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S.C. Police on Alert After Political Activist "Liked" Article on Facebook

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Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

With the increase in propaganda being pushed by the mainstream media government police state agencies regarding “right wing extremists” and “domestic terrorists,” many are no longer surprised when law enforcement or government agents single out individuals or groups that may express controversial or unpopular points of view, or even points of view that are simply critical of government or its agents.

Most people are content to accept the fact that these types of free speech violations happen but that they happen somewhere else like New York or Los Angeles where any number of things can happen on any given day.

However, some South Carolina residents are receiving a wake-up call today, as police in Kershaw County have been placed on alert for “people out there that might want to hurt them.” The reason for the alert? An article that was posted to a Facebook page and an individual that “liked” it.

The article, entitled “When Should You Shoot A Cop?” was published by, an organization that promotes transparency and accountability of law enforcement. The article discusses the issue of resistance to police “authority” and those police officers who are acting in an illegal fashion. The article also discusses the right that you have, as an individual, to defend your life and your person even when it is being threatened by a member of the police.

The article in question can be read here. Read it for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

Regardless of whether or not you agree with the thesis, the article never advocates or encourages anyone to kill police. At worst, it advocates the use of lethal force in self-defense. In fact, no one in Kershaw County is claiming that it does. It simply states that you have the right to defend yourself and your rights against unlawful police action, even to the point of using lethal force if necessary.

The article became an issue when Jeff Mattox, the co-chair of the Kershaw County Republican party, “liked” the article on Facebook. According to, the article was posted to Facebook by the Kershaw County Patriots, a grassroots conservative political organization of which Mattox is a member. It was at this point that he committed the crime of “liking” the article.

As a result, the Sheriff of Kershaw County, Jim Matthews, a man with an extensive background in freedom-crushing law enforcement divisions such as the DEA and SWAT (as well as the FBI and the US Army), put his officers on high alert upon his knowledge of the article.

He then went to the local newspaper where he stated, “The article in and of itself doesn’t advocate shooting an officer, but some who read it will get out of it what they want . . . Some warped individuals may get it in their mind that it’s OK to resist an officer to the point of shooting them.” Matthews also stated that the article “irritated” him because it came out just as he was about to attend the funeral of a Laurens County Deputy.

Of course, Mattox didn’t write the article. He didn’t even post it to Facebook. He merely “liked” it on someone else’s page. Not only that, but the Sheriff, as quoted above, even admits that the article itself never advocated shooting an officer.

But that didn’t stop the Sheriff from fear mongering the public and his officers about the dangers of free speech and those who not only exercise it, but those who listen to it. Thoughtcrime if you will.

Predictably, Mattox is now being asked by the Kershaw County Republican party, specifically by the Chariman Chris Oviatt, to step down. However, to his credit, Mattox has refused to step down or to apologize for the article.

Of course, the Sheriff and the Republican establishment are not the only enemies of free speech in Kershaw County. The majority of the Kershaw County Law Enforcement community seems to have rallied behind the belief that anyone who dares advocate (even passively) that someone defend themselves against state-sanctioned thuggery is a dangerous potential domestic terrorist.

Indeed, Camden Police Chief Joe Floyd has also placed his officers on high alert for individuals who “don’t recognize police authority.”

Floyd says, “We have knowledge now that some of these ideas exist here in Kershaw County. We’re just reinforcing the training that we already put our officers through, just to be watchful and mindful that the potential does exist, that people out there that might want to hurt them.”

Aside from the fact that Chief Floyd is frightened by Kershaw County citizens having ideas different from his own, one must wonder exactly what kind of training he is talking about.

Is the training that which was handed down from the Department of Homeland Security, such as that found in the MIAC document, which lists gun owners and returning veterans as specific threats?

Is it the criteria for domestic terrorists listed in the Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Law Enforcement Pamphlet that includes “buying baby formula, beer, wearing Levi jeans, carrying identifying documents like a driver’s license and traveling with women or children?”

Is it the training provided by the Virginia training manual that lists potential domestic terrorists as those who advocate private property and “includes binoculars, video cameras, paper pads and notebooks in a compendium of terrorist tools.?”

Or, perhaps it was provided in the pages of the DHS document, “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment” which classifies a wide swath of Americans as potential domestic terrorists and suggests that the economic crisis, and other crises, may provoke a rise in “homegrown” terrorists. 

One can only speculate as to the “training” that Chief Floyd speaks of. 

However, considering the increase in propaganda, particularly in the wake of the Norway shooting, we should anticipate that the kind of overblown reactions such as that of the Kershaw County Sheriff and Camden Police Chief will only continue to increase.

We encourage you to contact the county and express your distaste for First Amendment violations.

