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Scientists Admit Climate Cooled in the Last Decade, Cite Sulfur Pollution from China

Power Plant Pollution - Wiki image public domain
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The Associated Press is reporting today that scientists believe one explanation as to why the earth's heating trend stopped in the last decade is due to China's excessive use of coal-burning power plants. As reported by the Associated Press:
Sulfur particles in the air deflect the sun's rays and can temporarily cool things down a bit. That can happen even as coal-burning produces the carbon dioxide that contributes to global warming. 
'People normally just focus on the warming effect of CO2 (carbon dioxide), but during the Chinese economic expansion there was a huge increase in sulfur emissions,' which have a cooling effect, explained Robert K. Kaufmann of Boston University. He's the lead author of the study published Monday in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.
This admission would seem to indicate several things; 1) climate science is still very much an unsolved mystery, 2) yet, climate studies start from the notion that human activity is the main driver whether the planet heats up or cools down, 3) therefore indicating, god-like human manipulation can reverse planetary climate trends.

Of course, these are already generally accepted ideas for the establishment global warming theorists -- except for the admission that they haven't got it all figured out. But, the evidence that China's increased use of sulfur-spewing coal power plants has cooled the planet hasn't stopped their dedication to the anthropogenic global warming theory or their ambitions for solutions. Contrary, it has given the climate demigods a new weapon in protecting us from the supposed heating.
Sulfur's ability to cool things down has led some to suggest using it in a geoengineering feat to cool the planet. The idea is that injecting sulfur compounds very high into the atmosphere might help ease global warming by increasing clouds and haze that would reflect sunlight.
To be fair, the AP article quotes Simone Tilmes of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado as saying it would be a bad idea to try to reduce warming by flooding the atmosphere with toxic sulfur. "More research is required before society attempts global geoengineering solutions," said Tilmes.

However, even mentioning the possibility of purposely reducing the earth's temperature by releasing chemicals far more harmful than CO2 should alarm genuine environmentalists.  And this is just another proposed solution that would seem to do far more environmental harm than good, especially when the effects of CO2 on so-called global warming and its consequences remain speculative. Other recent suggestions range from atmospheric chemical spraying with harmful nano-toxins, rationing and global one-child policies, to even nuclear war.

Notably, never once does the article challenge the anthropogenic global warming theory. It simply refers to it as fact, which would seem to lead to dogmatic experiments, narrow conclusions and potentially dangerous solutions. Granted, most humans can sense that the climate is shifting in noticeable ways, but clearly no one theory has been able to fully explain our evolving climate.

Wacky weather is indeed affecting the entire globe, but very few in the establishment media discuss the effects of the sun, pole shifting, high-tech climate modification, other pollution or many more possible contributors. Instead, this compact news report uses precious space to not report news, but rather to drum home the AGW theory once more:
Overall, global temperatures have been increasing for more than a century since the industrial revolution began adding gases like carbon dioxide to the air...
Atmospheric scientists and environmentalists are concerned that continued rising temperatures could have serious impacts worldwide, ranging from drought in some areas, changes in storm patterns, spread of tropical diseases and rising sea levels.
Despite the nefarious means by which human-caused CO2 has become the mainstream culprit in any manifestation of climate change, the theory continues to be sold as fact in nearly every establishment article pertaining to weather and climate as if it would be bad reporting not to mention it.

Sure, it's obvious that 7 billion humans play a role in the health of the overall biosphere.  To completely deny that would appear naive. However, to suggest that CO2 is the primary, or the only factor, is simply close-minded science.  In turn, coordinating human activity based on this incomplete conclusion is unlikely to halt a multifaceted climate shift and will likely cause further environmental damage.

Ultimately, if experts are arrogantly intent on "fixing" the climate because it is breaking all types of records (least being warming), proposed solutions derived from a narrow theory will never fit the bill.  And surely intelligent scientists know that, yet the agenda moves forward.

At this stage, it may be more appropriate to shift our focus from halting something that has yet to even be proven, to preparing ourselves and communities to adapt to possible climate changes that may occur.  Playing God with biosphere should not be a solution supported by true environmentalists.

