Monday, July 18, 2011

An American Awakening

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure. — Thomas Jefferson 

S. Paul Forrest
Activist Post 

There is a new civil war brewing in America.  It is a war between the ideological views and opinions of a nation that has been armed with weapons of mass deception by its media, organized by its corporatist favoring, senatorial generals; and we the people, who care only for freedom and liberty to survive the desired destruction, sell off and mass imprisonment of our nation’s people and their futures.

Much like the first Civil War, this new struggle is centered upon the philosophy of one side supporting the desire to empower landowners and their merciless treatment of its labor force, and those who support empowering the people and reviving the liberty we fought so hard to gain so many years ago.  The difference now, though, is how the sides have been drawn not with geographic distinctions, but with those of class separations.  As in the case of the first Civil War; the winner will take all.

This new war has been predicated by the reality that with each passing day, we are discovering, uncovering and become more aware of the deception and hypocrisy infecting our current governmental and social systems.  It has become painfully obvious that our own governmental representatives -- the very people who have been charged with and have sworn oaths to protect our interests -- have taken to propagating an agenda which is contradictory to our American interests.

The awakening of the people is bringing with it a united voice of dissent that will eventually echo within the corruption-poisoned halls of this once great nation; a herald of renewal which will once again refresh the Tree of Liberty.  One can only hope it will resonate to such a degree that our representatives will have no other choice but to listen, or else be cast aside.

We are being inundated daily by the political rhetoric of job creation and quasi-fiscal responsibility, while more and more jobs are being cut in the public sector. Simultaneously, our “National Defense” initiatives, along with the greed intrinsic within our growing corporatist system, are taking from us our very economic and physical freedoms. Governmental policies are now being set in place to prevent the unemployed and the homeless from receiving help, and anyone who attempts to deliver relief from this assault are being harassed and jailed for their efforts. 

Once upon a time, America was the land of opportunity.  We lived in a nation where a strong work ethic was rewarded with prosperity, and our leaders provided the comforts of international security.  But, now, as this country is being sold piece by piece at the hands of bureaucrats whose only interest lies in the profits of self service and damaging global free trade, the new order has taken a tight grasp upon the throats of our liberty.  As a consequence, our nation is suffocating. 

This assault on our communal liberty is taking place on two fronts: The political, governmental regime interested in monetary acquisition and control of global capitalism; and the religious side, whose role is to quell any uprising from the people by blinding them with Biblical tenets and a renewed faith in God so they will accept the oppressive system delivered unto them. The politicians involved in this masquerade parade around as saviors, while in the background they only serve the corporatist machine and themselves.  The term for this form of government is a Kleptocracy: A government by those who seek chiefly status and personal gain at the expense of the governed.

Just recently, President Obama has been pushing through Congress a free trade agreement with Panama.  The same rhetoric that sold NAFTA is being implemented to sell this similar policy.  It is interesting that in 2008, during a campaign speech, Obama condemned free trade as detrimental to jobs, but he is now promoting its implementation.  Similarly, Republicans like John Beohner, Speaker of the House, make speeches about protecting the American Dream with tears in his eyes while condoning the shut down of schools, elimination of assistance for the unemployed and homeless, as well as corporate tax breaks to feed the same evil that caused our economic meltdown.

We will protect your privacy...guaranteed!

The political parties in Washington will have us all at each others throats with the rancid regurgitation of night-before news media bias, while they continue to take from us a little more each day.  The insanity of the deception employed by our “leaders” has enveloped our society in a cloud of frustration and desperation.  Those of us who make efforts to sort through the avalanche of information on the Web and in popular media, as well as books and newspapers, have been trying to grasp the reality of our current nation, but instead of reason we find only more confusion.

The sad reality is that corruption is crippling our liberty; and our current, State and Federal Governmental representation is no longer looking out for the People, but, rather, the corporations only. The Supreme Court -- the very institution which has been charged with the preservation of our Constitutional freedoms -- has assisted in the continued loss of governmental representation, and continues to do so with every decision they make in favor of the Corporatist State. 

