Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nude, bound woman found dead in Big Pharma CEO’s home; no criminal investigation yet

Jonah Shacknai
Madison Ruppert, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

If a dead woman was found naked, with her hands tied behind her back and her feet bound hanging from a balcony, most people would think it would become a criminal investigation from the outset.

When the home in which the woman is discovered belongs to the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Scottsdale, Arizona based Medicis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, this is not the case.

Medicis Pharmaceuticals Corporation is a healthcare and biotechnology company which Shacknai founded in January of 1988 after a career in government capacities and the corporate world. He also just happens to be a multi-millionaire.

Adam Shacknai, brother of Jonah Shacknai, discovered the corpse of Jonah’s girlfriend Rebecca Nalepa on Wednesday morning.

Interestingly, Shacknai’s six-year-old son was hospitalized after an “apparent accident” on Monday according to CBS Los Angeles.

Sheriff’s Captain Tim Curran of San Diego County told CBS Los Angeles that, “Because of the unique and bizarre circumstances of this incident, it has yet to be determined if this will become a criminal matter or remain as a death investigation.”

I was astonished by this statement, to say the least. How would a murdered, bound woman hanging from a balcony in her birthday suit be anything other than a criminal matter? I guess when you’re a powerful CEO of a major pharmaceutical corporation, the police give you the benefit of the doubt.

In an age where police justify SWAT teams liquefying veterans, children are executed by police officers for schoolyard scuffles, people filming police officers from their own property are arrested for no reason or brutally beaten, and Americans are arrested for gardening, why would this be treated as anything other than a criminal manner?

If this isn’t a clear case of selective enforcement and unequal treatment, I have no clue what is.

According to reports, Jonah Shacknai’s six-year-old son is now in a coma after falling down a staircase. Jonah’s girlfriend, the now deceased 32-year-old Nalepa, was allegedly the only person home when the accident occurred.

According to investigators, when Adam, Jonah’s brother, discovered the bound and murdered Nalepa he was the only other person present in Jonah’s mansion.

The officers investigating the case conjecture that the boy’s fall and subsequent coma and the murder of Nalepa are isolated and unrelated incidents.

Apparently, it is quite common for a child to fall down a set of stairs and enter a coma while only a girlfriend is present, then just two days later the woman happens to be found bound and killed. I’m not quite sure how any sane investigator would see these two events as unrelated.

Jonah Shacknai was apparently at the hospital when his brother discovered the body of Jonah’s girlfriend.

An autopsy on Nalepa has been completed, but the results are being withheld until further tests are performed by the county medical examiner.

According to ABC News, the victim had recently returned to her maiden name of Zahau two months before her death. Her sister, Mary Zahau-Loehner reported that they spoke on the telephone hours before Rebecca’s death.

According to Zahau-Loehner, her sister sounded completely normal the night before she was killed.

According to a San Diego Kennel owner who spoke with the victim less than 24 hours before her death, Rebecca was “shaken by recent vents in her home.” What exactly these events are along with most details of the case are still being withheld by the Sheriff’s department.

Autopsy records, requests for copies of search warrants, and recordings of Adam Shacknai’s 911 call will all be ignored during the investigation according to investigators.

The family of the victim has not made any comments regarding the death, but apparently most of the investigation’s focus is being placed on her boyfriend, Shacknai.

The quote published by CBS Los Angeles gives a completely different impression, making it appear that the investigators have not yet decided that this even qualifies as a criminal investigation.

The IB Times makes a point which is conspicuously absent from other media reports, “There has been no explanation yet from the medical examiner’s office about how Nalepa might have hung herself while her wrists and ankles were bound.”

If the county’s medical examiner can come up with a scenario in which someone can bind their wrists and ankles with an electrical cord and hang themselves naked from a balcony, someone should look in to giving them a Pulitzer Prize for fiction.

Does Shacknai’s history have anything to do with his strangely preferential treatment?

This seems quite reasonable given Shacknai was chief aide to the United States House of Representatives’ committee for health policy from the years of 1977 to 1982 and his position on the Commission on the Federal Drug Approval Process along with the National Council on Drugs.

If Shacknai was treated like any average American he would have been shot on sight dozens of times or at least beaten to a pulp. Yet, when you have government connections, millions in liquid wealth and split your time between Arizona and California, you are treated with the utmost respect.

Even if Shacknai is completely innocent and the incident with his son and his girlfriend are unrelated, why should he not be treated like a subhuman piece of filth as any other American would be?

Madison. Ruppert is the Editor and Owner-Operator of the alternative news and analysis database End The Lie and has no affiliation with any NGO, political party, economic school, or other organization/cause. If you have questions, comments, or corrections feel free to contact him at

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Anonymous said...

More pleasantries from the chosenites.

Anonymous said...

If they wont look at this...we know why the Bankers will never see a court and laugh while making the little people pay for their crimes

George Washington where are you?????

Anonymous said...

Obviously, the chosen elite are above the law.

Anonymous said...

the only way to beat these psychopaths is to ignore them.
simply ignore them.
go on as if they do not exist.
do not pay their taxes.
do not use their money.
do not give them credit.
do not fear them.
do not revile them.
do not recognize them.
ignore them.
cut them out.
first, from your heart.
then, your mind.
and last, the world.

Anonymous said...

Not enough information

Too much assumption.

Maybe there's no investigation because they know who did it but that info just hasn't been released yet.

Wait and see before you start your witch hunt.

Anonymous said...

This rich Elite is more than that - he is a DUAL national Israeli citizen. THAT ALONE guarantees he walks free and those who dont like it will be sued for racist antisemitism for protesting.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Wait and see. Logical.

Anonymous said...

