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Countdown to Invasion; Libya's Neighborhoods Prepare for NATO's Boots

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Franklin Lamb LLM, PhD

Tripoli, Libya  At ten a.m. Tripoli time on 6/28/11 the Libyan Ministry of Health made available to this observer its compilation entitled “Current Statistics Of Civilian Victims Of Nato Bombardments On Libya, (3/19/11-6/27/11).

Before releasing their data, which will be made public this afternoon, it was confirmed by the findings of the Libyan Red Crescent Society and also by civil defense workers in the neighborhoods bombed, and then vetted by researchers at Tripoli’s Nassar University.

As of July 1, 2011, military casualties have not been officially released by the Libyan armed forces.

In summary, the MOH compilation documents that during the first 100 days of NATO targeting of civilians, 6121 were killed or injured. The statistical breakdown is as follows:  3093 Men were injured and 668 were killed. Women killed number 260 and 1318 injured. Children killed number 141 and 641 injured.

Of those seriously injured 655 are still under medical care in hospitals while 4,397 have been released to their families for outpatient care.

NATO's claims that private apartments and homes, schools, shops, factories, crops, and warehouses storing sacks of flour were legitimate military targets are not believed by anyone here in Libya.  To date NATO has failed to provide a scintilla of evidence that the 15 civilians, mainly children and their aunts and mothers, who were torn to pieces by 8 NATO rockets in the Salman neighborhood last week  were legitimate military targets.

Tripoli’s 3,200 neighborhoods, independently of the Libyan Armed Forces, are intensively preparing for the possibility that NATO forces or those they are seen as increasingly arming and directing, might invade the cosmopolitan greater Tripoli area during the coming weeks or months.

This observer has had the opportunity to visit some of these neighborhoods the past couple of nights and will continue to do so. As noted earlier, contrary to some media reports by the BBC, CNN and CBS Tripoli’s neighborhoods during the cool evenings with wafting sea breezes, are not tense, “dangerous for foreigners and in control of trigger happy soldiers or militias.” The latter assessment is nonsense. Americans and others are welcomed and their presence appreciated.  Libyans are anxious to explain their points of view; a common one of which is that they are not all about Qaddafi but about protecting the family, homes, and neighborhoods from foreign invaders. A majority does support the Qaddafi leadership which is what they received with their mother’s milk, but nearly all emphasize that for them and their friends it is very much about defending their revolution and country first. They appear to  this observer to be very well informed about the motives of NATO and those countries that are intensively targeting their leader and their officials without regard to civilians being killed. It’s about oil and reshaping Africa and the Middle East.

Sitting and chatting with neighborhood watch teams is actually an extremely enjoyable way to learn about and to get to know the Libyan people and how they view events unfolding in their country. It certainly beats hanging out at the bar at the hotel where the Western press crowd often gather their journalistic insights and pontificate about what “the real deal is” as one told me the other day. I could not figure out much that he was talking about.

On the evening of 7/1/11 as many as one million, five hundred thousand Libyan citizens are expected to gather at Tripoli’s Green Square to register their resistance to NATO’s intensifying civilian targeting blitz.  Some Western journalists will not attend this news event because they are afraid of potential danger or their stateside bureaus are suggesting they stay away “so as not legitimize the gathering” What has become of orientalist journalism?

The neighborhoods in Libya are preparing for a ground invasion and to confront directly the invaders with a plan that one imagines would not be unfamiliar to a General Giap of Vietnam or a Chinese General Lin Peio, being a massive people's defense.   It has been organized with a house-by-house, street-by-street defense plan for  every neighborhood and will include all available weaponry.

The defenders are not military, although many of the older ones had done one year compulsory service following high school. Their  ranks include every able-bodied woman and man from age 18 to 65.  Younger or older will not be refused.

They are organized into 5-person squads once they complete their training.  It works like this:  Anyone over 18 years of age can report to his neighborhood “Tent”.  Knowing virtually everyone in the area, the person will make application and will be vetted on an AK-47, M-16 or other light arm.

Depending on her/his skill level he will be accepted and given a photo ID that lists the weapons the applicant qualified on.  If he needs more training, or is a novice, it is provided at the location which includes a training area, tent with mattresses for sleeping, a make shift latrine and canteen.