Kershaw County Sheriff's Office
Sheriff Jim Matthews

Camden City Police Department
Chief Joe Floyd 

Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Mullins, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Francis Marion University where he earned the Pee Dee Electric Scholar’s Award as an undergraduate. He has had numerous articles published dealing with a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, and civil liberties. He also the author of Codex Alimentarius - The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies and Five Sense Solutions.

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Anonymous said...

Typical jack booted response from police .There moto to serve and protect the banksters Ensalve and punish the people

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering how the local police found out he "liked" an article on facebook? Is the federal government monitoring that page, then tracing all who like it, then notifying the locals so they'll have a list of people to round up. Sounds like it to me. I'm pretty sure I'm on several lists. And the local police and I have had our differences. Twice I've thrown them out of my house, and twice I've made them return weapons they've illegally taken from me. Anyway I'm sure I'm on their lists so I'm going to go to facebook and like the article also.

Anonymous said...

"individuals or groups that may express controversial or unpopular points of view, or even points of view that are simply critical of government or its agents.

Most people are content to accept the fact that these types of free speech violations happen"

Why is the author trying to suggest that the above mentioned forms of expression are a "violation" of anything?

Anonymous said...

Maybe all those rumors about facebok being a CIA fron are all true.

Anonymous said...

A "normal part of police training" carefully and systematically trains police to SHOOT CIVILIANS! And they are all worked up that maybe the people might shoot back? Cowards and idiots. Why do they always punish people for doing exactly what they do? Why are police "above the law"?? Cowards.

EIA said...

"Why do they always punish people for doing exactly what they do? Why are police "above the law"??"

I kind of tried to put that into perspective with this article:

But your comment pretty much gets right to point :)

Anonymous said...

Obviously the vast majority of cops at this time do not fit into this discussion & they do an excellent job of keeping anarchy to a minimum, but as long as we keep allowing DHS & their creepy Zionist sidekicks in the SPLC (Potok & Cohen) to write dubious new guidelines explaining that “patriots are now terrorists”, the day may come when many cops do fall under the category of being a clear threat to us and our liberties.
To all the LE reading these posts, think it through, don’t mindlessly accept the trendy new definitions of who a “terrorist” is and keep your oath to the constitution.
maintaining liberty in the US is way more important than following questionable orders.

Adam Evenson said...

I liked the CopBlock article on "when is it okay to shoot a cop?" Could have written it myself. Too bad I didn't. I have written articles in the past that brought the SS knocking, however. I wrote one time, "In a perfect world, anybody that murdered a baby would be hunted down and shot, even if it were a policeman or a President of the United States." Forget that I included the POTUS, the SS seemed to be more upset about the "policemen" part. That was back in the late 90's, which, of course, was pre 9-11. Most policemen literally are convinced that they are gods of righteousness, totally above reproach and they they should not only never be "touched unlawfully," but that all their actions, irrespective how gross and harmful, always be accepted as benign.

Anonymous said...

If cops don't want to feel threatened by the public they are purported to serve, maybe they should start to serve the public instead of the system that brutalizes us all. This only exemplifies the us vs. them mentality. It's time for the cops to take sides. The lines are already drawn, and the whiff of revolution is in the air.

Anonymous said...

An excellent explanation of how the system works is here:

It is well worth the read. Very educational and enlightening. Pass it along.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Robert Gibbs going to work for Facebook?
Seeing as the Zuckerburg thinks people are stupid for posting all their personal info so he can sell it,I agree with him.
In other countries they are triggering revolts with "social media" like TWITter.
(social media for twits)
What baffles me is why people feel compelled to give out personal info to FB?
Why are people doing this?
I expect the kind of foolishness that is cited in this article.
People have been taught ineffectual oaf protest
and it is 4 generations that believe in this stupid 60's type of protest/activism.
Mark Dice tried to get effective protest trying to get people to boycott the super bowl but people cannot resist their multimillion dollar role model bread and games.
The Co2 scam could have been met with boycott of Pepsi and Coke (who endorse global warming)
with the rationale that if Co2 is poisonous then why are they putting it our soda?
Ridiculous? Sure is! But so is the global warming racket.
So they march like they were taught by America hating 60's revolutionaries that are now grown up and in the case of Chicago these former radicals are the City Corporation counsels,and alumni at Universities like Bill Ayers the terrorist.
America is the land of suckers and have been Yuri Bezmenov told us would be the way to take down a nation without firing a shot.
If you really want to protest drop facebook.If you have an account fill it with erroneous information before you dump it.
Or create accounts full of total crap.
(eg Your favorite place in the world is Disneyland and that you love things like TV shows like Desperate Housewives,and Oprah)
By doing so you can take away the algorithms,because they count on you to blab like fools on the web.
Clinton’s ‘Tech Camp’ Teaches Activists Web Savvy, Subversion
By Nicole Gaouette - Jul 1, 2011 3:46 PM ET
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and U.S. companies including Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) are teaming up to teach activists how to protect themselves from official harassment as they use social media to organize protests.
I truly doubt that people who think they are activists have the intelligence or will to organize effective protest such as Mark Dices Superbowl Boycott a Pepsi Co2 Boycott or get the facebook needle out of their arm.
Your "likes"and tweets are the rope you make with your own hands that hangs you.
You are dealing with silly people.
The Bible says if you answer a fool according to his folly you make them wise in their own eyes.
America was a protestant nation to escape the Catholic racket and the occult practices of old Europe.
You have been taught in your dumb you down schools the Bible is a joke.
It wasn't a joke to the protestants who built the US.
You are no longer the kind of people that created this country.
You have had 4 generations (Hippies the hard left turn that made all this corruption possible)
The History Of Political Correct You are not the people anymore that made America great,yet you want the freedoms those kind of people deserve.