The truth is slowly being discovered and the We the People are becoming all too aware of the decay of our governmental structure.  People everywhere are starting to ask whether our government’s time has come to an end and a refreshing of our system is now necessary.  Even those who have supported our government through the worst acts of deception (the War on Terror, for one), are making statements in condemnation of the growing class disparity and damaging effects of free trade being enacted by the current regime in Washington within the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches.

The question remains though: Will this awakening occur in time to prevent the death of our Republic or will the sheep-like denizens of America follow blindly the policies of madmen toward the ruin of this once great nation? If the former occurs first, then America still has hope of retaining its greatness, but if the latter is allowed to foment further degradation, the Fall of The American Empire will supplant that of the Roman as the greatest tragedy in the history of the world.

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Anonymous said...

Your anaysis falls down here: "This assault on our communal liberty is taking place on two fronts: The political, governmental regime ...and the religious side, whose role is to quell any uprising from the people by blinding them with Biblical tenets and a renewed faith in God so they will accept the oppressive system delivered unto them."

It is not God or the Bible that is your (or my) enemy. The Bible and _authentic_ Catholicism opposes usury (defined as the taking of profit on a loan of money) and demands just wages and just prices.

On the other hand there is a particular man-made religion that makes a great pretense of respecting the Bible or "Torah" while making up supposed loopholes in God's law that excuse everything from usury to genocide as long as us "non-human" goyim are the targets. That ideology is indeed the "adversary to all men." That ideology does NOT come from God, but from the rabbis.

Never willing to take credit except for a pose of perpetually sinless victimhood, that ideology spawned not only dynasties of "international" banksters and financiers, but also "Russian" Communism, "Russian" mafia, Young "Turks," "Renaissance" physician-poisoners, and more.

It is not Catholicism that has given us perpetual war and the peonage of economic crimes against humanity, but the synagogue of Satan.

Anonymous said...

And why exactly would the fall of the American empire be a bad thing?

Anonymous said...

Catholicism or pedophilism?

I'm unsure what good the catholics have brought to us all. IMO...all churches should have been shut down like bath houses or whore houses since sexual exploitation of children occurred for decades within churches with little to no accountability to this day.

Churches (catholic especially) suck a lot of money out of our community, and very little of it remains to nurture the community. Its no different than government really. They are both in business to make a way or another.

D.L. said...

Civil War? Four things need to be sorted out before any cleansing takes place. But let's hope this can be done peacefully.

D.L. said...

Let's hope this can be accomplished peacefully. Four issues need to be solved first.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous who said "Your anaysis falls down here"...

You only proved Mr. Forrest's point. GOD has been used by all religions to subjugate the masses, the Catholic religion one of the worst. The Zionists coming in a close second and gaining, but then they do work closely together any more. Point in fact how many Native Americans were slaughtered by the church as heathens and pagans for their religious and spiritual beliefs by the church.

Religions are created by men to control people through their blind faith. Any logical thinking person knows this. A simple study of the major religions proves this. They are all inclusive and all persecute any other religion other than their own. How many different sects of Christianity are there today?? You can't get any more "Divide and Conquer" than that!!

Just today I got a call from ole Mike Huckabee's ilk, asking me to contribute to his cause in trying to save National Prayer Day telling me all about how we are a "Christian Nation". I wanted to scream, but it's only a recording.

I live in the Bible Belt where the Christians have been running rough shod over the population for as long as we have been here. If these people get their way, Christianity would be the exclusive religion of the US, against the 1st amendment.

In my opinion those who are of that mind set are just as much an enemy of this Nation as the phonies in DC. Right along with anyone who took the Oath of Affirmation to defend and protect the Constitution while at the same time pushing their religious agendas.