The basic training for those with no arms experience, including women, is 45 days. Past that, the commitment is four months.  Each accepted individual is issued a rifle (normally an AK-47 “Klash” along with 120 rounds of ammo.) Each individual is asked to return in one week to discuss their training and show that they did not waste their bullets which cost around one dollar each. If approved, they will be issued more.

Those who begin their duty work one eight-hour shift.  Women tend to work during the day when kids are in school but I have seen many women also on the night shift.  Most men have regular jobs and proudly explain than they volunteer one work shift daily for their country. They appear to be admired by their neighbors.

I agreed not to describe other weapons that will be used if NATO appears besides rifles, grenades, booby-traps, rocket propelled grenades (RPG’s) but they appear formidable.

But besides preparing for armed defense of their families and homes and neighbors, these neighborhood volunteer civil defense teams explained to me what their main work involves.  When an area is bombed, they quickly help the residents exit their bombed building, get medical help on the scene for those who need it, help the families assure the frightened children that things are OK, make notes of needed repairs, provided temporary shelter nearby if needed, and countless tasks the reader can imagine would be required.

Each checkpoint becomes a neighborhood watch security center for the community. Cars are cursorily checked, usually just the trunk.  Often the drivers are known to the security forces, many of whom are university students, because they are also from the area.  Occasionally a car will stop and a citizen will exit and deliver a tray of fruit or pastries or a pot of Libyan soup etc.  A very congenial social atmosphere.

Because NATO has been increasing its bombing of these civilian manned checkpoints, about 50 of which are along the road from the Tunisian border to Tripoli, the neighborhood watch teams are now operating without lights at night.  Those on night duty have each been issued one of those small heavy duty five-inch mini flashlights with has a powerful beam.  This observer was presented one as a souvenir and can attest to its fine quality.  They are civilians because they are volunteers and the regular policemen and women have in large numbers joined an army unit hidden elsewhere toward the east.

In addition to its current problems, NATO will face another major one if they decide to invade Western Libya.

Franklin P. Lamb, LLM,PhD is the Director of Americans Concerned for Middle East Peace, Wash.DC-Beirut. Lamb is doing research as a board member for the Palestine Civil Rights Campaign-Lebanon in Libya. Please check their website for UPDATES and sign their petition HERE. He is reachable c\o or

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Anonymous said...

I am amazed anyone still believes anything coming out of the Gaddafi regime's propaganda machine. I came out of Tripoli only two weeks ago. What the Libyan MOH Report says is nonsense, and you are being fooled.


Anonymous said...

Your Franklin Lamb, by saying that the majority of Libyans he met in Tripoli supported Gaddafi. Could he have been fooled by his minders this easily, or is he deliberately fooling his audience?


Anonymous said...

I like to remind the two idiots above, that Libyans are not stupid.Did you see the photo of thousands supporting gaddafi? I did! Alot of rebel fools are switching sides. The idiots had it o good with Gaddafi.wait when the American boots come storming in or the Itylians /3 of the Libyian population---for oil. Some loving Jewus christians--more like pukes of nature. Wake-up fools it's modern day pirating :^(

Anonymous said...

The top two comments are from true nincompoops. They can't see beyond the trees. Typical ignorance of reality. No wonder this world has lost any sense of reason.

Bruce Hayden said...

There is a special place in hell for all the kool-aid drinkers like Anonymous #1 and #2 above.
You'll feel right at home with the politicians and military and others that think like you. When Russia and China decide to join the fray (and they will) NATO can kiss their ass goodbye.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the commenter above and not the two scrotes up top.
Gaddafi saw what happened to Iraq - I can see Nato getting it right up them....Good.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comments regarding Libya. I have been under the impression that a huge number of Libyian citizens totally support Gaddafi (Million Man March) and God help any ground troops who attempt to invade.

Recently read that Obama's peace effort through NATO has involved 801 U.S. bombings upon Libya.

Great job Obama. No wonder you won the Nobel Peace Prize!

Number Six said...

Great job Frank!

The lesser of two evils in this case, is Gaddafi. The people are clearly against US/NATO imperialism, their project for the "New Middle East" and the new world order.


apeman2502 said...

NATO is bombing the shit out of Libya. Any questions about which is worse, getting your home and family blown to pieces by a NATO bomb or free education and medical care from somebody you do not control? Some of you people are dumber than rats.
It should be obvious the European royals are as shameless as any two dogs doing it in the street. They need slaves and warm land with water.

