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Australian Green Party Leader admits Global Warming is Really all about World Government

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The Australian Green Party has now assumed the balance of power in the Australian Senate, allowing them great potential power in policy making. The Greens, founded in 1992, are traced back to the 1970’s Club of Rome era United Tasmanian Group, the world’s first “green” party. Their moniker is self-explanatory, the basis of their charter being ecology and the environmental movement.

Green Party principles state that global warming, er, climate change is the greatest threat to humanity with only ten to fifteen years remaining to provide a solution. “Australia is ideally placed to lead the world in this challenge and the Greens are committed to Australia taking that lead.”[1] They also want to limit CO2 and eliminate coal use, despite the fact that CO2 is not a pollutant. Furthermore, they want to establish a “low-carbon economy” and force nations to sign binding environmental treaties restructuring the whole of society, economy and politics. They state “climate change will result in the displacement of people, creating environmental refugees and intensifying the threat of regional and global conflict.”[2].

In actuality, climate change policy will result in great displacement, mass impoverishment and genocide. Much has been said by real scientists on these issues such as the Sky Dragon Slayers, Piers Corbyn, Anthony Watts and thousands of others. The policy documents from the Club of Rome and the United Nations to Ecoscience detail their true agenda, in their own words. Historian and economist Webster Tarpley recently gave a lecture dissecting this documentation revealing their agenda of deindustrialization, mass involuntary sterilization, global depopulation and the establishment of what they call a “planetary regime” or what Senator Brown calls a “world parliament.”[3] India is already giving away cars in exchange for male and female sterilization.[4]

Senator Brown: World Government is Real, No Conspiracy Theory
Australian Green leader, Senator Bob Brown, recently unveiled his hope for a “world parliament.” [5] Corporate commentators and spineless journalists proclaim the idea of a world parliament is something now to be treated seriously, not laughed at.[6] Authors and researchers discussing long laid out plans for world parliament and critical of the movement, consistently having been right on the money, have been laughed at for so long and called derogatory terms. Now we are to stop laughing and take it serious, for the time of world government is nigh.

Senator Brown believes we are inevitably moving toward a world community or “global, uh, parliamentary...governance” while deriding conspiracy talk. One will notice how all politicians who make public mention of this agenda always stutter before they proclaim “global, uh, governance.” On a personal note, I was given similar treatment. In university, one of my professors (a psychologist) had summoned my classmate and me for coffee. Strange, but we realized he had been secretly evaluating our sanity due to the matters we were discussing in class. Upon complaining to the university head, we were given a final lecture by the latter. He derided conspiracy talk and such. However, he then went on to state that there was nothing wrong with or believing in a “world state”, that it would be here in five, ten or fifteen years. Hence, the tactic is to label any critic as crazy. The fact that there can be no debate as to the viability of world government de facto demonstrates its undemocratic nature. It does not matter that the majority do not want it, they will get it.

Though Senator Brown’s party voted against invading Iraq and Afghanistan, he goes on to state that “if we can invade Iraq and Afghanistan in the name of democracy, surely we can peacefully get behind moves to have a global governance.”[7] He adds a cherry on top by furthering that the Tobin Tax would end poverty. He is right, there is a pattern. The Iraq war was an outright lie, where the Bush Administration fabricated evidence and put into force war plans long drawn up. Afghanistan saw them go after a non-existing boogeyman, even on their own payroll, to fulfill Sir Halford Mackinder’s and Zbigniew Brzezinski’s plan to dominate the Heartland and cull the world’s heroin profits. In similar vein, global warming, I mean, climate change is based on fabricated intelligence and ulterior motives.

Walter Russell Mead writes in a recent essay, that a Global Green Carbon Treaty (GGCT) "is less a treaty than a constitution for global government. The green plan is a plan for a global constitution because the treaty will regulate economic production in every country on earth."[8]

Australia could be providing model climate framework just as the European Union laid the foundational model for regional integration, with its “extensive experience at the regional level” that is being drawn upon to integrate Africa, the Americas, the Middle East and Asia via “the Pan-African Parliament, the Mercosur Parliament and there is also the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe that includes 56 states and stretches from Vancouver to Vladivostok.”[9] Australia is attempting to spearhead the establishment of the carbon tax and other climate policy even as the EU Carbon Climate Exchange collapses, just as it did in Chicago.[10]

If anyone still doubts the genocidal nature of climate change policy, consider their idea to massacre one million camels.[11] What will happen to the millions of Central Asian herders whose animals are their lifeblood when the world parliament comes for their camels?

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PB said...

Australia is the test-lab for implementing taxation and global treaty obligation based on the "Climate Change" model. It will be implemented worldwide in much the same way politically if it gets through here. PM Gillard has done her trips to Israel, she's received her instructions and she carries that smug shit-eating grin of the corrupt when they know they will be well rewarded for their treason.