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Anonymous said...

Wait... I thought pollution made it get hotter, and melted the icecaps, and polar bears were drowning all over the place!!! I'm so confused...

Anonymous said...

Well, check with Al Gore and he will give you the facts as he deposits carbon tax credit payments into his wonderful environmental company.

Meanwhile they are chemtrailing us to death, to say nothing of the radiation risks they are exposing us to with their weather modification and the Corps of Engineers purposely flooding the midwest.

And, as an added benefit, they are wiping out the US food supply.

JEANNON said...

I suggest everyone seek out information of Dr. Tim Ball, Canadian weather scientist, and donate a dollar or two to his legal defense fund for fighting the "warmists."


To me, the operative term in this discussion is
"high-tech climate modification." We don't know what they are doing, what they can do, and what they are going to do, but it is real. It is being run by those who rule the world and they are bent on megalomaniacal total destruction.

"Close-minded science" is an oxymoron, and unfortunately that is all we have today, so science is not longer helping humanity to live better and live more freely. Science is only creating problems that can only be solved by more control of all of humanity, that is, science is about hastening the new world order death and slavery system for all.

Anonymous said...

I read government science frauds openly speculate that in the future there may be efforts to manipulate the climate with reflective particles in the upper atmosphere. They have been spraying CHEMTRAILS DAY AND NIGHT FOR AT LEAST 10 YEARS. So they are also manipulating public opinion for their own purposes.

Lori said...

The CHEMTRAILS started around 1997 in the U.S.. Year round sickness, cancer, sinus problems, etc. increased with the chemtrails. These chemicals that these jets are spraying land on our vegetation and the high winds we have had the last few years have made these particles float all over the place for us to inhale. It is not the power plants causing the problems. The oil refineries put out much more harmful chemicals that power plants. The oil companies are polluting our waters, earth and the air.

Anonymous said...

An insightful, thoughtful, well written article. Good work!

Anonymous said...

There are many things wrong with Climate Science. For one thing the atmosphere is stratified into layers according to the molecular and atomic weight of the gasses present in the air at various altitudes. The first ten miles or so, the Troposphere, is composed largely of Oxygen and Nitrogen, because these two gasses are about the same molecular weight, they mix readily. Now the notion that CO2 is above the troposphere creating a thermal blanket of sorts is not true. CO2 is heavier than Oxygen Nitrogen mix and sinks. Chemtrails on the other hand are routinely delivered into cirrus clouds with the intention(many intentions)to cause harm to our species and planet. The thermal blanket is a reality, created by chemtrails interacting with water vapor (cirrus clouds) forcing artificial clouds which hold the heat.

koenraad johan said...

finaly we pay carbon tax AND sulfur tax, while the global climate warms or cools within normal parameters.

Anonymous said...

The premise of this article contradicts statistical data on temperature change over the last century and a half. The warmest 9 years in recent history have all been in the last decade.

David said...

This certainly is getting confusing. First pollution causes warming, now it causes cooling. Thanks for this insightful article. It will give us more evidence to fight the envirofascists

beatrice said...

I live in the North of France ; For the last two months, every two weeks they are spraying over our heads ! We sent a mail to a politic but of course no answer !!!
I talked to a doctor about it who is really concerned and try to find out what exactly they are spraying and what we can do to protect our children and ourselves.

Anonymous said...

I live on the Gulf Coast of Canada and the spraying is relentless, the last four or five months have been non-stop. I miss the blues sky's and bright sun that is being taken for us by the elite. These elites have one agenda and it is complete control. Our food, water, money, the air we breath is all being poisoned on a daily basis. We are already being exterminated like insects, the time to stand up and fight is now. Down with wars for empire, the only war worth fighting for is the war for truth.

Amy Hamilton said...

This is really interesting. I've never really thought about things like this! The heating and cooling of the earth is such a spectacular thing and the way we live and how it effects it. It's all so incredible. My brother works for a commercial heating & cooling new mexico company and even though it's a different kind of heating and cooling, he really knows a lot about this stuff. Very neat! Thanks for sharing!

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