Tony said...

I second all comments except the first 2. Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

FUCK NATO/US Military Industrial Complex and Fuck the Rothschild and their goons! People please dont believe CNN/FOX/MSNBC/CBS. They have repeatedly lied to the American People to push their one world agenda. Also, if anyone thinks they can call me a conspiracy nut needs to understand the first time I heard of the New World Order is the then president Bush Sr. said it on TV!

Condemnation without investigation is the highest form of ignorance-Albert Einstein

Power to the Libyan people!

Anonymous said...

god bless the libyan people, my heart goes out to all of u. it must be hell living there and im ashamed to say im in the uk.. but as a friend and brother u are in our hearts and minds.

Anonymous said...

The two comments at the top are obviously paid agents of disinformation. They will always crop up on sites like these. Take no notice of them. A couple of lines in you can see what they are and so you just stop reading. Pass over them whenever you come across it because it is rife on the internet now. They earn good money and jobs are hard to find, so they'll be lots and lots of these types of posts cropping up from now on, more than ever and there's always been alot! People are waking up to it so that's the good news!

Anonymous said...

NATO & US are not like mad dog that you can put down. But more like a earthquake or Hurricane that you cannot stop. NATO and US both are in deep economic problems. They needs victims to postpone some of their problems. They will kill in desperate attempt to perform transplant of their own failing parts. The winners are those who managed to stay alive and hang on to mobile assets. Though a fight would be interesting, I feel sorry for the countless who would die in such a fight. Human Americans would fight their own Government against going to war. But today majority Americans are weak and cowards who hide behind their Government Propaganda. Like the ones who wrote the first 2 comments above.

Anonymous said...

NATO full intends to "IRAQIFY" Libya... infrastructure smashed, social safety nets liquidated, landscape irradiated, the economy looted and its people enslaved for all time to bogus debt enforced by death squads..

may be NATO should change its name to NATZO?

Anonymous said...

Until the Zionist terrorists are KILLED in their own lands this will continue forever.

Anonymous said...

i am sorry for sad state of this sociopathic nation in which i reside. The rulers of this once great country should be jailed

Anonymous said...

#1 and #2 are most likely paid disinformation agents, pay them no mind.

Unfortunately, NATO under American leadership will use heavy weapons on the civilian defenders, like napalm, artillery, air strikes, etc. The civilians will be burned and bombed in mass and not be able to stop NATO. Remember Faloujah. Those people were armed too and America committed mass genocide. They drop leaflets and make announcement to vacate the area and anyone that stays is deemed a combatant. Then the the mass killings begin. American has well established and very effective methods of slaughtering civilians while keeping a favorable image. It began with the native Americans, then southerners, then Japan and Germany, then Vietnam, then Iraq. They have it down to a fine science.

I am an American and obviously oppose all this.

Anonymous said...

Chris Bollyn has drawn attention to an Israeli strategy paper according to which the major Arab
states should be smashed up and turned into ethnic mini-states. So the US & UK slave governments are only carrying out what they are being told by the Israelis to do - also by those of their kind sailing in the City, on the
East Coast and in Hollywood under false flags.
Also a short comment regarding the two morons,
who have opened this thread: Of course they are paid writers because no ordinary human being can pack such concentrated garbage into just one or two sentences. But that would not even be the major problem. Consider that if you are asked day in and day out to spread garbage of this kind on different forums (forget about Latin for the moment) you will expect to get paid for this. And here is the point: These people are being paid with money that`s been lifted out of your pocket!

Anonymous said...

Yes, of course this is all according to Israeli plans - it almost goes without saying.

Anonymous said...

This is a crime against Libya and the Libyan people. We in the West are gripped by a true evil, monsters who care nothing for people just money and power have got into power and are intent on destroying everything in their path to NWO.
God bless the Libyans and let them kick ass.

bprates69 said...

What about the fact that the Libyan central bank is/was 100% state owned? Even more curious is your not mentioning the fact that Qaddafi wanted not only Libya to trade with the gold dinar, but the other African nations as well! Wiping out the dollar and euro was something that the banksters could not allow the world to see happen! Saddam Hussein wanted the same thing as well. Looked what's happening to Iraq!

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