Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Smart Meters: We can monitor everything you do in your home (Video)

Marti Oakley, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

Although Smart Meters are promoted as energy efficiency components, the actual intent of these meters is to track your use of energy in real time across every 24hr. period, which will allow the provider to bill you for that period at the highest energy rate for the day.

They have another purpose:  thanks to Smart Meters, every appliance in your home will be monitored.

As you will be rationed only so much energy for any 24 hr. period, opening and closing your refridgerator too many times during the daily billing cycle can cause your power to be disrupted.  Your use of lights, appliances, the Frigidaire, your heating and air conditioning, and even your time on the Net will be charged against your daily allowance of power.

Have you seen the ads for the appliances that call for help when they need repairs?  Like I need my stove sending out an SOS and having a “repair” man show up because the back burner made an appointment.   I don’t want anything in my house that is sending and retrieving messages without my knowledge or consent.  And what if the repair  man shows up and you don’t want the appliance fixed at that time?  Ummmm.  No one seems to have the answer to this.

Smart Meters are not about energy efficiency or any such nonsense.  They are a real-time tracking device that monitors your household and what you do in it as part of the total surveillance system being put in place by the government.  This is just another invasion of privacy. Your individual power supply can be disrupted at any time, as well as your whole neighborhood, community or state.

Welcome to Smart Grid!

For more information on Smart Meters go to: www.W4AR.com

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Anonymous said...

If they are successful in monitoring me, then they are going to hear a lot of bad expletives every time I see a politician on mainstream media that my elderly and sick husband watches on a daily basis.

Fortunately, he does understand the real truth of what is happening to the people under the despicable NWO.

Anonymous said...

Alot of people in my S.W. community buy water from water haulers, private guys, or individuals buy and haul their water themselves. The City just passed a law that everyone hauling water must purchase a license, and the gallons of water to each household will be tracked. In addition, a fee of around $12.00 will be levied on each delivery. Just another of the many invasions we are faced with in this country.

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