Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bachmann Rigged Iowa Poll by Buying "At Least" 4000 Votes

Bachmann in Iowa
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Activist Post

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is being called the "Queen of the Straw Poll" after her victory at the Iowa straw poll yesterday for the GOP presidential nomination.

Bachmann, who finished with 4823 votes, narrowly beat second-place finisher Congressman Ron Paul who collected 4671 votes.

The Ames poll, although important because of the early significance of Iowa in the primaries, is nonbinding and unscientific.

AFP reported that "It has been criticized as playing too heavily in favor of candidates that are well financed, since their campaigns can buy the $30 tickets for their supporters to attend and presumably vote in their favor."

The Ames event was considered to be a Republican fundraiser, yet Bachmann's campaign bought and "handed out at least 4,000 free tickets to supporters."

Therefore, Bachmann appears to have rigged the vote at a minimum direct cost of $120,000 to her campaign. It's unclear whether any of the other candidates engaged in this same behavior.

Another anomaly with the vote surfaced this morning when it was discovered that 218 votes went unaccounted for. In other words, these votes were in the overall tally but not registered to any of the candidates.

One would think the media would attempt to uncover the discrepancy given the razor thin 152-vote margin between Bachmann and Paul.  However, so far, they've been content to call her the "queen" of the event.

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Anonymous said...

It would be a significant report if, there were evidence that no other campaign had done the same. Since there was no mention in the report, I'm guessing there's no smoke, therefore, no fire.

Anonymous said...


If you haven't figured out who has stolen America by now, you never will. If you haven't figured out who ended up with all the "bail out" money by now you ever will. You are the people that still believe that 9-11 was carried out by Muslim extremists. You also believe Bush was elected by winning the majority of the votes. America was sold out lock stock and barrel. And the bad guys are operating in plain sight. Just follow the money people. This is not rocket science. Means, motive and opportunity. In short who ended up with all the money and the power. Was it "Muslims". I think not we have literally destroyed 4 predominately Muslim countries. We have murdered untold millions of Muslims. These Muslims were poor before America attacked them. They are empty shells now.

On the other hand......One group in particular has seen its wealth and power skyrocket off the charts. This is particularly striking given that they are a small minority in most countries. In fact 20% of the US Congress is visiting in the next 2 weeks. Instead of spending time with their voters. Instead of finding out what the people who they have sworn to represent need and want. These traitors are all in Israel over the next 2 weeks. In fact over 1,500 trips have been made to Israel by members of the US Congress over the last year or so. One has to ask; if they are spending so much time in Israel then surely Israel is influencing their decisions on Capital Hill. And since this is so, doesn't serving a foreign country constitute treason? Michele Bachmann who is she representing? how many trips to Israel has she made in the last 3 years. You won't like the answer.

Anonymous said...

Bachmann gave away 6,000 tickets (free) and received 4,823 votes.

Ron Paul sold 4,000 tickets ($10) and received 4,671 votes.

Anonymous said...


So Michele bought her votes outright and Paul gave the middle class a break and reduced prices even during a Bachmann inflation run! What a president Paul will be!

evilcheneycyborgzombie said...

what was the ratio of men to women who received Bachmans free tickets? I really doubt that more than 10% of men(those would be the gay ones) would vote for a "dingy broad"

Take no offense please, but thats typically how they generate media coverage by getting a minority concensous and just focusing on that %10 as if they represent the typivcal voter.

Anonymous said...

I'm the 'no smoke, no fire', anonymous. Dr. Paul paid to have people bused into the affair, he'd come pick you up and, feed that different? Maybe. You're preaching to the choir, I was a Ron Paul delegate from Missouri's 1st Congressional district in 2008. As far as I'm concerned this nation has one chance, Ron Paul and the awakening of the silent majority. The rage is smoldering, it is nearly palpable.

As to destroying Muslim people; this nation has a terrible record of killing brown people all over the globe in the name of greed (read 'Confessions of an Economic Hitman') and domination.

Anonymous said...

So giving away a ticket equals stealing a vote? Are you an imbecile? No proof, and even if it is true, she did not put a gun to their head. They voted for her because she is nice. Go get a life and suck Alex Jones' wiener while your at it goofball... Rick Perry will be our next president and he will pick Bachman or Jindal to run with him for the landslide victory.

Anonymous said...

Well your right... Rick Perry is our next President. He was picked at Bilderberg, Don't believe me? Notice all the press he recieves for his small number of votes. So fool yourself into thinking you made the decision that was made for you weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

So what?Do you really think an American will DO anything to fix it?..HELL NO they won`t;are you kidding?The vast majority of Americans have not a clue..they don`t even know it happened.As far as the MSM goes,they have zero interest in the truth.The will destroy their own children as long as someone pay`s them,as they are now.You people,aka Home of the Brave..ha ha better get your heads out of your asses...NOW!!! TODAY!!!

Trucker Dan said...

I've always wondered, the US makes a big stink about other countries possibly having rigged elections, but who exactly verifies that our polls are run cleanly? And who watches the watchers? How do we know, really and for sure, that Obama actually won in 08? I personally never counted any ballot except my own.....

Kinda makes you think huh?

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