Get rid of facebook because Zuckerburg thinks you are stupid for giving him all your real information.
He is embraced by those agencies that buy your information.
He was at Bilderberg this year.

Anonymous said...

Is there a staged event in the making?

The author of that essay is a MR. Rose.

Mike said...

"Don't recognize police authority." That's funny, police don't have any authority over anyone. They are civilian citizens, no different than anyone else. It is only when people give their consent to allow law enforcement to have authority over them. Then they are under statutory codes by their own doing.

Anonymous said...

All citizens have the right to resist threats of personal harm with that force which neutralizes those threats. This would including firearm use against any person posing such a threat. Civil servants are not exempt from this truth. The police are no different than our citizenry when posing a threat.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that I deleted my account with Face Book. You can't control anything. The "block user" option doesn't work. I was weary of receiving invitations to 'Group Suicide' as well as suggestions to kill jews in my home oven. Um, why doesn't the police or FB respond to THAT? So, if I kill myself on July 31st, as suggested, can my survivors sue? LOL. FB is a haven for pedophiles, cops and censored news. End of story.

Anonymous said...

If you want to push it, and have no fear of direct, aggressive reason, check out

That fellow has a lot to say, and covers such topics in a way that got the attention of those causing such discussions.

You'll probably be put on a list for visiting though.

Den said...

Remember Shah Iran's SAVAC fate???

Cops EVERYWHERE, even the Crooked ones in Indonesia, never learn of the (SAVAC) lesson!

Fools! Here in the land of FELONS Indonesia, new Cop recruits (the high-school grads) have been trained for a mere THREE months, and they then allowed to carry side-arms!

My great grandpa, according to my dad in 1942 (Indonesia occupied by the Japs) made it a policy that NO children and grandchildren of his ever married, or join the CORRUPT Police force!

I was interested to join the Cop dept in 1982 when I graduated in early 1981 as a stepping stone for a career in the dept's section of the INTERPOL. Due chiefly to great grandpa's "ruling" I cancelled my application...

Used to enjoy skydiving and VERY familiar with handgun (my dad was later on an undercover "officer" reported directly the Chief of the Regional Military Command a two-star general). I do HATE cops, just the "baddest" ones, who are counyless here in Indonesia the land of FELONS...

ENJOY folks....

Anonymous said...

It might just be another case of false flag. Big brother sees all things as another opportunity to change laws and cause caos.

Vince Rossi said...

This is disgusting. What these thugs in uniforms are doing in opposition to the Constitution which they swore to uphold, as a Marine, I find this deplorable.
How can anyone just sit by and say,"I don't make the laws. I just enforce them."?
When I was in boot camp in our Drill Instructors continually hammered into us,"You aren't mindless drones. If we wanted mindless drones you'd be called soldiers. We are the United States Marine Corps. We uphold the United States Constitution. If at any time you think that an order is unjust or goes against the Constitution it is YOUR DUTY to question and if necessary disobey that order."
I have nothing but contempt for people who so flagrantly and with such callowness hide behind a badge. And that's exactly what they are doing. They are high school bullies that never grew up and liked the power they felt. Now, that they've had to live in the real world, they don't like that they could get their asses kicked for being so abrasive. Hence the hiding.
When is the next election cycle for this Sheriff? We need to find someone we can run against him and ride him out on a rail.

Anonymous said...

marines were trained to kill communist in the 60's - mid-70's they better get a mirrior and a copy of the constitution and take a good look.

Anonymous said...

NAZI THUGS! My family put up with the same type of jack booted treatment in the 1930's under Hitler.

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