Rules for the rich and foreign citizenship (Israel) guarantees that they have immunity. Like the federal reserve man (what's his face) who attacked a maid...nothing happens. They have much in common. But go ahead and defend the poor bastard...if your stupid.

The Thug Report said...

Sorry, but it's not just pharma execs who get special privileges. Check out how a beer heir gets treated when his girlfriend dies of a drug OD in his bedroom:

Anonymous said...

Hate to say it, but is it possible that bondage or other sex-play was involved? This sounds like some kind of (auto?) erotic play gone horribly wrong. (Think David Carradine.)

Anonymous said...

you are thinking of Dominique Strauss but he is from the International Monetary Fund. I agree that waiting and seeing is the most prudent approach, but it does smell a little fishy, but this article does have a bias tone and reads more like an opinion article than an actual impartial report of information.

Dr. Goldstein said...

Excellent writing - excellent story.

If the evil bastard who murdered her really is an Israel Citizen then that should be part of the headline. Those sick bastards get their kicks dropping white phosphorus on little Palestinian kids, and shooting pregnant Palestinian women.

Would like to learn more about that side of it. The Israeli's like Ben Shalom Bernanke, Geitner, Rahm Israel Emmanuel run the country and those evil f@ckers get away with anything.

Anonymous said...

Ok, hang on. I'm not a fan of the corporate elite either, but lets not condemn the man with this article being the only evidence. Nancy Grace will be all over it, and if he is guilty, he will go free.

Anonymous said...

Consider it already case closed. She was involved with a Jewish scum - maybe she was his sex slave? I wouldnt wonder. Her sister looks also married to a Jew (Loehner, but it could also be a German name). All is fishy as hell. And I think its not hard to realize who killed the woman and pushed the child down the stairs.

Anonymous said...

Auto erotic play gone horribly wrong!! Don't make me laugh, who in their right mind even thinks of having sex while their child lies in a coma from a recent accident....I know I sure as hell wouldn't. You will have to come up with something better than that you disinformation agent!!
It stinks to the core and you know it.....convenient he was not there when her body was found!!

Anonymous said...

David Carradine, didn't have a child out cold on a hospital bed!!

Anonymous said...

see what happens if he trys to open a lemon aid stand

Anonymous said...

I know of an incident some time back a man in America shot himself twice in the head and that was called a suicide, i think the man had some sort of evidence and that he was about to spill the beans as they say here in the UK and the guy shot himself twice in the head just TWICE yes TWICE before he could and the autorities deemed it a suicide and I think your gonna find this women will be a suicide case too even though she was trust up like a turkey.

Anonymous said...

Good that someone is talking about this subject and questioning the official line, but please try to proof read the article more before you post.

Anonymous said...

Gads, I love the lemonade fricking sad that children trying to earn some change to go to a water park is quickly brought to justice but a dual citizen with no loyalty what so ever to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is free be a monster to his child and girlfriend. When are Americans going to wake up? These Talmud believers has our government and citizens by the throat...yet we do nothing.

Anonymous said...

Why don't YOU end the lie? All of your links are bogus and they don't go anywhere. You must be a hired strawman who poorly sources otherwise compelling arguments in order to discredit others who make them.

DarkStarAz said...

Both her ankles and hands were bound w/ orange electrical cord, shes hanging from a balcony. Meanwhile when the body is discovered by the brother, he cuts the body down -dropping it to the pavement below I guess- completely corrupting the crime scene. Sounds like the defense attorneys are already advising and directing on this.
Meanwhile the cops are sayiing it may be suicide rather than homicide. Perhaps San Diego homicide detectives attended the same academy as Boulder Detectives -as this whole thing reminds me OF the John Benet Ramsey case. JBR died from a garrot to the neck, and John Ramsey is allowed to move the body from the basement up the stairs to the living room etc. No footprints across freshly fallen snow and cops are not sure its not an inside job. John Ramsey is a billionaire, this guy is a big pharma Millionaire.
If someone were bound and hanging by a noose from your balconey would the police be wondering "murder or suicide?" - or would you already be in jail?
Meanwhile local media in AZ (the Az Republic) goes after the girl "OMG -Shes a Shopllifter!" rather than investigating WHAT LED to Jonah Shacknai's divorces - was domestic violence involved?

Anonymous said...

AH but this is the beauty of it, they are not above the law.also a possibility:conversation in police car on the way over."who,s house are we going to?"..... oh look some big time big pharma guy", hmm chaching", you get the idea i think, perhaps everything is going so slow, because everyone along the way is waiting for their phone to ring, with wonderful financial opportunities.Knowone is above the law, but you can pay enough , to make it seem this way.This attitude of them being untouchable takes power from you, and gives it to them.>>>MAX

turfangel said...

In the end God judges us all. God judges those who judge and punish others-as doing what only God has the right to do. It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle-than for this jew murderer to avoid the Hell he has created as his afterlife. I pity the rich-they have their reward on earth-and they will not get any reward after death. This murderer is obviously an atheist-who has no comprehension of God or love-a typical jew-a sociopath-who will never know God or Love-I pity all the rich jews-all the jews who are violent punishing sex perverts-all they do is create their own future Hell after death-all they do is destroy other life-only love has the power to make life better-and there is no love in any jew.

Anonymous said...

what's weird is I read this story the other day -- and I went to google-find it today -- and I came up with not only a Right-wing site that featured it, but they were saying it's really about him being Jewish and "the tribe" is protecting their own. I guess it's got something for everybody!

Anonymous said...


century75 said...

As the spoonful sang: ..'Do you believe in magic..'?? Umm, nah, it's horsey-poo. If ya' got the shekels.. you, too, can be a magician.

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