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4 Recent Scientific Blows to the Global Warming Theory

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The science behind the anthropogenic global warming theory appears to be falling apart with each new scientific study. Global warming, now often referred to as "climate change," is still reported as fact in every establishment publication despite increasing evidence to the contrary.  It's difficult to argue that the climate is not shifting in some noticeable way, yet recent reports clearly show that the science is not as settled as some global warming advocates would suggest.

In fact, since the Climategate scandal broke, where top climate scientists were caught manipulating data to fit the theory, polls have shown the number of global warming believers has plummeted to new lows. Notably, this has occurred while every major media outlet has promoted the theory as environmental law.  The record number of skeptics has inspired Al Gore to create a new climate re-education project where he claims "The climate crisis is real and we know how to solve it."

Even though Gore claims to know how to solve an unproven theory, the proposed solutions to global warming are now drawing scathing criticism from some world leaders like Czech President Vaclav Klaus. Klaus, an economist who lived through the rise and fall of communism, recently said that the climate change movement is a threat to democracy.

"I consider (the global warming doctrine) a new dangerous attempt to control and mastermind my life and our lives, in the name of controlling the climate or temperature," Klaus said to an audience of the Australian-based think-tank Institute of Public Affairs.  Klaus also exposed phony environmentalists, "They don't care about resources or poverty or pollution. They hate us, the humans. They consider us dangerous and sinful creatures who must be controlled by them."

Rhetoric aside, the science now pouring in appears to further debunk the anthropogenic global warming theory.  Here are four recent developments that damage the theory:

1. A biologist who claimed that polar bears were drowning because of melting ice has been suspended and is being investigated for scientific misconduct following his "veracity" in emotionalizing a debunked topic.  Get ready for Polarbeargate.

2. Today, new NASA data blows a gaping hole in global warming alarmism: "NASA satellite data from the years 2000 through 2011 show the Earth's atmosphere is allowing far more heat to be released into space than alarmist computer models have predicted, reports a new study in the peer-reviewed science journal Remote Sensing."

3. CERN physicists conducted a cosmic ray climate experiment that is said to directly contradict the climate change debate in the political arena.  Apparently, so much so that the scientists have been gagged from discussing their findings reportedly proving that cosmic (space-based) energy has a far greater effect on the climate than previously believed.

4.  A recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science found evidence that coal burning plants may actually be cooling the planet. The findings have been accepted to the point of suggesting using sulfur to combat global warming; "Sulfur's ability to cool things down has led some to suggest using it in a geo-engineering feat to cool the planet."  If anything, this study proves that the science behind the anthropogenic global warming theory is unproven.

The stakes are incredibly high in the climate change debate, and global solutions are being offered to us by some less-than reputable leaders, including the international banking cartel.  We should remain skeptical and continue to gather more evidence, or the proposed solutions for the climate might lead to other changes that we could live to regret.

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Anonymous said...

The carbonazis will never stop they do not want to lose there gravy train and our lying thieving political class does not want to let go of the crushing tax regime they want so badly

Anonymous said...

One more psychopathic NWO disinformation crap for profit as they continue their eugenics upon the global population.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with Comment #1.

It is time for 1776.

Anonymous said...

Also agree with Comment #2. Thank God people are waking up

Anonymous said...

Who is the author of this crap?

Anonymous said...

Just read some of the links to see that this article is crap by the way.

Stutz said...

Funny how you claim the science is falling apart, when it is science that supports the idea in the first place. Four articles you found on the internet don't disprove anything. Here's a direct quote from the article about coal plants:

"But sulfur's cooling effect is only temporary, while the carbon dioxide from coal burning stays in Earth's atmosphere a long time."

The NASA article was written by a fellow at a nutty right-winger think tank; not exactly a neutral voice, and not exactly a scientific one either.

Anonymous said...

The Sky Dragon Slayers have slain the greenhouse gas theory. It is over. Face the music. Get over your emotions, realize you were wrong and duped into being anti-human. There is no AGW! Its a lie, its all a lieee!!!

m_astera said...

Hey Stutz-

lemme see if I got this right. If the source says that CO2 causes global warming, then it's a "neutral" voice and scientific, regardless if the source or the concept has been completely discredited, e.g. Mann's Hockey stick, the IPCC, UPenn, CRU, polar bear populations, S Pacific islands underwater, Himalayan glaciers gone by 2035.

OTOH, if the source says that CO2 is not causing global warming, then it's not scientific and not credible; that about it?

Clothcap said...

AGW by CO2 has been a scam since Ed Rothschild via M. Strong, Anan and UNEP used it as a reason to get funding for his GEF land grabbing bank.
(See )
"I consider (the global warming doctrine) a new dangerous attempt to control and mastermind my life and our lives, in the name of controlling the climate or temperature,"

That is a secondary "benefit" of CO2 regulation. A global tax is the primary reason, administered by a central authority formed of banksters and royalty, to complement the IMF (BIS)SDRs as the global debt currency.
Green helmets (and brown shirts?) as mentioned in an earlier Activist piece are the foundation of a global army independent of national interference to complement EUFOR as the global police.