This article is exactly on the mark as far as to what I am experiencing and hearing. One gentleman, a pastor, tried to tell me that standing against this Government and not following what ever leaders where put before me, was AGAINST GOD. So in his mind and according to the Bible, we should all just sit down, shut up, and take what we get. And yet he will tell me that only the republican'ts are the right choice when we vote. He contradicts himself.

Personally, I will give my life to defend FREEDOM and LIBERTY. I will not sit idly by while these crooks and thieves destroy what our forefathers fought so hard for. Only God will be my judge, never any man or group of men.

We are doomed to fail and rightfully so, we deserve neither liberty nor freedom when we allow these people to control us through our faith. WE deserve to be enslaved like the mindless apes that we continually prove ourselves to be.

Anonymous said...

Blah Blah Blah, typical crap that comes from one or both sides at any given time.

Our society was supposed to be based on Liberty...Individual Liberty, not Communal Liberty whatever the hell that is.

Secondly, all your glorious plans involve a central government confiscating wealth from the sovereign individual and redistributing it. What if I don't want to contribute my treasure to your Great Society? What if I just want to be left alone in my middle class existance and not receive or pay for governmental programs?

Then, your attack on religion is downright comical. A sovereign individual should have the ability to decide for themselves if they wish to pursue a religious life.

Once again, it's all about how bad the government is, but the only solutions anyone ever puts forth is more of the same...centralized government just with different actors in charge.

Anonymous said...

The fall of the American empire would be a dream come true and real FREEDOM for the globe!

apeman2502 said...

The provision for personal opportunities presented by the Constitution with the accompanying Bill of Rights is more inclusive and elegant than any other reference in the comments section. Deceit and mental laziness and the Council on Foreign Relations mobster controlled TV set has seriously messed up the minds of Americans, BY DESIGN. See Rep.Calloway's expose and U.S. Congressional Record report.The CFR controls all national news through corporate networks. Gotta love the net.

We can get it back and double efforts to make right that which pigs have destroyed by dishonestly attaining their government posts and acting as their slob parents taught them.

Anonymous said...

"typical crap that comes from one or both sides at any given time"

You hit on something there, but you just don't SEE it!

"One or Both Sides" ..... The Deceptors Created the "Sides" to keep "We the People" ... DIVIDED!

Wake Up! It's not about sides ... It's about our Republic (Remember what Ben Franklin said when he was asked what form of Government we had while exiting the Constitutional Convention? "It's a Republic ... If we can Keep it!").

Secondly, apeman Nailed it too ... But He UNDERSTANDS!


QuietBear said...

This statement, "our once great nation", is incorrect... This has never been a great nation...
What was supposed to be, "This great nation", was an idea that lived for about 7 years after its inception... Since then, it has been fought over and controlled by the bankster cartels and their minions... What we are witnessing here, is just another scene in the play... All orchestrated and all well thought out by those that control, everything...
What is referred to as, "this once great nation", is a well fabricated lie that has had everyone ensared due to what you all learned in school... You learned, exactly what they wanted you to learn...
They show you paintings of moments in time, where a bunch of rich white men are all standing around debating this or that or having just signed some important document...
Ever since the first central bank, owned privately, took hold of this country it was not what the founding fathers envisioned...
Two men, more than any others, fought the centrally controlled banks, owned by foriegn entities, with everything they were...
Thomas Jefferson & Andrew Jackson...
Read their words... Find out how they tried to warn everyone what the banks would & could do to our country...
Then look at what you think history was... Remember that what you were taught, was what the wanted to teach you...

Everything you were taught, is a lie... It was designed to make you think you were free...

You are not free... You never have been free and you only will be, when you demand it and take the control of our money from the central bank...

They control what happens in this country... Plain & simple.

Stop them and we can do this right with our own money, controlled by US...

No more central bank.
No more central government.

This is our country and it is time to revive the intent of those that signed the Constitution...

Anonymous said...

Its obvious reading many of the comments here, that this war will befall us. And progressives and their ilk will only hasten it.

See you then.

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