Monday, August 29, 2011

Revolution is a Potluck

“A revolution is not a dinner party, or writing an essay, or painting a picture, or doing embroidery; it cannot be so refined, so leisurely and gentle, so temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous. A revolution is an insurrection, an act of violence by which one class overthrows another.” ~Mao Zedong

Revolutionize your community
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Cindy Sheehan

First of all, don’t worry, I am not advocating violent overthrow of the Robber Class in this piece—now that your mind is eased (or disappointed), I will go on.

Today, Peace of the Action, and our Re-Creating Revolutionary Communities or Bust Tour is wrapping up near Yosemite in bucolic (and hot), Oakhurst. We began in Eugene, Or. and stopped in Hood River and Newport before heading down to California where we had events in Arcata, Garberville, Fresno and soon in Oakhurst.

At each stop, a community potluck was included and I observed and heard many revolutionary acts being planned by members of each community stemming from the mere act of building community.

Back in the days of the Great Depression in the 20s, 30s, and 40s, “community” wasn’t a concept, it was a reality—with longevity in residence, no TV box, and multi-generational homes—for better, or worse, we needed each other. Since then, we have become Pod People—isolated and propagandized by the TV box to the point where many of us believe that if we need another person, we are weak. However, this tribal need for community is natural and we should pay heed to the impulse to gather in healthy community rather than suppress it with unhealthy activities.

Re-creating Revolutionary Communities is not about locking ourselves in our own homes with stockpiles of food and ammo and it’s not about confronting our current class-based diseased system head-on with heavy weaponry or ineffectual protests. It’s about, as far as possible for each of our own current circumstances, CREATING OUR OWN SYSTEMS.

On our tour, we have seen communities using local scrip, barter, community gardening and food co-ops, canning circles (fyi, canning is preserving food that you grow—it’s an ancient process making a comeback), community medical clinics, recycling, forest preservation, energy production, etc.

This Empire that we reside under is on the verge of collapse by institutional rot, fueled by avaricious greed. Removing ourselves from the diseased systems of the Robber Class is the only way we are going to survive the collapse.

Can it be any more obvious at this point that we cannot vote our way out of this mess? This system cannot be reformed to a place where it’s healthy, clean and safe for us.

Many people wrote to me in 2008 that “Barack Obama is our only hope.” Well, I don’t know how many more deaths and economic terrorism against our class it’s going to take before 100% of Obama supporters wake up to the fact that Obama was only “hope” for the Robber Class.

Now, I am being harassed with, “Ron Paul is our only chance.” Please, give it up, people.


We have been finding that many people are on this parallel path of localization and we feel that it’s imperative to connect our communities in solidarity to build a new paradigm of people before profit and anti-consumerism that has infected us in the Robbed Class.

“Dog eat dog” is dead. Have a potluck in your community and start fomenting your own revolution!

We are thinking of doing a West-East RevCom tour in late spring next year—let me know if you are interested in having the tour come through your town.

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Anonymous said...

cindy sheehan rocks.

voting is for idiots.

Ben Steinke said...

Love ya, Cindy, but good luck trying to get anything revolutionary started in the Midwest. About the only thing that would get people to revolt in this part of the country is if the college football season was cancelled. The Pacific Northwest is much more amenable to revolutionary behavior than the amazingly apathetic Heartland. Here, all people care about is football, agriculture (the corporate kind), Sunday picnics after church, and getting drunk on the weekend. But, if you DO decide to come to the Midwest, make sure you don't serve all-vegetarian food at these potlucks, because the Midwest is meat and potatoes country. I'm not saying you shouldn't try, but it'll be an uphill battle the likes of which you've never experienced before!

Anonymous said...

I guess her love of abortions continues to blind her to Dr. Paul

GT said...

All this 'zeal of the converted' shit pisses me off - had her kid got back from Iraq (or was it Afghanistan? I neither know nor care where he died, since he chose to kill-for-pay) with a medal and an honourable discharge, she would still be a 'proud military Mom'.

In other words, the thing that she's agitating about - at root - is the fact that her kid died, and sod-all else.

Sad fact is, had she spent twenty minutes on the internet figuring out that all the Bush admin's claims were bullshit, then sat down and talked to her kid about it before he joined, he might have done something useful and still be alive. Instead, this woman got all teared-up AFTER her kid got smoked by someone resisting an invasion in which her kid was a willing participant.

That's bad parenting. instead of blaming the State's Death Machine for killing her son, she ought to be looking inward and asking how she raised a kid who thought it was fine to go kill strangers for money.

I'm being sort of harsh - my own parents had no idea that I intended to join the Army (at 17); I joined up while my Dad was away for a month (because I knew he would prevent me from joining).

I joined against my parents' wishes, and because I was bored and young and stupid (and like 99% of other recruits, it had nothing whatsoever to do with duty, or honour, or country, or any of the other ritualistic bullshit that civilians are led to believe).

Even while in the military, I understood the point that I would later find in Thoreau's "Civil Disobedience" - that soldiers deserve no more respect than a lump of mud, since they abrogate their moral judgement, becoming less than human.

As to the meat of the argument: Revolution might get messy, but the mess is localised - the only participants are locals, and hence the mess is self-limiting. Par contre, when the State gets involved in creating a mess, they do so over a much wider geographic area (most often outside their own borders) and deliberately exploit the stupidity of people like Sheehan's son (and my 17yo self).

Revolution might be 'potluck', but the status quo is volunteering to get raped to the tune of 50% (once you count unfunded future liabilities plus your share of the debt). 50% of your shit, every day, until you get put in the ground.

I'll take potluck, thanks. Do you have a vegetarian version?

lonegranger said...

A suggestion to return to family and community, a basic Human model, a natural state!