The climate (as for the Arctic sea ice) is cyclic. Cycles are amplified or moderated by the synchronicity of major ocean oscillations. Arctic oscillations control the medium term direction of temperature. Ozone volume controlled by solar UV, EUV, proton emissions as well as GCRs and stratospheric water vapour volume determine the ozone volume. Ozone volume also determines tropospheric WV volume caused by evaporation driven by UV that is higher in energy and shallower penetrating versus visible light. (Likely visible drives the ~60 year peak to peak cycle and UV drives the shorter term fluctuations via rapid ocean oscillations like ENSO and long term variation such as emergence from the LIA due to increasing solar output.)

What initially killed the belief for me is the fact that CO2's IR penetrates water mere microns and lacks the energy to drive evaporation and that there is so little of it.

Anonymous said...

More nonsense. For the best information on this issue, check the NAS:

Anonymous said...

I have to say that this is written by a bp employed or some petrol company.. this is the same thing... o yes its all a lay so.... wy if its a big lie its all the climat changing¿? Im not saying that Mr gore is a good man, but he is right, we must do something to change this way of living and spending wile other people dont have anything....

Stephen Kriz said...

What a load of nonsense. Do you mind explaining where the millions of tons of carbon and other pollution we put into the atmosphere is going? And you think this is a good thing and we should do NOTHING? Are you insane or just suicidal?

We are talking about poisoning our planet here, and you mongoloids want to do NOTHING? I have a simple experiment for you - run a garden hose from the tailpipe of your car into your living room and let your car idle for about an hour. Then, you come back and tell me that what we are pumping into the atmosphere isn't a problem! Are you all retarded or what???

Anonymous said...

Time for a new slogan, "Who made you God of my life?" When the law stands behind and supports this concept, humanity will have freedom. Presently we have politicians and bureaucrats run amok as they seek to control more and more of our lives. Think of the so called wild west. If a bureaucrat, banker or politician went up to a land owner and said "you can't build here because of my regulation" the immediate answer would have been a gun to his face. So think of where we are, and where we need to be to be free. Through regulations they are stealing our property and our lives. Now you know what it will take to stop them.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter how much of the eco-terror plot is disproven because now that is BELIEVED, no evidence either way, is going to change that. This is a characteristic of humans who are accustomed to the practice of believing things without evidence.

Activist said...

Please keep the comments to debating the merits of the article, the recent scientific discoveries, and the overall theory. Emotional insults will get us no where.

Is it not good to be skeptical anymore? Especially in light of new evidence. PS: Activist Post ARE environmentalists, not BP lobbyists (BP supports the AGW theory by the way). Because we care about the environment, it pains us deeply to see the real movement hijacked by banksters and corrupt politicians.

Who could still trust the banks (who will collect carbon taxes) to now protect the environment after centuries of funding every major polluter on the planet?

Who could still trust the political establishment to solve anything except for driving more resources into the hands of the elite on the backs of the poor?

YES, the climate seems to be shifting, but the science is clearly not settled and the solutions are corrupt to the bone.

The best and only thing that passionate environmentalists can do is make personal changes to limit your impact on the environment. Anything done by force will manifest as an assault on human rights. You can try to educate people around you as well, but if you don't acknowledge ALL of the facts, then you are just evangelizing a belief.

You have every right to believe what you want. If you believe the AGW theory, ask yourself one question; does your belief in global warming ever make you think hateful thoughts of your fellow (hu)man? Be honest. Has the fear of what could happen from global warming made you despise mankind?

If so, surely we could imagine the inhumane atrocities that would be allowed to take place if that's the prevailing consciousness.

We need more love and discussion. And to live the change we want to see.

David Wozney said...

Stephen Kriz asked: "Do you mind explaining where the millions of tons of carbon and other pollution we put into the atmosphere is going?".

Man-made carbon dioxide emissions have not yet been proven to cause any supposed global warming or climate change.

Relatively soon after carbon dioxide is released by man near ground level, it is removed from the atmosphere. Since carbon dioxide is heavier than air, carbon dioxide released by man near ground level sinks in air relatively quickly rather than rising up to the upper atmosphere to become a so-called greenhouse gas in the upper atmosphere. While sinking, this carbon dioxide stratifies from air; after sinking and stratifying, it tends to remain close to the ground. The carbon dioxide then dissolves in soil water or alternatively finds its way down to low-lying water bodies or down to ocean level where it readily mixes and dissolves in water or reacts with water to form weak carbonic acid. Carbon dioxide is also removed immediately from the lower atmosphere by rainfall.

Anonymous said...

Go back ten years ago an look at the predictions for the ski industry w/ respect to global warming. New England was going to wipped out. And the Rockies were going to suffer. winter 10/11 record snowpack in Rockies, ex. AZ,NM twice the all-time record year of 82/83. The Weather Channel reported this as climate change, and although it was cold in the Rockies this is to be expected because of Global Warming. WTF

Anonymous said...