Anonymous said...

"Australian Green Party Leader admits Global Warming is Really all about World Government"

This is news?

veerar said...

There is hope in that China and Russia may not join though there is a Chinese Bilderberger now,who attended the 2011 meeting at St Moritz Switzerland.

Anonymous said...

Don't hold your here folks, the EU is falling apart.

Ozzie Ed said...

So what will the self proclaimed gods think when they return? Are the naughty humans under control or do we need another Extinction Level Event to be kept secret so no-one is prepared? Yeah, cull the herd. They're becoming unruly, avoiding vaccination, growing non toxic food and singing revolutionary songs. Poor deluded gods do to themselves what they inflict on others. Pathetic gods should know better. All is one.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the majority of the article but the culling of 1.2 million camels in Australia would be a good thing since it is a feral pest and consumes vast amounts of herbage and water in the deserts thus harming indigenous life.

Anonymous said...

Bob Brown is all for a global government. Gee, who do you cantact when you want to complain to your government rep? Frankly, I see it that Mr Brown is advocating that Australia give up its sovereignty. I would have thought that such statements expressed openly could be interpreted as an act of treason.

We have no direct contact with politicians anymore, they are unreachable. It's time that these blemishes-come-to-life, these egos-on-legs, remembered one basic fact --- they are supposed to be the servants and we are the masters. They are there as managers, and nothing more. They get a mandate to govern, but that does not mean they automatically have a mandate to bring in anything they like.

As someone said: "If I lie to the government I can be put in jail. If the government lies to me, what happens to them? Nothing!"

I keep thinking of that line from War of the Worlds -- "And slowly and surely they drew their plans against us."

They should get back to the business of managing, and stop interfering in our lives.

Blair T. Longley said...

Human beings operate within energy system laws.

Thermodynamics, information & systems theories
mostly account for 99% of the actual world around.

Within a conservation of energy law,
and some increase of entropy, NOW
observed empirical reality, there ARE


As soon as we defined entropic pumps,
we separated that from its environment,
and then, we assembled many together.

After all, where is the SELF?

The were assemblies of atoms & molecules:
organelles that once were separate forms;
to find dynamic multicellular equilibria,
inside of multi-individual ecologies.

All of which were defined with boundaries.

Across those boundaries flowed energies.

None could be created from nothing, and
none of that energy simply sent nowhere.

By definition, living things ROB from others,
in order to obtain energy to run entropically.

Furthermore, any & all living things, by definition,
can reproduce, and their reproductions can too,
and therefore, exponential growth is "possible."

Except endless exponential reproductive growth
is impossible within any conservation of energy.

So, any & all living things, by definition,
ROB from some others energy to live,
and any & all living things have ability
to reproduce at exponential rates!!!

All ecologies evolve dynamic death controls.

Human beings elaborate debt control on top.

These two fundamental realities are inherent.

When we defined living things, by subtraction,
they are inside some perpetual real problems.

Various elites have expedient solutions to
chronic problems that benefit those elites.

However, by & large, their "opposition"
only points out the evil of their entropy.

There is almost never better death control,
only denounciations of how bad elites do it.

But, promotion of impossible ideals
provides no better actual solutions.

Get real? What are our death controls?

How can one speak about the "environment"
but ignore energy laws and natural systems?

The actual system has evolved to be run by those
who were the best at deceit as militarism evolved!

From those realities ... all seeds of new realities!

Alternative human ecology path of least morality?

Environmental politics was absurd in
the biggest bullies' bullshit world view.

Governments are territorial gangsters, &
behind them were international banksters.


Different organized crime gangs should
negotiate better collective death control.

Instead, they will keep on & on amplifying their


electronic frauds, backed by atomic weapons,

towards an astronomically sized unknown ...

How can we negotiate better death controls,
when those best at that, were also the best
at lying about what they were really doing?

Welcome down a rabbit hole infinity tunnel...

Welcome up a technological vortex tornado.

Welcome through the looking glass, into our


Since society was controlled by
those who were the best liars,
social problems go via there.

"Scientific dictatorship," which destroys science,
and which generates some scientific revolution?

Puppet politicians, including most Greens,
who are NOT scientific environmentalists,
and NOT respecters of basic social facts,
because Greens provide social policies
that compare to reality the ways that
silly love songs do to reproduction.

We are trapped in a surreal situation
where top human carnivores existed
because they deny that fact the best.

We never face the basic FACTS ...

What were the real death controls,
& how could we change the rates?

Instead, everything being done is done
by those who were the best at hiding it,
while those who criticize them absurdly
maintain alternative ideals, that assert
there should be no robbery nor death.

Anonymous said...

These evil serpents will devour their own tails some day. I hope they choke on their own feces!

Anonymous said...

Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, and against the worldly governors, the princes of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness, which are in high places.

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