Since before the end of WWII, the government has made every effort to supplant the natural models of provision, education, protection, support, and association provided by multi-generational families with government inventions. Humans have been conditioned to accept government sanctioned rules modifying a citizens perceptions of morals and obligations.

Natural families are fragmented and allegiances are transferred to intellectual devices embodied in the government (e.g. SSI)! It is a state where simple, natural worries appear to have vanished and are overshadowed by a myriad of unnatural fears that may only be overcome through the invention that concocted them.

It is difficult to realize the emptiness of one's natural existence, when it is so chock full of implanted distractions. Disasters effected this transfer of models and, most likely, disasters will cause the rejection and the redintegration to a natural, human existence.

Anonymous said...

The police and military do not come from outer space. Why don’t we just teach our kids that are (or going to be) in law enforcement or the military, not to do any thing against their own people? Then if a “leader” gives an order to lie, hurt, incarcerate, or kill a citizen(s) the one given the order along with the support of the citizens would complete the order on the ass of the leader. It can really be this simple.

Anonymous said...

Great use of the Mao quote.

And I do thing pot-lucks will be part of the revolution. Without kindness, we shall watch our selves rot. Without sharing, we shall learn harsh lessons. But freedom to all, to do as they please.

- Pot Luck

Loose said...

One of the Anonymous posts here ASSumes Dr. Paul is pro choice. He is not.

Anonymous said...

What the USA Federal Government, as well as most citizens do not understand, is that a revolution like the one against the Brits is not necessary. There are already 50 operating (well operating in most cases) countries making up the USA. All they need to do is remove themselves from the Federal Government. One at a time, or all at once is not relevant. Take CA for instance. If CA removed itself from the Federal Gov, and collected all the Fed taxes that their citizens now pay to the Federal Government, they would go from a nightmare economy to a utopian society over night. All it takes is a few strokes of a few pens. The Fed Gov is in no position to send troops to CA like the North did to the Southern States circa 1860. A stroke of a few pens and it is a done deal. WAKE UP. It really is that simple.

The US Government has made the lives of US citizens a million times more miserable than any terrorist could even dream of. Everybody in the world knows what’s going down in the USA, but nobody has any power to stop the rogue USA Government. In the EU and neighboring countries, the people have more power over their government. The US debt ceiling is irrelevant. It was too late when Ronald Reagan left office with his massive debt. Since Reagan, the USA Federal Government has been a member of the, "living dead." There are no words in the English language to describe this level of sadness.

“In 2011 Dennis Blair, previous director of national intelligence, mentioned that 17 Americans have been killed on U.S. soil by terrorists in the 10 years since 9/11 — 14 of them in the Ft. Hood massacre. Meanwhile, auto accidents, murders and rapes combined have killed an estimated 1.5 million people in the past decade. “What is it that justifies this amount of money on this narrow problem?” WHAT ABOUT THE LIVES OF THE 1.5 MILLION?

The only thing Bush proved by invading Iraq was that Sadam was a great leader. Just look at the place then, and compare it to now. Bush and his cronies will go the warmonger way of Hitler and his henchmen. Think of how great the USA and the world would be today if the US never had a military of any kind. All that money could have been used to build a Utopian society. Is the USA run by a secret satanic society? The level of stupidity of the USA leaders over the last nearly 100 years is so incomprehensible, I cannot think of any other explanation for the blatant and widespread insanity. Where does the USA go in the next 20 to 50 years? There is only one course, and it has been played out a thousand times in recorded history. The 50 states will divide up to become separate countries, or groups of states will join together where it is in their benefit. The USA Federal Government with their warmongering ways, and all of their debt, will go the way of the Romans and their debt. I hope the people around the world can understand that the citizens of the USA are in no way connected to the people who control the country, and do not like or approve of the USA leadership any more than any of the other USA’s victims on the planet. Two long articles are posted on the site:

Anonymous said...


It's not that simple. I have former family members in the military. When they told me they were joining, I told them that if they did, they would no longer be my family.

They were not dumb, acutely young, patriotic, or any of that. They were simply and plainly bloodthirsty, eager to unleash on real men, women, and children what they had been unleashing most of their lives in video game form, and to unleash it on people who have they have seen demonized in the movies they watched for most of their lives.

At a certain point the State (and by that I mean the government, the corporations, the media) takes people from you, and nothing you say has any meaning to them.

If I hear that one has bled to death on the side of a road, the victim of a well-placed IED, I will stand up and dance a jig on the spot.

As for Ms. Sheehan, I will admit my caution in trusting her initially for some of the same reasons you point out.

But at this point, I don't think you can say that she was solely motivated by some sense of honor for her son. She had every opportunity to buddy up to the Obama camp - she refused (knowing that Obama is every bit the cold blooded murderer that Bush was) and was immediately ostracized by the (total joke that is) the left, as well as the media.

Hell, there was a point where she could have pitched a freakin' reality show and gone full sell-out on us.

Instead, she's consistently speaking the hard-to-hear truth; that voting isn't going to get the job done (How the hell does anyone think a vote is going to change anything in a world where 9/11 perpetrated by the country's own intelligence service along with the intelligence service of a foreign "ally?").

Ron Paul has a lot of good things to say; no more money for Israeli scum; no more bank bailouts; etc. That does not change the fact that he is a long standing member of the Demopublican/Repucrat Party which is guilty of major crimes against humanity - including the two worst crimes of all, genocide and the waging of aggressive war. There is simply NO EXCUSE for maintaining membership in the parties of power.

Americans have a SYSTEMIC problem. Until their current "leaders" are in jail for life - and yes that means Carter, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, and Obama - they have absolutely no hope of being anything close to the just nation they've been telling tales about for a few hundred years now.

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