Uhhh - if I remember correctly didn't science also 'PROVE' that a bumblebee couldn't fly?
Science is often totally wrong.
Our carbon emissions have a heck of a time warming up Mars, or Jupiter's moons or any other planet in the system.
Global warming MAY be a fact, but human caused global warming is a political ploy!

Anonymous said...

Although all the planets are warming the rate of earth's warmer is extremely marked for the time from the start of the industrial revolution to this moment, which makes human activities the likely contributor on earth to the warming here; and the extra cold winters help prove that the climate is heatening up because when North Pole air is heated it can only move southward which is exactly what it did in the winter of 2010-2011. From what we see this and similar websites tend to be far less pro-true science than fringe, far right political propaganda sources with monetary objectives such as book sales etc.

Anonymous said...

Most scientists, who are not dependent on financial support from known criminial syndicates
tell us that the climatic changes on earth are due to changes in solar activity. The criminal syndicates want commercial enterprieses to buy bogus emission certificates to fill their pockets and
the consumers of the world should pay for it. Sometimes even forged certificates appear in the net and companies have obtained forgeries of the original forgeries and should now buy the original forgeries a second time. In the past when there were no machines, cars or factories the earth has also had its warm periods and its
ice ages. Human produced CO2 is such a minute part of the natural cycles of CO2 that the swindle should be obvious to anybody who can still think clearly. But in order to swallow the lies simple things are made to sound complicated
and the known brainwashing techniques of the equally known criminal syndicates seem to do the rest. Mankind, wake up and send this devils to hell where they belong!

Anonymous said...

the climate changes four times a year where i live...warming or not, CO2 aside, i can't deny that the weather is getting a little more intense as each season changes, at least from my perspective. i think what Stephen was trying to say is that regardless whether or not the planet is "warming", we're still polluting it with toxins that have other more direct effects on both the cleanliness of our environment and our overall well-being.

Anonymous said...

RE: #4 - if 'global warming' does not exist, why would it be necessary to put sulphur into the atmosphere to cool down the planet? Don't let the paranoia of the anti-Agenda 21 freaks mislead you.

Anonymous said...

Is this debate about global warming, or is it about greenhouse gases? Does anyone even consider what the effects of the magnetic pole cruising around up there has? How about those nasty little HAARP emissions the "scientists" so love to play with. There's SOMETHING going on. Volcanoes are erupting! How's that for a little gas in the atmosphere? Japan is starting to settle into the sea! It's all one thing. It's here, and yes, I agree that we can't pin it all on our puny, ignorant human ways. There are things bigger than us out there people. No need to fight about WHY we are all facing some crazeee changes ahead.

Anonymous said...

Co2 is heayier than most other gases so sinks down near ocean and is absorbed I suspect making oceans more aciditic and life more difficult for coral etc.This means the hot spots in ocean like El Nino are more dangerous than ever causing heavy flooding when it is near a land and is allowed to evaporate lots of moisture which becomes rain.To stop this we may tow ice bergs to these spots of terror yo cool them off.PM of Australia has mentioned this.

Norm Smith said...

There has never been a period in Earth's history when the climate was no changing, warming or cooling. The Vostok Ice core data tells the story of constant change.

Anonymous said...

It can and has been proven mathmatically that if the entire planet ceased all fossil fuel burning engines and closed every single factory on the planet, we could lower the temperature of the planet by 1 degree....but it would take over 30 years!
How can one person or organization cause or prevent climate change by collecting money. Some say that globalists anticipate amassing over $15 trillion a year. It appears to me that this is the precurser for one global government and the establishment of one world currency! Power corrupts...absolute power?

Anonymous said...

Entire Polynesian Communities are being relocated because of tidal rise.The Northwest Passage is open and the US and Canada are fighting over it.Huge toxic microorganism blooms are getting ever bigger in the Mediterranean from a decline in ocean layer thermal climes.Glaciers are melting at ever faster rates.Pump out BTUS something has to cool it,Lastly climb into your garage shut the door with the engine running multiply that time 760 million You are dead idiots.

Anonymous said...

I think they're trying to rename it from Global Warming to Climate Change since it would be easier to impose tax again when the cycle from Global Warming to Global Cooling with start. what they just have to find are excuses and bad effects when the Earth cools down.

Anonymous said...

C'mon - follow the money ( - if the 'globalists' can't get their beloved 'new world order' via 'global warming', 'AGW', I mean 'climategate', no - wait - 'climate change', then, they'll just destroy the global economy - and present their new global reserve currency, as the solution, which will necessitate a body for 'global governance' - which they will elect members for, from their own ('elite') ranks...just like they would have set up a non-elected body for 'global governance' if we'd all bought their bullshit about 'global warming', 'AGW', I mean 'climategate' - no - wait - 'climate change'.

Sean O said...

The elite want us divided and fighting amongst ourselves so they can continue to usurp more power with no resistance. How do you think they're doing so far?

Ania said... global warming

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