Thursday, July 21, 2011

Afghanistan, Iraq Soldiers Returning Home With Untreatable Lung Disease

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Malcom Ritter

NEW YORK -- Some soldiers have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan with an untreatable lung disease that interferes with their ability to do physical exercise, possibly caused by inhaling toxic material, doctors report.

The illness is rare in otherwise healthy young people, Dr. Robert Miller of the Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tenn., and colleagues say in Thursday's New England Journal of Medicine.

Their analysis can't show how common the condition is in the troops nor positively identify its cause. But 28 of the 38 diagnosed soldiers in the analysis had been exposed to a sulfur-mine fire near Mosul, Iraq, in 2003. That suggests they inhaled a significant dose of sulfur dioxide, a known cause of the lung disease, called constrictive bronchiolitis, Miller said in a telephone interview.

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Anonymous said...

this is only the beginning, with all the DU as well as any number of other contaminents they were exposed to , the united states just lost a generation, that will make gulf war syndrome look like a bad cold..

Anonymous said...

NOTHING is untreatable. Western Medicine just can't do it!

TheThis is proof positive that the Medical "profesion" is a useless, "Cut and Patch" industry. Their greatest joy is cutting organs and limbs, and invasive surgery.

In this re. the MD's Label any rival a quack, in spite of the fact that, other methods of healing work, and are therefore VALID.

NOTHING is untreatable.

Since the MDs/pharmas can't heal, it's time to go back to other mehtods. After all, at this point, what have you go to lose?

There are Vibrational Healings, such as Reiki.

There's the Indian Inipi Lodge and Shamanic medicine.

There's Ayurveda.

As well, as natural herbs.

And certainly, all these work with the Will and Intent to Heal ones' self. This is the KEY to it all.

(See: Ghislaine Lanctot 's free online book)

Anonymous said...

That is what happens when these chemicals and depleated uranium is used.

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