Sunday, August 21, 2011

Head of Libyan Security Services calls out NATO for supporting al Qaeda

Madison Ruppert, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

The American “war on terror” is a sham designed to strip freedoms from Americans while consolidating wealth and power into the hands of the elite.

Since the war on terror began, absolutely no measurable progress has been made and the entire nomenclature assigned to this “war” bolsters this fact by showing that this is a war that is meant to continue forever, across the world.

For those who are still taken by the illusion that we are actually fighting terrorism, our support of rebels openly associated with al Qaeda in Libya (the same al Qaeda group responsible for sending militants to Iraq to kill American soldiers) should have shattered this delusion.

The head of the Libyan security services, that is the real Libyan security services not the al Qaeda-affiliated rebel war criminals, Abdullah al-Snousi made this very clear in a statement earlier today.

The following statement was posted on the al Jazeera live blog on Libya but it does not state to whom he made this statement or in what venue.

“What we are facing now in this war is NATO led by al-Qaeda. The European and western officials are lying to their people when they say they are fighting terrorism. In fact they are fighting with terrorism against the Libyan nation and they are following al Qaeda’s orders.

What we find really strange that the same people who brought to us these terrorists elements are the same people now supporting these very terrorist elements. Now the international coalition is not against terrorism but between the west and terrorism. And my colleagues, the heads of intelligence services all around the world know what I am talking about. Libyan head of security services Abdullah Al-Snousi.”

I would have to disagree that the war is “led by al-Qaeda” as it would be quite silly to think that al Qaeda dictates American policy.

I would correct this by stipulating that it is America who dictates al Qaeda policy.

The simple fact is that we are supporting terrorists in Libya and actively encouraging a group of individuals with strong ties to terrorists to overthrow the Gaddafi regime in order to place themselves in power.

Just like authoritarian regimes around the world, the rebel leadership was not chosen or approved by the people of Libya.

They declared themselves the sole legitimate representatives of the people of Libya and swiftly were accepted as such by Western governments.

The Western nations in support of these al Qaeda-affiliated rebels then, in defiance of the Vienna Conventions, stole sovereign Libyan territory and handed it over to the illegitimate rebel envoys.

We can only hope that once these rebels take full control over Libya they will properly and democratically rule, but unfortunately all current signs show that this will not be the case.

Why? Because the opposition forces have already begun to serve their globalist masters by selling them sweet crude oil and establishing a private central bank in order to change Libya from a wealthy independent African nation into an impoverished debt-slave nation beholden to the banking cartels like the IMF, World Bank and Bank of International Settlements.

All we can do at this point is support the Libyan peoples’ right to a democratically elected government and unfortunately this is not the road they are currently headed down.

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Anonymous said...

The US Government has made the lives of US citizens a million times more miserable than any terrorist could even dream of. Everybody in the world knows what’s going down in the USA, but nobody has any power to stop the rogue USA Government. In the EU and neighboring countries, the people have more power over their government. The US debt ceiling is irrelevant. It was too late when Ronald Reagan left office with his massive debt. Since Reagan, the USA Federal Government has been a member of the, "living dead." There are no words in the English language to describe this level of sadness.

“In 2011 Dennis Blair, previous director of national intelligence, mentioned that 17 Americans have been killed on U.S. soil by terrorists in the 10 years since 9/11 — 14 of them in the Ft. Hood massacre. Meanwhile, auto accidents, murders and rapes combined have killed an estimated 1.5 million people in the past decade. “What is it that justifies this amount of money on this narrow problem?” WHAT ABOUT THE LIVES OF THE 1.5 MILLION?

The only thing Bush proved by invading Iraq was that Sadam was a great leader. Just look at the place then, and compare it to now. Bush and his cronies will go the warmonger way of Hitler and his henchmen. Think of how great the USA and the world would be today if the US never had a military of any kind. All that money could have been used to build a Utopian society. Is the USA run by a secret satanic society? The level of stupidity of the USA leaders over the last nearly 100 years is so incomprehensible, I cannot think of any other explanation for the blatant and widespread insanity. Where does the USA go in the next 20 to 50 years? There is only one course, and it has been played out a thousand times in recorded history. The 50 states will divide up to become separate countries, or groups of states will join together where it is in their benefit. The USA Federal Government with their warmongering ways, and all of their debt, will go the way of the Romans and their debt. I hope the people around the world can understand that the citizens of the USA are in no way connected to the people who control the country, and do not like or approve of the USA leadership any more than any of the other USA’s victims on the planet. Two long articles are posted on the site:

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