if the government did shoot the planes down, they were perfectly within thier rights, and it saved possibly thousands of lives. If the government has not seen it yet fit to release this classified information, so be it. This is why we have classified information. The general population is is "generally" irresponsible with information anyway. Much of this article lacks empiracle information, and the conclusions drawn are speculatory.

    Anonymous said...

    ^^^ uh ok Gomer, you just debunked the entire thing. Our bad ^^^

    JEANNON said...

    Excellent article.

    9-11 was one big Satanic lie. The planning for it took years. The cover-up of it has been going on for ten years and is just as evil and Satanic as the event itself.

    This proposed House bill is the first giant step toward identifying anyone who questions the official story as a terrorist.

    All we can do, and preferably do it as individuals not part of any group, is stand up and speak out and expose the Satanic lie of 9-11.

    I find it very disappointing that the author of this great piece, "Activist:, will not stand up, that is, identify him or herself by their real name. That is just another form of lying or hiding and has nothing to do with "activists" making a difference.

    Ms. Jeannon Kralj

    Anonymous said...

    It’s now official – there’s been no actual shortage of Holocaust Survivors :

    Quote from The Holocaust Industry by Norman G. Finkelstein of the City University of New York, published by Verso in the year 2000:

    'The Israeli Prime Minister's office recently put the number of "living Holocaust survivors" at nearly a million.' (page 83)

    Anonymous said...

    Gomer needs to order "In Plane Site" the directors cut.

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